Have a little Faith

Summary: What if John had answered to Sam's message after Dean got electrocuted?

Rating: T (swearing, and maybe a little bit o' violence)

Disclaimer: The last time I checked my birth certificate didn't say Erik Kripke

Dean walked down the steps that led to the basement of the old abandoned warehouse. Dean and Sam had been hunting a Raw Head for the past couple of days; a couple of children had gone missing and after interviewing most of the little town they had located the missing children to be in this old abandoned houses' basement, and also, the location of the Raw Head. Dean held the tazer gun steady in his right hand while he held the flashlight over the gun in his left hand as he walked down the wooden steps. Sam followed him in an almost identical fashion. When both brothers made it to the bottom they walked towards a wardrobe where they heard a soft sound coming. Dean stood facing the wardrobe and indicated for Sam to open it; it revealed two small children, one boy and one girl.

"Sam you get the kids outa here, I'm go do a quick sweep" Sam nodded his head at Dean and looked him in the eye giving Dean the 'don't-do-anything-stupid' look. Dean nodded his head and watched as Sam brought the two frightened children to safety.

Dean walked around the other side of the basement; his movements were fast and precise, his gun was kept poised at a ninety-degree angle, the beam of light aiding his eyes in the dark recess of the gloomy and cold basement. Dean was ready to go back up stairs and tell Sam that the Raw Head was no where in sight when he felt his body being propelled forward. He didn't feel the pain in his body when it made contact with the hard ground, he didn't feel the cold water soaking into his jeans as he lay in a pool of frigid water, nor did he feel the water on his hands as he grappled for the tazer gun. Dean's hunter instincts took over as he saw the Raw Head approach him, he held the gun and pulled the trigger and watched as it shot the Raw Head in the centre of the chest. He did feel the pain as ten thousand volts of electricity shot through his legs, up through his torso, and danced around his head before repeating this pattern again, making his body go rigid and his screams die in his throat before they could complete their passage past his lips. He did feel the cold water as it soaked into his body as he slumped further onto the hard concrete floor. He did feel as his lungs screamed in protest to the air that his body was screaming for, and the beating of his heart growing weaker as his eyes fell shut. His body's last sensation was one of numbness as he fell unconscious from the pain and inflictions that ravished throughout his body, mind and soul.

Sam brought the two frightened children up the stairs and over to the Impala where he opened the back door and put them inside as they clung to each other in fear, tear stains down their cheeks causing rivers where the dirt was wiped away, and the innocent tears of a child now lay. Sam kneeled down so that he was no longer looming over the two children, knowing that his 6'5" frame could scare even a grown man, let alone two little kids. He quickly put the tazer into the front seat of the Impala before talking to the two children.

"Hey, my names Sam, what your names?" Sam asked and watched as the little children look at each other before the girl, which looked to be the older of the two, spoke,

"My names Karen and this is my little brother Todd" she said as she held Todd's hand a little bit tighter. Sam gave Karen and Todd a reassuring smile before speaking,

"I have to go back inside and check on my brother, Dean; do you think you will be okay for a couple of minutes?" Sam asked and was pleased when he saw Karen nod her head, "Okay, just call if you need anything" he said before getting back from his kneeling position and back to his full height.

Sam walked down the steps again and was about to call for Dean when he saw a slumped form in the far corner of the basement. Sam bounded down the remaining steps and ran over to where Dean lay. Sam crouched beside his brother and put a shaky hand to his throat feeling for a pulse; it was weak. What the hell had happened? Sam quickly glanced behind himself and saw the Raw Head in a crumpled mess, dead, a few feet from where Dean lay. Sam quickly grabbed his cell phone and dialled '911', all the while keeping his fingers pressed to Dean's neck and feeling as the thump came a bit slower each time; Dean was dying. Sam quickly put one arm around Dean's shoulders and another around his knees before lifting him off of the hard floor and out of the cold water that he had been lying in; Dean's head lolled about and Sam had to manure him so that it was resting against Sam's shoulder. Sam was glad now that he had the advantage of 5" in height and a good few pounds more than his brother as he lifted him with ease and quickly took the steps two at a time.

As Sam waited for the ambulance to arrive he laid Dean down on the dirt lane outside of the abandoned warehouse and lifted Dean's head so that it was resting against Sam's legs, and had draped his jacket across his torso to held ward off the chills that were already starting to wrack his brother body.

Sam was sitting in the waiting room of the hospital, waiting for news on Dean. When the ambulance arrived the police had arrived also because a house near the abandoned warehouse had called about a disturbance, and Sam had answered all of the necessary questions, Yes he and his brother had found the two young children, Yes they were driving by and heard a noise and thought it be best to check it out, and finally Yes, that is how his brother had injured himself, Yes it probably was a fault in the electricity officer. Sam had spent the last three hours thinking about what had happened that night. He had drew the conclusions that, from the close proximity of the Raw Head, Dean had shot it and had accidentally got himself electrocuted because of the huge pool of water that Sam had found him slumped in. Sam still couldn't get the image of Dean slumped like that out of his mind; the way he was so still, his features so lax. Dean was never that still, even when he was sleeping he always moved about.

