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Chapter nine. A Party and an unexpected meeting.

4 years and 3 months after the incident

December 24

At a cafe.

It was about 11 am on Christmas Eve when you could find a small group of friends sitting in a cafe talking and drinking hot chocolate and if you were to look at the center of the table you would see the big birthday cake sitting there.

The group consisted of Kevin and Ryoga who sat so close together that one could ask why they even bothered to use two chairs. Then there was Fuji who sat there looking serious as was his normal mood now days. The others had long since stopped hoping for his old sadistic smile to return. Tezuka was the same as always, or at least that was what everyone assumed, but who could know? Tezuka was known for his everlasting stoic expression.

Eiji and Oishi was there to, Eiji was chatting animatedly with Kevin and they seemed to have a great time. Oishi laughed at his boyfriend who acted just as he did five years ago. But he didn't mind if Eiji would always act like a carefree kid, it was who he fell in love with and he would never ask him to change.

Then there was also Momo who sat to himself at one side of the table, he tried to keep a good face in front of the others but it was hard. He had been through some rough weeks lately, but he had not really spoken to anyone about it and he didn't want to lay his problems on his friends either. He knew Fuji had it a lot worse since his break down a few weeks back. He couldn't go around feeling sorry for himself when his friend had it worse.

The five had met at the cafe to celebrate Ryoma's birthday. Ryoga had said that 'to stop celebrating his birthday is to give up on him and I will never do that.' and they could do nothing but agree. They were not many who came but all Ryoma's friends who couldn't come thought of him.

Ryoga was looking at his friends and mostly at Momo, Fuji and Tezuka who had been through a lot lately. Of some reason those three seemed to confide in Ryoga and Kevin with their feelings instead of their old friends. Maybe it was because Ryoga was the oldest in the group of friends, who really knew.

Ryoga looked at Tezuka and thought back to the visit he had received from the stoic young man a while ago.

xXxXx Flashback xXxXx

Ryoga was playing tennis with his father on the court at the temple when Rinko came to them with Tezuka walking behind her. Nanjiroh excused himself and followed his wife back to their house. Kevin was in school so it was just the two.

Ryoga came over to Tezuka and they both sat in the patio chairs nearby.

"So Kunimitsu! What brings you here today? I haven't heard from you in a while now, how have you been?" Ryoga watched Tezuka frown and allowed his face show just how he felt. Ryoga sighed quietly at the sight he saw. It got worse every time they met. Tezuka looked so tired it made Ryoga cringe. Tezuka and Ryoga had become very good friends since Ryoga and Kevin moved there but Tezuka made sure to only come if Ryoga was alone. He probably didn't want to burden young Kevin with his problems. The only reason why he spoke his mind to Ryoga was because Ryoga had seen right through his stoic mask soon after they moved there and became friends. Ryoga had demanded that Tezuka open up to someone so he wouldn't burn out by keeping everything bottled up.

After the incident Tezuka has slowly been burning himself out. He has done everything in his power to keep his appearance normal but at the same time fill in the void from Ryoma's absence, he was the original pillar and with his successor gone he had to try twice as hard to lead his teammates. But add that to the fact that he never let anyone see his sorrow from loosing his friend.

'I could not afford to let my team and friends see me weak, then who would they look up to? If their captain can not hold from breaking down how could any of them do it?' That's what he had said to Ryoga once. He never spoke of his feelings to anyone so no one could know how he felt.

So basically he has been burning himself down by keeping all his feelings for everything inside. And he had a lot of feelings running through him. He worried about Ryoma, Syusuke and Momo who all needed someone to be strong for them. And even though they no longer went to Seigaku he still held onto his role as it had always been.

All this has led to Tezuka getting acute insomnia few months' back. That was the main reason for his tired appearance. He had not been able to sleep properly for about half a year now and it was wearing him down. His doctor had given him Diazepam to help him sleep, but Tezuka dared not take them very often since they could very well get you addicted if used for long periods of time. And as a result he didn't sleep close to half as much as he needed to.

