(Hey everyone! I'm so happy you all loved my high school musical story and I ended up having over 10,000 hits! Words cannot express how delighted I am so I'm writing a sequel! Here is the trailer, and I'm now off university for Easter for three whole weeks!!!! Plenty of time for writing so I'll get the first chapter to you ASAP – most likely the weekend. So let me know what you think and I warn you, thinks are going to get dark! TKAMB aka Becky)


Close up shots of a gun being loaded. We can only see the hands on the person loading the gun in these shots

In the beginning they had their friendship

Shot of Amy and Jack typing away at their computers chatting on student zone followed by a shot of them glancing at each other down the school corridors. The shot cuts back to the gun, now loaded and is ready to fire

In the end they had each other

Shot of Amy and Jack singing on stage and being applauded followed by a shot of Jack and Amy's first kiss. The shot cuts to the person placing ear guards over their ears for protection before raising the gun (we still aren't clear who the person is)

But then the biggest challenge in their relationship would break them apart

"Oh my God! I did it! I got a scholarship in New York!" Amy says jumping up and down clutching her acceptance letter. She's hugged by Jack, friends and family

Shot of the person (we still don't know who it is) raising the gun in their right hand and takes several shots


"Oh my God! I got a scholarship... In California" Jack announces looking at his acceptance letter whilst everyone looks shocked

"I won't go without you!" Amy says through tears as she and Jack stand alone in the street

"Then I guess it's over" Jack replies softly and runs home

The gunman lowers their gun and the shot reveals Amy with a black eye and split lip. She lowers her ear guards as she focuses on her target sheet. All the bullets fired entered through the heart of the person on the sheet, one through the forehead

She's been in New York for ten years

"POLICE! FREEZE!" 28 year old Amy yells holding up a gun

"Who are you?" a police officer asks blocking Amy's path. She lowers her sunglasses and holds up her ID

"Amy Bolton, private investigator based with the New York Police Division requested along with Jamie Bennett by Albuquerque Police Division now get out of my way"

"Hey Bolton, Angel what were you like back in high school?" Amy looks up at her male co-workers with her black eye and split lip, she smiles broadly

"One of a kind!" she responds making her co-workers laugh

Amy places a 'solved' sign on her latest case and smiles softly

"Only 2 more cases before you're a level 3? I thought you would be a level 3 by now, you are one of my best Bolton especially when it comes to undercover work" Amy's boss says from behind her. Shots of Amy dancing sexily and singing under cover at a club whilst men cheered and wolf whistled at her

"Well sometimes to get ahead you have to go slow or back down a little"

But now she's going home

"Transfer? But why?" Amy asks looking confused

"I don't want to let you go but you were requested by Albuquerque division" Shot changes to various photos of a crime scene. VOICE OVER: "The new coach at East High has been killed. He's name was Peter Lawrence, and take Jamie with you – it's about time he learns about life outside New York. Your flight is in two hours"

Shot of Jamie, a very attractive fellow investigator raising his eyebrows over and over again at Amy making her laugh

And meeting up with old friends

Cut back to Amy singing and dancing in the club and spins around to come face to face with Jack

"Who's the stiff?" Jamie asked looking at Jack

"No one" Amy replies walking away from Jamie

Shot of Amy hugging her friends and family smiling broadly

"You've changed" Troy comments to Amy as they shoot hoops

"Is that a good or a bad thing?"Amy asked causing Troy to look at her concerned

But a fight of acceptance

"What's the matter with you? You used to be so ..." Jack asks Amy who glares at him

"So what?" Amy asks

Shot of him softly touching her right cheek but she bats his hand away

"What happened to you? Where is my best friend?" Sammy asks with tears rolling down her cheeks

"She's gone Sammy; this is who I am now! So accept it or leave me alone"

Becomes a fight for survival

"We have a problem, there's been another murder" Jamie tells Amy making her look concerned

"I have to protect my family" Amy says and turns away from Jamie who grabs her arm spinning her back around

"Your duty is to the police remember"

Shot of Amy crying in her old bedroom looking over evidence

"What's happing to me? I don't know what to do"

"About the case?" Jamie asks

"About Jack"

"The people need to know who did these terrible murders" a news reporter says to Amy

"When I find out who it is I'll let you know" Amy responds

AMY VOICEOVER: "No matter what we do now everything is going to change. There is no going back"

Amy stares wide eyed at a sample of evidence. "Oh my God"

Who is the disturber of East High?

Troy, Gabriella, Jack, Charlie, Sammy, Evangeline, Casey, Alfie, Annette, Michelle, Chad, Taylor, Sharpay, Ryan, (a shot of each flash on screen as name announced) or someone new????

"How can people do this to each other?"Amy asked Jack who was sat by her side up against a tree

"I guess when you loose control you are capable of doing anything". They look at each other and Jack leans towards her

Shot of Amy running, shot of Amy and Jack laughing together as teenagers, Jamie holding Amy as she cries, Amy sat covered in blood, Amy screaming

AMY VOICE OVER: "The past is the past, it's dead to me but no matter what I do I can't get away from it" Amy walks the corridors of East High and see's Jack lying in a pool of blood

"NO!" Amy screams and holds him close. She looks up realising they were by some lockers and sees the word 'you' engraved in it

'High School Musical 3: The Final Act' coming soon

Screen is black when a flashlight turns on. The light revealed a young girl inside a wooden box. She screams and the light goes out