Sam was going to go and get another cup of coffee when he saw Dean's doctor walking towards him, he was a dark man with little hair on his head and a stern and professional look on his face. Sam quickly got to his feet and went and meet Dr. Carson halfway.

"Doctor, have you got any news on my brother?" Sam asked, his voice wavering slightly as the image flashed in his mind again, making him wonder how can it be okay, yet praying that it was at the same time.

"Yes I do. Your brother's body suffered ten thousand volts of electricity coursing through it. Your brother's heart it's, damaged" Dr. Carson said, his voice laced with sorrow and regret for both the young man who had suffered greatly and his brother. Sam felt tears spring to his eyes.

"What do you mean, damaged?" Sam's voice was a mere whisper as his eyes filled with tears as the doctors words filled up a space in his chest and made it ache.

"Dean suffered a heart attack, a pretty massive one. All we can do now is make sure that he is comfortable and rests" Dr. Carson said while giving Sam a sympathetic look as some of the tears spilled over his eyes and ran down his cheeks, "I give him a couple of weeks, a month at the most. I am truly sorry, but, we can't work miracles" Dr. Carson gave Sam's arm a squeeze,

"I have to go see my brother" Sam said before walking past the doctor and towards Dean's room.

Dean was laying on the hospital bed with the back raised slightly as he flicked through the various channels on the small television in front of him. Sam walked over to his brother after taking a deep breath and making a last swipe at his face to get rid of the tears that lay there; he had to be strong for Dean. Sam walked over to Dean's bedside and pulled over the hard plastic chair and sat close by his brothers' bed. Dean still had his attention focused on the television and had yet to look at Sam and from where Sam was sitting he could already see the effects that the accident were taking on Dean's body; his skin was extremely pale and there where dark circles under his eyes making his face appear even paler, if that was even possible. Sam couldn't stop the feeling of how all of this was wrong as he looked at Dean, wearing the standard green cloth gown, and the blackest pulled close to his chest. Sam noticed the I.V attached to his brothers' left hand, and the various leads that were connected to the heart monitor, the sound of his brothers' heart beat bleeping throughout the room; Sam could help but think that in a few weeks that sound would cease to exist, and so would his brother…Sam was torn from his thoughts by the sound of Dean's voice speaking to him,

"Seriously, have you ever watched day-time TV?" Dean asked in a sarcastic voice as he changed the channel again, still not looking at Sam, "oh, that fabric softener teddy, I'm gonna hunt that little bitch down" Dean said, and Sam noticed how even it seemed weak and scratchy compared to his usual jokey and confident tone.

"I spoke to your doctor" Sam said and he watched as Dean turned the television off and placed the remote beside himself and for the first time since Sam entered the room, turned to face his brother.

"Yeah, well," Dean paused for a second and forced a small smile to grace his lips, "looks like your gonna be leaving town without me Sammy" and Sam could see how hard Dean was fighting to keep up pretences for Sam's sake,

"What!?" Sam couldn't believe what Dean had just said to him, "I'm not leaving you here Dean" Sam said with a hint of anger in his voice at what Dean was suggesting,

"Yes. And if you hurt my car I swear I'll hunt your ass" Dean said and Sam could see that the usual hint of humour was missing, but the statement still made tears spring to Sam's eyes,

"That's not funny" said fixed Dean with a look bordering on horror,

"It was a little…" Dean said and when he saw how Sam's eyes were filled with tears and how desperate he looked the smile dropped form his face, "look Sam, this is a dangerous gig, and I guess I just drew the short straw. I'm gonna die and there is nothin' you can do to stop it" Sam noticed how Dean's face was saddened and as he lay there in that hospital bed, dying, he was still trying to reassure Sam by telling him, not with words but with the look in his eyes, that it was not his fault. Sam didn't pay any attention to what Dean said as he grabbed a hold of his right hand and gave it a squeeze,

"Watch me"

Sam sat on his bed in the motel room that he had been staying in with Dean before this whole mess happened. He sat with several pages strewn about him, and the laptop open, all giving various information on heart problems. Sam had left the hospital two days ago after he had informed Dean that he was not to let him die and had went back to the motel to research all that he could. Sam had went to the hospital yesterday to sit with Dean for most of the day before the doctors told him he had to leave, that the visiting hour were over. Sam had noticed how in even a day Dean seemed to be worse, how weak he had looked lying in the hospital bed, fighting for his life as his body slowly but surely shut down.

