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Title: Vanilla Blue

Author: Zoshi the Confused
Rating: PG-13 to M (eventually)
Category: South Park

Genre: General/Romance

Contains: (or will contain) Violence, Adult Situations, Swearing, SHOUNEN-AI - BOYLOVE

The log they sat on was old, half-buried in the ground beneath them. Kenny sat staring up at the sky above them, knee-to-knee and shoulder-to-shoulder with Kyle. He tried to believe in the sunlight shining down from the cloudless blue above, tried to believe in the warmth and the light it presented, but it wasn't easy. Too many thoughts were on his mind. Too many things were making it difficult to focus.

"I didn't know your parent's knew…" Kyle said, his hand on Kenny's knee. The blonde could feel his restless fingers moving across it absently. Kyle was just as lost in his own thoughts as Kenny.

"No one else needed to know about it…" Kenny replied, sighing and turning to look at the redhead. "They get enough shit for just being poor."

Kyle nodded in understanding, but still looked thoughtful. Kenny frowned.

"You know, they scream a lot and shit but they're really good people," He said, thinking that maybe that was what was worrying him. Kyle looked at him, grinning, then laughed.

"Trust me, I know…" He said, "If they weren't, I wouldn't be here right now…"
He nodded to Kenny's house standing closer to the train tracks. The back door opened, and Kenny's mom chased out a black and white cat that went streaking off towards the forest. Seeing the two, she waved to them before going back inside.

"What's going to happen now?" Kenny asked after a moment, staring off in the direction of the house but seeing something totally different. Kyle shifted next to him, nervously maybe.

"I'm…" He started, then stopped. Kenny didn't look at him, thinking that maybe if he didn't, then the words Kyle was about to say wouldn't come out. Unfortunately, the fates weren't with him today anymore than they ever were, and the words forced themselves out of the unwilling redhead. "I'm going to New York for the summer."

Kenny closed his eyes, his fingers clenching in the fabric of his jeans. He felt Kyle shift next to him again, pressing his side closer.

"New York?" He said finally, opening his eyes and turning to look at Kyle.

"Yeah…" Kyle sighed, "My mom wanted to send me to my cousins in Israel, but…"

"What? With all the fucking suicide bombers and, and fucking missiles, and-" Kenny growled. Kyle put a hand on his arm to stop him, and a slight grin flickered over his lips.

"Yeah, that's what my dad said." He looked away for a moment, then looked back at Kenny.

"So. So they're sending you to fucking New York for the summer…" Kenny growled some more, but was keeping his anger in check. There wasn't any use for letting it get the best of him now, anyway. It wasn't Kyle's fault this shit was happening. "Isn't that.. That's fucking… shit, what's the word? Its… cliché, that's what it fucking is, its fucking cliché."

Kyle laughed, so suddenly and so out-of-nowhere that Kenny nearly jumped off the log in surprise.

"What the fuck? What's so fucking funny?" Kenny frowned, watching as the redhead bent double in his laughter.

"Shit, you're so right Kenny…" Kyle shook his head, wiping the back of one hand over his eyes. "So fucking right… its fucking cliché…"

"It is." Kenny said, still slightly unsure just what the hell had happened. Kyle sat up again, but although he had been laughing, the lingering traces of his smile were quickly fading from his face. He gazed at Kenny, gazed, Kenny admitted it was a gaze, because he was looking in his eyes as if he was trying to read all his secrets, and trying to expose all of his own. Kenny felt himself go a little cold, because he had the feeling that a gaze like that couldn't lead to anything good. Good gazes were the ones where you both grinned at each other, or just stared at each other for long minutes, for no other reason than you could. This gaze was of the other kind, the desperate kind, where the person who was doing the gazing knew they had to say something important, but didn't know if their words would be enough to explain it, to explain everything.

"Kenny, Kenny, I swear, I swear to fucking everything, that I'll call, and I'll write, whenever I can," Kyle said, his voice fast and low and serious and sounding like he was just about to embark on a journey to the top of Kilimanjaro. "I swear, I fucking swear, Kenny… I…"

"Hey, hey…" Kenny twisted around and grabbed Kyle by the shoulders, not liking the way Kyle's eyes had gotten all desperate and dark looking. He leaned in a little closer, just a little.

"Kyle… its… I know, I know its gonna be hard…" He rubbed Kyle's shoulders, but the redhead didn't seem to be relaxing any. "I'll be here… okay? I'm still gonna be here when you get back, so don't worry…"

Kyle put his arms around Kenny's waist, drawing him even closer, so close their foreheads and noses touched. He seemed a little calmer than a few moments ago, but he still looked into Kenny's eyes with that desperation, that… that pleading, that had been in them.