"I'm tired Ryoga, I am so worried for Syusuke. I try to be there for him but he just won't open up to me. And then there is Momo, I know something has happened between him and Kaidoh but when I ask what's wrong with him he just says it's nothing and then he laughs. I just don't know what to do, I try to be there as a pillar for them all but I can't seem to be able to reach out to them anymore." Ryoga looked at his friend and smiled.

"I have said it before Kunimitsu, you are not in junior high anymore. They don't need you as their pillar anymore and not as their captain. They need you as their friend. They should be able to see this side of you just as I do. They need to know that you actually do have feelings and that you care about them all." Tezuka groaned.

"I wish it were that simple but this is just who I am and I can't just let people see me like this. I don't want to burden anyone."

"Stop it, I know it's hard to change when you have lived your entire life in a certain way and suddenly someone like me comes along and asks you to change your entire personality. But I truly think that is what you need to do, and besides you would not burden them, you would be sharing your heart with them. Please Kunimitsu, Syusuke has already had a break down nobody is going to feel better if you break down to." But Ryoga saw the conflicting emotions in the tired eyes of the younger man. He sighed and stood.

"Well at least say you will try all right kunimitsu?" Tezuka rose and nodded slowly.

"Now follow me, it should be dinner soon and I'm sure mom has made enough for you to." And the two walked to the house where they met Kevin who had been waiting for them since he got home a few minutes ago.

xXxXx End Flashback xXxXx

Ryoga looked over at Fuji and thought of the problems he'd been having.

xXxXx Flashback xXxXx

When Ryoga was in the shower one morning the phone rang and a few minutes later Kevin burst in through the door.

"Ryoga! Hurry and finish up we need to get to the hospital. Fuji has collapsed." That was all it took for Ryoga to finish showering, drying off and getting dressed in record speed. They drove to the hospital with haste and when they got there they where met by Fuji's family and a few of their friends, Tezuka was there off course, Oishi and Eiji too, they all sat there as they waited for the doctor to finish checking over Fuji.

Five minutes later a doctor came and asked to speak to his family but they said it was okay for him to speak in front of them all.

"All right. Your son collapsed because he was severely fatigued. But there are more things bothering me. Tell me, has your son lost a lot of weight lately."

"Yes he has lost a lot of weight but it has been happening slowly so it's not so resent."

"Well he has lost more weight than he should have, he lies dangerously below his recommended weight. I'm also worried by his attitude as I stated this problem to him, he seemed not to care, he said and I quote: 'I can not help it if this stupid body of mine can't keep the weight it should have.' "

"Yes I'm afraid he has been suffering from depression for the last few years and he's really been wearing himself out just to keep himself busy."

"Ah, Well these are all things that worry me and I would like him to go through psychotherapy, I told him about it but he didn't think he needed any help. I would prefer if any of you could persuade him to talk to a therapist. I think he needs this as soon as possible, before this problem gets out of hand." Syusuke's parents thanked the doctor and walked in to see their son. Ryoga Kevin and Tezuka waited until the others had seen him before going in.

Before he left Yuuta begged them to talk some sence into Syusuke, He would not listen to his family. When they got inside they saw a tired looking Syusuke sitting in bed with an IV in his arm.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" Kevin sat down at his side as Tezuka sat on the other side and Ryoga stood behind Kevin.

"Like I have other things to do than sit here and waste my time." Tezuka sighed.

"Syusuke, that is the very reason you are here. You have to sit down and take it easy sometimes and you need to rest and get your strength back." Fuji groaned and looked at Tezuka.

"Not you to Kunimitsu. I've already heard it from the doctors, mom, dad, Yuuta and now you. Just drop it please, I'm not seeing a therapist. I'm fine." Kevin was mad now.

"NO you are NOT fine. A fine person does not suddenly collapse because of fatigue. You are far from fine and you need to realize that and you need to do it soon."

"I don't NEED to do that at all. Why do you all think you can just come here and decide things for me? HUH? If you have nothing else to say you can leave."

"Don't come here talking to us with that attitude, we are your friends and we want to help you. And trust me when I say that it doesn't matter how much you work or bury yourself in your studies, you will not forget the rough memories that haunt you that way." When Tezuka said that Syusuke was angry.