Sam now sat with his phone in his grasp as he stared down at the number across the screen of his phone before pressing the dial button. He waiting for a few moments before hearing the usual message telling the caller to phone Dean if they needed help, but who do I call when Dean needs help?, Sam thought with conviction before he started his message,

"Hey Dad, I was phoning because, um…" Sam felt the tears begin to pull in his eyes, "Dean is hurt, and well, the doctors say there's nothing they can do," Sam had to bite back the sob, knowing that he wouldn't be able to finish the message, "So, um, if you could call me, I need your help, Dean needs your help." Sam then proceeded to tell his Dad their whereabouts before hanging up. Sam put the phone down on the bed and took a deep breath to calm himself down. He was about to go through the information that he had found again when there was a knock at the door.

Sam got to his feet and walked towards the door, wondering who it could be. Sam placed his hand on the door and when he opened it he couldn't have been more surprised at who he seen there,

"Dean!" Sam couldn't believe his eyes as he looked at Dean standing outside of their motel rooms' door; okay, maybe more like leaning against the door was more accurate. Sam looked at his brother still in shock that he was there, his face was still extremely pale, the freckles that adorned his face standing out alarmingly, and giving his face a more youthful look, and that somehow made the whole situation harder than it already was; Dean was twenty-six years old, he should have a few more decades left at the very least, not a few more weeks.

"What are you doing here?" Sam asked as he moved to let Dean enter the room, watching as Dean leaned heavily on the dresser that was situated beside the door. Sam couldn't keep the small smile that was gracing his lips; even though the situation was horrendous he was glad that Dean would be with him and not stuck in a hospital somewhere.

"Hey, I'm not gonna die in a hospital where the nurses aren't even hot" Dean said, although the usual humour was not there, and his sentence came out breathy, as if walking the short distance into the room and speaking was tiring him already. Sam took hold of Dean's arm and led him over to the opposite bed that all of his stuff was sitting on and helped Dean to sit down and get more comfortable; he knew that Dean was in pain from the way his moved; his movements were slow and his body tense against the pain coursing through his abused body.

"What's all this?" Dean asked as he glanced over at the various pages spread about Sam's bed.

"I told you; I'm gonna help you" Sam said as he sat down on his bed opposite Dean, watching as Dean's eyes trailed over the pages before meeting Sam' eyes again,

"You're not gonna let me die in peace, are ya'?" Dean said with a small smile, trying to do the Dean thing and laugh away a difficult situation. Sam knew that this was his defence mechanism and he decided to play along just this once; seeing how the circumstances permitted his brother getting a break,

"I'm not gonna let ya' die, period" Sam said and smiled a little when he saw the small smile and shake of the head that Dean sent him.

Dean was lying on top of his motel bed. He was wearing a pair of dark denim jean; about the only pair he had that weren't full of little holes, a black t-shirt, a dark navy zip-up; zipped up the whole way, and a pair of white sports soaks on his feet, and he was still cold! Of course he wouldn't admit this to Sam, it would only worry him further, but he figured that Sam had already guessed, which wasn't hard considering the shivers that ran havoc throughout Dean's body,

Sam glanced over at Dean and couldn't not notice how Dean's body was shivering horribly, although the room was not that cold. Sam knew that Dean would never admit anything which he would consider to be a weakness so he decided that he would have to make it look like he was cold, knowing that Dean would do anything for his little brother,

"Hey it's kinda cold in here, mind if I turn the heating up?" Sam as he looked over at Dean who was lying on top of his bed flicking through an old magazine that had been in the motel room, although Sam suspected that he wasn't reading it, by the way his eyes were dropped, showing just how tired he actually was,

"No, but if your feelin' a little nippy Sammy, I don't mind" Dean said lacing his words with sarcasm although he was feeling grateful, he smiled knowing what his brother was doing; Sam would need to be blind not to see the shivers that were wracking Dean's body, he was pretending that it was him that was cold so that Dean wouldn't feel bad and Dean knew from the little things like that, that Sam loved him, and Dean loved him too.

It was a few hours later and Dean was lying down on the bed flicking through the magazine for about the hundredth time, yet, if you were to ask him what any article in the magazine was about, he would have a clue. He flicked through a few more pages, keeping up the image that he was fine, and was just casually lying about and reading a magazine; that he wasn't exhausted and fighting to keep his eyes from dropping shut at any given moment, that he wasn't just keeping up this whole facade so that he wouldn't appear weak in front of his brother. Sam, of course, had noticed this behaviour in Dean and was about to tell him that he should seriously get some sleep there was a knocking at the door that stopped him from doing so.

Sam cast a glance over at Dean who had pulled himself up so that he was lying propped up against the pillows, and gave Sam a small shrug, as in 'don't look at me, I don't know who the hell it is' and nodded his head in the direction in the door as if telling Sam to open it. Sam walked over to the door and cast one final glance at his brother before pulling the door open, he looked at the face of the person on the other side of the door, and if he thought that he had been shocked earlier when Dean came to the door, then he better think again, as he opened the door further, unable to find the words to say for a few moments, and when he did, it came out in a shocked whisper,


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