"I'll try, Kenny… I'll try…" He swallowed hard, closing his eyes. "I don't know what they'll let me do… You know how my mom is, she'll probably be checking anything that I want to send out, or, or she'll be listening in when I use the phone, or something, fuck, she'll figure something out… But I'll try, I really will…"

"Shhh…" Kenny brushed back a few stray curls off of Kyle's forehead. He was scared, too scared to try to say anything at that moment. Fuck, everything was going wrong. Everything always went wrong for him, anyway. He should be used to it. But this time, this time he thought… well, it didn't matter anymore. Someone out there just didn't like him too much, it seemed. He only wished they wouldn't fucking toy around with Kyle too. God, Satan, whatever Powers That Be, should know better than that. They shouldn't punish anyone just for loving someone else.

Unless, of course, all those stupid things they preached about in Church were right. Unless God really was ready to punish two guys for getting together. Kenny frowned, pulling closer to Kyle. He felt the redhead shudder, wrap his arms even tighter around him. Kenny had met God on more occasions than he'd wanted to, really. But God never seemed as rigid and strict as people made him out to be. Besides, he doubted that a being that was supposedly the center of all goodness in the universe would be able to hate anyone for something as stupid as this.

The wind blew in suddenly, harshly, and the branches of the trees behind them rustled. The wind roared between the trunks, an ominous sound, and Kenny buried his face in Kyle's shoulder, hoping to ignore it. It was making him feel cold again, even though the sun shone bright. It was making his stomach clench and his breath come ragged and fast.

Shit, he hated moments like these. Hated moments where that feeling would come creeping on him, a feeling he couldn't even begin to describe. Each time it was different, each time it left a different taste in the back of his mouth. Sour, bitter, sometimes he could feel the bile rise in the back of his throat so quick he'd barely have time to choke it back. Either way, it all pointed to the same thing. The foreboding wouldn't leave him.


Kenny jerked, his mom's voice pulling him out of his thoughts. Kyle's arms clenched around him, he felt the redhead go rigid.

"Kyle, yer… yer fathers here…"

Kenny managed to twist a little in Kyle's hold, just enough to see his mom stand on the back porch for a moment, uncertain, then turn and head back into the house again.

"I… I have to go…" Kyle's voice dropped to a whisper, and he pulled away slightly. Kenny's hands clenched spasmodically in the fabric of his jacket. He looked at Kyle, panic suddenly rushing through him.

"Kyle…" He started, his voice cracking. He tried again, but he couldn't get more words out. "Kyle…"

"I'll… I'll come back before I have to leave…" Kyle said, his voice low. "I will."

Kenny knew it was a lie. It was a lie, but not because Kyle wouldn't come. Kenny knew the fucking bitch that was his mom wouldn't let him come back. He clung to Kyle, desperately, awfully aware that this would be the last time he saw him for months.

"Kyle, don't…" His voice shook, and he pulled closer, trying to get it to stop. "Don't forget me Kyle…"

"Kenny…" Kyle's voice was filled with shock. "Do you think I'd…? Never, shit, I'd never do that… I love you Kenny, I love you…"

The words burned on Kenny's tongue. They ached in his heart. But he opened his mouth and nothing came out. He was failing, again. Just like before, just like every time before. He could try to force them, he could make them come out, because he knew they were there, knew they were real because he could feel it.

Kyle smiled softly, seeing the struggle in his eyes, seeing how desperately he tried to make the feelings into something tangible. He curled his fingers in Kenny's hair, leaned in closer.

"I know…" He whispered, and Kenny knew that it was true, but it didn't help. The wind was picking up, blowing harder around them. It was chill, cutting through their clothes, and the air smelled metallic. Desperately, he pulled Kyle closer, kissed him, felt Kyle clutch him, felt the need in his touch that matched his own. For a moment, they managed to lose themselves, to let go of everything and live in the feeling, in the warmth.

Their kiss began with the sun shining, but ended with sunlight fading. Dark clouds raced across the sky, blotting the sun out and darkening the world around them. Kenny clutched his arms to himself, watching as Kyle walked slowly down to the road. He stopped often, turning around to look back even long after it got hard to see.

The rain was falling hard by the time the car roared down the road. Kenny sat, unmoving, unseeing, feeling the water soak through his hoodie and shirt, feeling it run down his back and soak through his shoes. He shuddered, fighting desperately against he feeling of loss that surrounded him, bore into him, clawed through him.

It was going to be a long, dark summer.

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