"What the hell do you know about anything emotionally related? You, who does not have any feelings at all for anything."

"How can you say that I have feelings just as much any of you."

"NO you don't, if you did you would not have been able to act perfectly normal when Ryoma disappeared you would have cried like all of us. I bet you have not even shed one single tear for Ryoma. You just walk around here acting like you can still order us all around as you did when you were our captain. Well guess what TEZUKA you are not our captain anymore…" SLAP… Fuji was as shocked as the others when they saw what happened. Kevin stood up shaking in anger with his arm outstretched as he had slapped Fuji.

"Stop it, just stop it. Why do you do this? How can you sit there and accuse Kunimitsu of such things? Are you two not longtime friends? Don't you know him better than anyone? How dare you act like this? I have seen the way you have acted for a long time now and I think it's unfair. If you continue this you may die from it. Is that what you want?"

"And what if it is? There is to much pain in this world, how can I continue on? Why should I not suffer when Ryoma is gone and has to suffer in his loneliness." Kevin dropped his head to look at the ground as

"Ryoma, huh? Well then, how do you think he will feel when he finally comes home again and finds that you have died? And when he finds out that you died after having shunned all your friends who were only trying to help you and that he is the very thing that started it all? Have you even thought about him when you have been driving yourself slowly into an early grave?" Kevin looked up with tears flushing from his eyes.

"I thought Ryoma meant more to you than that." after he said that he ran from the room and Ryoga excused himself to follow. Tezuka looked at Syusuke who seemed hurt by Kevin's words.

"I'm an idiot aren't I" came a quiet whisper from Syusuke.

"Yes you are, but if you realize that is the truth you should be able to turn things around, and you can start by talking to a therapist." Syusuke had nodded quietly and soon after fallen asleep.

xXxXx End flashback xXxXx

Since that day Syusuke had been put on Prozac to help keep his spirits up. And he had been slightly better but only due to a drug and he needed to get better on his own. Ryoga now turned to Momo and thought of the reason to his broken mood.

xXxXx Flashback xXxXx

Ryoga had been told about this from Kevin since he was not at home when this happened. Kevin had been sitting on a training bike for the last twenty minutes when his cell rang. He jumped off the bike and took a towel to dry his face of. He looked at his cell and saw it was momo's cell number.

"Hello, Kevin here." But all he could hear was the sound of crying.

"Momo? Is that you." He felt worried, Momo sounded really heartbroken, he was crying so much it was hard to understand what he said next.

"He… I saw… with a woman… our bed…" Kevin felt his blood run cold.

'No he didn't!' Kevin felt worried, had Kaidoh done what he thought he did?

"Where are you Momo I will be right there." Momo managed to give a general idea and Kevin ran out of the house towards the park where they all liked to hang out. He ran for the stream and as he got closer to the forest area he spotted Momo sitting against a tree hugging his knees to his chest crying as much as he did on the phone.

As Kevin ran up to him he threw himself at Momo and hugged him providing the necessary comfort and shoved him that he was not alone. There they sat for at least fifteen minutes when Momo finally calmed down enough so he could speak.

"So you want to tell me what happened?"

"It's over. Our relationship is over." Kevin hugged Momo and let him breath before continuing.

"We have been having some problems lately, well our relationship has always seemed very fragile. But I truly thought he loved me. How could he have been with me for so long if he did not love me?" Momo sniffled and tried to wipe his tears but no matter how he tried they continued coming.

"I got angry at him last night since he has not touched me in weeks and he has been avoiding all contact possible in the bedroom. I told him I wanted him to come clean and show people we were a couple, but he got angry as he always gets when I try and get him to tell people of his relationship with me. But yesterday our argument was worse than ever and I left the apartment, I got to sleep at Oishi and Eiji's since they are aware of the situation. I called in sick and stayed at their place until late morning before I felt ready to go home and see if we could be able to make up… but when I got home… I…He…"

"It's okay breath Momo just breath and tell me slowly." Kevin whispered.

