Disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible, Disney does. If I did, that show Hanna Montana wouldn't have even been bloody made. God that show sucks. Oh back to the disclaimer. This story will feature a bit of hanky panky. It will be mild but if it gets heavier I'll warn you ahead of time.

I'm Ignoring season four. Kim and Ron aren't dating, but still best friends. Season four rules though.

Seven Minutes in Heaven.

Chapter 1.

Middleton High, early morning.

Ron pulled into the senior parking lot. He felt odd today, like something was going to happen but what, he had no idea. He made his way through the halls until he reached his locker. He was greeted by his best friend of several years. "Hey Ron. How are you this morning?"

"I've got a strange feeling today." He said as he took out his Math books.

"Strange as in Drakken plans, or strange as in Deja Vu?"

"I have no idea. I just know something is going to happen."

"Okay? Weird." Said Kim as she finished printing out her homework.

Bonnie came up to them. "Hey Kim. I'm having a party Friday. Since you're a cheerleader, you're invited. Oh and you too Ron. Since your technically on the team." The last part was dripping venom.

"We'll be there Bon-Bon." Said Ron as he slung his backpack over his shoulder. Rufus popped up out of his pocket and squeaked out. "Woo Hoo PARTY!"


"You owe me big time Tara." Said Bonnie as she cornered her friend before class. "I'm bringing down my stature inviting that loser to the party. What do you see in him any way?"

"He's so nice." Said Tara.

"But he's so nice. That's what you say about a pet. Come on give me a real reason."

"All right. I like his ears. I could just see myself running my tongue around his lobes." Tara said with a dreamy look on her face.

"Ewwwww of all the fetishes in the world you have to go for ears."


"Friday is going to be bon diggity." Said Ron. For the last hour, all Kim has heard was what Bonnie's party is going to be like. Kim however was thinking of what the brunette was going to pull. I know that she's got something up her sleeves. I just hope it's not anything to humulate Ron. I don't think he could take it. Sure he has that 'never be normal' demeanor. I just don't want to see him be the butt of everyone's joke. Her thoughts were interrupted by Ron. "KP? KP? You there? The bell rang like fifteen seconds ago."

"Yeah. Sorry just having a inner monologue moment." Said Kim as she grabbed her backpack.

"Monologue that's one of those school words." Ron said with a dumbfounded look on his face.


Tara was distracted during cheer practice. She was watching Ron go through his mad dog routine. Tara was thinking about what she was going to do during the party on Friday. I wonder if I can convince Boonie to play seven minutes in heaven. I would love to get him alone in a closet. He didn't have the head on during practice, so she got a perfect view of his ears. Her revery was interrupted by Kim. "Tara, Pay attention. You're at the bottom of the pyramid. We can't finish practice if you're staring off into space."

Tara was shocked, she didn't know that she was so spaced out.

The rest of practice went off with out a hitch. Bonnie approached Tara in the locker room afterwards. "What the hell was that T? You're zoning out more than normal." Said Bonnie.

"Sorry Bonnie, I guess I've got Friday on my mind more than I thought."

"Don't over think it Tara. He's going to be there. And he's a moron if he doesn't know that you like him."

"He's a bit naive when it comes to girls. That's what I like about him."

"Just do me a favor. Don't screw him in the closet. I don't want to explain the 'stains' on my parents coats."

"Ewwwwww. Besides I think that would scare Ron."

"He may be a loser, but he's still a guy."

"And on Friday, He'll be my guy."

"That's the spirit girl."



Ron was nervous to say the least. He nearly walked out the house without pants on until his mother yelled at him. "Ronald Eugene Stoppable! Get back in here and put on your pants."

"Thanks Mom." Ron put on his pants and bolted down the street. Ron never realized that Bonnie only lived a couple blocks down from his street. He made it there and was ushered in by Tara.

"Hi Ron."

"Hey Tara... Woah now that is a nice dress." Tara was in a white dress with a plunging neckline. Ron then noticed that she was wearing a pair of sapphire earrings. "And those earrings really bring out the blue in your eyes."

Tara blushed and smiled. "Thank you."

She was about to say something else, but Kim grabbed his arm. "Hey Ron! Wanna hit the snack table before having a quick dance." Tara was about to give up the ghost of ever dating Ron, until she heard him turn her down.

"Not right now KP. I was going to ask Tara to dance." He presented his hand to her, which she gladly took. Kim was dumbfounded but relieved that Ron finally asked a girl to dance. That Tara better know that she is the luckiest girl at this party.

I'm the luckiest girl at this party. Was the exact thought going through the blonde's mind as she danced with Ron. Surprisingly, Ron was a pretty good dancer. He looked like something out of a music video. Unlike the clumsy oaf he portrayed himself as. Tara and Ron danced through five songs before he tired out. Bonnie came up to the two and said. "I hoped you guys had fun out there, because the real fun is starting. Meet me in the basement. We're gonna play a game."

Author's note. This is a fic that I really feel like I can play with. Yes in the long run this is going to be a RonBon fic. I'm not sure if I'm going to have Tara thrown in the mix or make her bummed out because Bonnie took her guy. I'm not going to work on another Friends? chappie until I feel like the story is flowing. I've kinda hit a brick wall with that one. Also I'm working on a original idea for a novel. I might post some of it in a author's note if Ya'll wanna read it. Thanks for reading this fic.