"I walked into our apartment but couldn't se Kaoru but there was some noise from the bedroom. As I got closer…I heard more clearly what it was…I looked and there… in the bed we bought together to have in our secret apartment… there I saw… Kaoru having sex with a woman…" Now Momo broke down again. Kevin had expected something like this, Kaidoh was just in too much denial. He could not deal with the fact that he was with a man. Kevin felt angry then, if he didn't want to be with Momo why lead him on like this for years?

Kevin texted Ryoga who later came and saw Momo sleeping in the arms of his boyfriend. They had helped Momo a lot during the next few days.

xXxXx End flashback xXxXx

Now after all this they sat in a cafe to celebrate the birthday of Ryoma. It was a pity that not more of their friends could come but it was Christmas Eve and people had other things to do. They sang happy birthday and shared the cake and put one piece by an empty chair. They talked for a while longer and after nearly an hour Fuji's cell rang.

"Moshi Moshi."

"Ah Fuji so nice of you to pick up. Ore-sama was calling to remind you that his limo will come by to pick you up at six o' clock sharp." Fuji groaned and said.

"Do I really have to go? I really don't…"

"Don't you dare turn down this generous offer made to you by the request of Ore-sama's father. It is a very big party and a lot of influential people will be there."

"All right I'll be ready." Fuji then heard Atobe grunt in approval and hung up.

"Was it Atobe?" Tezuka questioned.

"Yeah he was kind enough to call and remind me of what time the limo picks me up tonight, as if I could forget after he has already called at least once every day for the last week to do just that." Ryoga chuckled and Kevin elbowed him softly. Eiji jumped up and down as he thought of the party.

"Well I for one is looking forward to tonight, I love party's and I think it's gonna be great." Oishi smiled at his lover's obvious joy of attending that party, it was known to be the biggest party of the year and was always arranged by Atobe Keigo's father. It was a party where only those rich enough or famous enough could attend. Fuji, Eiji and Oishi were all invited because of their great successes in tennis. Atobe himself had invited Tezuka but he said no since he had other things already planned with his family.

The group of friends soon finished and wished each other a merry Christmas before going their separate ways. Kevin though could not shake the feeling that soon there would be things happening that would be important for them all, if only he had any idea what that might be.

Same time with Ryoma.

Ryoma was awakened by the sound of his master talking on the phone next to him in bed. He stayed as he was he never got out of bed before he was told to so he lay there stretching and yawning carefully. But he could not help but wince at he yawned because his throat hurt like hell as he did, he clutched his hands on his throat and tried rubbed carefully as if trying to ease the pain. Suddenly Katzutaka moved and stroked Ryoma's arm.

"What is it my sweet? Does your throat hurt? Well that's not surprising since I understand you did quite some screaming yesterday." Ryoma nodded with tears in his eyes. He could not believe that his throat would still hurt after all this time, well it only hurt when he used his voice too much. Even though his screams yesterday wasn't so very loud for a normal person for him they where way too loud and now he suffered the consequences. He knew not to use what little voice he still had but his mind was playing an evil trick on him yesterday.

Katzutaka took Ryoma and they showered together, Muraki took gentle care of his pet and washed him from head to foot. After that he told Ryoma to stand and wait in his room while he went to pick up their clothes for the evening. As he came back with two outfits Ryoma was taken aback, why would Muraki-sama give him a yukata, it was beautiful. The fabric was a beautiful blue with big flowers on in white and purple that grew up from around its foot to its neck. The obi was deep red with black edges.

Ryoma was confused, was that a new gift for him? He felt arms go around his waist as Katzutaka came up behind him. He leaned into the embrace.

"Do you know why I'm giving you this?" Ryoma slowly shook his head.

"This is what you are going to wear tonight as I'm bringing you to a big party. It's your birthday and I want you to have a night out without any thoughts of finding a client for the night. I'll give you this one night to move around people who don't expect you to sleep with them." Ryoma looked confused, had he done something wrong? It felt like Katzutaka told him he was not good enough and that scared him. Katzutaka saw the fear in Ryoma's eyes and hugged him tighter.

"Don't worry, I'm not mad at you or anything of the sort. I just wanted you to come with me and as a gift I will let you go without trying to find a client for this night. But that doesn't mean I won't try to find them for other nights." A weight was suddenly lifted from Ryoma's chest and he released the breath he had been holding without even realizing it.

'I wonder where he is taking me. Well if he says to go then I will. But that yukata must have cost him a fortune, It looks so expensive and it's more beautiful than any of the ones Oriya-sama wears. Muraki-sama is truly a generous person.

Katzutaka released the boy and turned him around planting his lips on the younger ones. Ryoma kissed back timidly and opened his lips to allow Katzutaka to enter as he felt a tongue caress his lips. Soon he was let go and he felt a pair of lips at his ear.

"Play something for me." Katzutaka ordered softly and walked for Ryoma's room with the boy right behind him. When they arrived in Ryoma's room the boy moved automatically over to the piano to get ready as Katzutaka went to pick up a bottle of champagne and two glasses for them. He poured the fluid in the glasses and sat down in a chair right next to Ryoma to watch and just enjoy.

When Ryoma saw that Katzutaka had sat down and nod at him he began playing. Katzutaka closed his eyes for a moment to just absorb the beautiful sound produced from the agile fingers as they hit the keys in perfect harmony. Ryoma had chosen to play Air by J.S Bach. It was a very beautiful slow song that fitted great to a sad as well as a happy moment. It's great to listen to if you want to relax and relax he did and as did Katzutaka. After Ryoma had completed that song and one more Katzutaka moved to sit behind Ryoma lifting the boy onto his knee, this was not a surprising event for Ryoma as he had gotten used to it and because of that he didn't miss any keys.

Katzutaka took Ryoma's glass and put it to the boys' lips letting him sip the fluid inside. And there they sat together as Ryoma continued playing the songs. As the song faded he started up with another one of Bach's works, Prelude. Katzutaka kept feeding him his drink and also drank his own as he enjoyed the sounds from the big piano.

After having played about five more songs Katzutaka moved his hands away from the keys and told him it was time for lunch.

Several hour later Ryoma stood in front of a mirror looking at himself in the mirror as a girl working there helped him get dressed and combed his hair so it was soft and shiny. Soon Katzutaka came inside dressed in his suit and he told the girl to leave and he went to Ryoma.

"I must say that Yukata makes you look so beautiful, you look better than all the girls here combined." Katzutaka finished the work by placing the collar on Ryoma's neck and then everything was finished and they went out to Katzutaka's limo and they where off to the party.


As they got to the place where the party was being held Ryoma gasped silently.

'Wow, this place is big. There are so many people.' Ryoma felt uncomfortable among all these people and inched closer to his master. Katzutaka looked at him and reached into his pocket to pick out a small pad of paper and a pen and gave it to Ryoma as a way to let the boy speak if he so wished.

"Now remember my pet. Tonight you refer to me as Muraki-san, you were in a big car crash and I saved your life a while back, we fell in love and you have not left my side since then, you had lost all your memories and I gave you the name Keisuke. So for tonight your name will be Keisuke, and you have no knowledge of who you really are. Oh and you might look young but you are 20 years old if anyone asks, do you understand?" Ryoma nodded and Katzutaka put an arm around Ryoma's waist. He had to make Ryoma older than he truly was or he might get into unnecessary trouble by saying he dated a minor.

When inside the great mansion they where at Ryoma felt his head spin momentarily. He could not remember if he had been at a place like this before.

'It feels like I have been to places like this and yet it does not.' He looked around at the people around him, but surprisingly no one really looked at him with those hungry looks he was used to.

'How can they look at me with the same expressions as they look on everyone else? It's almost like they look at me as their equal, well some more than others. Can't they see what I am? That I'm not worthy of those looks?' Ryoma was really confused now and didn't even notice how his master was talking to someone.

'Was this how people used to look at me, before Muraki-sama saved me?' but right as he thought that another harsher thought came.

'No of course not, you're nothing but a pet and that is as it should be. These people are just so arrogant and used to these kinds of situations that they are able to be discrete enough that you can't see the hungry looks they harbor behind those innocent, happy and snobbish appearances. And Trust me, the looks are there.' Ryoma was shaken out of his arguing thoughts as Katzutaka said his name, well his supposed name.

"Keisuke, this is Atobe-san, he is the man that arranged this grand party. He manages to do it every year and every year it is a huge success. Atobe-san this is my partner Keisuke." Ryoma shook the man's hand timidly thinking it was someone Muraki-sama was planning as a client for a later date. But to his surprise as their eyes met Ryoma saw that the man had no interest in him, not any attraction what so ever. Was that really right?

'I know Muraki-sama said I would not need any clients tonight but I didn't think people could be like this.'

"Ah, the boy he saved a while back. I'm pleased to finally meet you, Muraki-san has spoken about you so much during last years party. Well I have to go greet my son and his friends, I see they have arrived. Please enjoy the night." They said good bye and Atobe was on his way.

'Atobe…Atobe…I feel like I should know that name.' But Ryoma's thoughts were once again interrupted by the harsh voice.

'Shut up. Just enjoy the fact that you are free to enjoy your time with Muraki-sama as a normal person for once. Because believe me, that is not something you deserve. Muraki-sama is way too generous.' Ryoma shook his head and looked around the room again, This was going to be a long night.


Fuji, Eiji, Oishi, Atobe and Kabaji (you didn't think Atobe would go anywhere without his lapdog did ya?) arrived together to the Atobe mansion where the party was held. Atobe moved inside with his usual grace and the others followed. When they got inside Eiji jumped and giggled like mad.

"Wow this place is so huge. Look at all those people, this is going to be great I just know it. You know, I have had a feeling for a while that something important is going to happen tonight. I just don't know what and I don't know to whom." Oishi smiled but tried to hold Eiji's hand so he would not jump around so much that he pushed someone.

"Now go and enjoy yourselves Ore-sama is going to talk to his father. Come Kabaji."

"Usu." And so they where off and the three friends remained.

"Come on guys let's look around this place and then go eat." Eiji said and the others nodded in approval. There was a big buffet table in the huge dining room and people could go eat whenever they wanted.


A few hours later the elder Atobe came to Katzutaka.

"Ah, Muraki-san. Just the one I was looking for. I was wondering if you would like to join a few of us in a game of poker?"

"I would love to. I haven't played in quite a while actually."

"Then you have to join, as I remember it you are quite the gambler." They laughed and Atobe told him what room to come to and Muraki said he was coming soon. He turned to speak to Ryoma in hushed tones.

"Now my pet, I'm going to be away for a while, you behave now all right? Don't talk to people if they don't talk to you first. I will be in the third room to the right on the third floor if you go up that set of stairs all right?" Ryoma nodded carefully. He didn't want to be left alone with all these people but he always did as Muraki-sama said. He nodded and Katzutaka walked of.

'I suppose I'll just have to wait for him to return.' Ryoma looked at Katzutaka as he walked up the stairs. Now he had no idea what to do, he had never been left alone and he had never been around people who didn't look at him like a piece of meat. A waiter came up to him and offered him a glass of wine from a tray, Ryoma carefully took a glass of wine and the waiter left for the next person.

'This feels so weird, what am I supposed to do?' Ryoma thought.

'Escape.' A very quiet voice, almost so quiet that Ryoma doubted he heard it said far back in Ryoma's head and had it not been for the harsh voice that came back he would have shaken the thought off.

'Shut up you idiot, are you an idiot? What the hell good would that do? Go back to a world where people lie and don't care about you? Idiot, look at how good your current life is before saying stuff like that.' The harsh voice reasoned.

'Escape? Why would I escape? I'm safe with Muraki-sama and he says that I was not safe in my old life.' Ryoma shook his thoughts away and sipped his wine. He started walking along the wall and looked at all the artwork that was there. He soon got to a door that led to a huge garden behind the mansion. He slowly stepped outside and looked around.

The place was beautiful, there were plenty of fruit trees around, and even though it was winter now it was still a beautiful sight to be here. There was a fountain in the center with a broad edge made for sitting on. The water was spraying beautifully and there were lights in the fountain giving the water a beautiful glow. There he sat just enjoying the peaceful place.


Fuji was bored, but what else was new? The place was filled with arrogant snobbish people and he didn't like that kind. He wanted to be at his own apartment just to be by himself. He downed his glass of wine. He didn't know how many he had been drinking but he decided not to have more. He was starting to feel a light tingling in his fingers, and he was the kind of person that could tell when the alcohol had taken effect since his fingers started tingling like when they have been asleep.

He had been here for four hours now and knew that it would be impolite of him to leave before midnight. He had been speaking to so many people and he didn't even know a third of them. Anyone who knew anything about sports wanted to shake his hand. Once in his life he would have been having the time of his life at a place like this, where his sadistic side could have a ton of fun. But he had not had any fun in quite some time.

He walked around trying to see if there was anywhere he could get out for a while and soon he found a set of doors leading to the back garden.

'Finally some air.' He walked outside and just breathed in the fresh air and walked around until he heard the sound of the fountain that was placed in the center of the garden. When he looked towards it he saw someone sitting on the edge playing with their fingers in the water. It seemed to be a girl dressed in a beautiful Yukata. He carefully moved closer as to not disturb her but as he did the girl heard him and stood startled with her head lowered. Fuji realized that he startled her and felt the need to apologize.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you. You just looked so peaceful that I did not want to disturb you. Please sit down. Do you mind if I join you?" She shook her head and sat back down. She still did not look to meat his eyes but Fuji didn't mind.

"So why are you sitting out here all by yourself? Are you as bored as I am?" Fuji didn't know why he felt like he wanted to talk to this person. He had not been very sociable for a very long time. He looked at her and saw that she was writing something down on a paper. She soon pulled of the paper and slowly gave it to him.

"I don't like to be in a crowd. And yes I am bored." Fuji guessed she couldn't talk but found it impolite to bring it up. So he just kept talking.

"Saa, I don't like gatherings like this either. To many boring people at once in a way to small space. That is like a recipe for a boring time." The girl made a breathy noise and Fuji could see her holding a hand at her mouth as if giggling. He could only see her profile slightly but not her eyes as her bangs covered them.

"I guess a girl like you would not be able to keep to yourself in a place like this huh? I bet a ton of guys have flirted with you tonight." She stiffened and wrote on her paper.

Ryoma didn't know why he was so willing to talk to this stranger but it felt good to have someone to talk to at this place. He was even more surprised as he felt himself giggle, that was not something he had done before. And this annoyed feeling he was getting at being called a girl was really strange. He felt some kind of familiarity at the situation but could not understand what it was. He wrote an answer and handed it to the guy.

"No, actually no one has approached me tonight, only you. And for your information I am not a girl I'm a guy. Didn't see that one coming huh?" Fuji read and did a double take. This was a guy? True he had not seen the person's face but still.

"I'm sorry. I guess to see a person with your figure in clothes like that makes people make that mistake." Fuji said with a smirk as he saw the boy glance at him. And he wrote another letter.

"Hah, you're one to talk. If you had been dressed in a yukata I bet men would molest you all the time as you would definitely pass as a girl yourself."

"Saa. You might have that one right." They both had that feeling that somehow this was familiar to them. Ryoma felt the other look intently at him and just as he was about to meet the look on the others face a voice broke through the moment.

"Keisuke! We are leaving, come here." Katzutaka yelled from the door to the garden. Luckily for the boys The fountain was not very visible from there so he did not see them. Ryoma silently gasped and rose to leave but stopped as he felt a hand grasp his wrist.

"I know this is very forward but I was wondering if there is any chance for me to see you again, just for lunch or something?" Fuji didn't know what made him do that but the thought of not seeing this boy again terrified him. It was like Deja´ vu and he didn't want it to happen. And as he said this, the boy turned to meet his eyes and had a tiny sad smirk on his lips. And if he had not seen the familiar golden eyes he would have never believed he actually hard the whispered words that came from the boy.

"Mada mada dane, Fuji-sempai." And with that the boy ran for the building and to his master. In his shocked stupor Fuji just stood there and didn't run after the boy immediately but soon he ran with his head filled with one name, Ryoma. He reached the entrance of the building in time to see a limo leave, now there was no way for him to follow. He knew it was Ryoma he just knew. What was he going to do now? Well that was a question that would be asked soon enough, but right now only one thought was heard inside his head.

'There is still Hope.'



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