"Hinata-chan" Naruto said as he looked up from his walk toward the arena

"eh" Hinata said as she turned around startled and leaning against the training post "Oh, N-Naruto-kun, so why are you here the final competition…"

"I just …it's nothing. I came to check out this training field, this is the exact place where I became a genin. So…" Naruto said as he looked into the sky

"Oh, still why are you here" Hinata asked hugging the training post

"uh, uh, in nothing, no reason" Naruto said turning around feeling embarrassed

"Oh, I guess your right, sorry" Hinata said shyly

"Say Hinata-chan…" Naruto began

"Yes" Hinata said waiting for a reply

"Neji is a cousin of yours right?" Naruto said looking back at Hinata

"Uh, yeah" Hinata said quickly

"So is he really strong?" Naruto asked

"Hai" Hinata said

"Oh, great" Naruto said sarcastically

"But you still might be able to win Naruto-kun …"Hinata started

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, I am strong after all" Naruto said laughing but then gave a heavy sigh

"I'll make sure and cheer for you Naruto-kun and I hope you win in the fight against Neji-nii-san" Hinata said

"Thanks Hinata, you know, I like people like you" Naruto said as he walked away towards the arena

'Bye Naruto see you in the next 4 years I leaving but I'm coming back. Wait for me, Naruto-kun' Hinata thought as she made a clone of her self and went to her house since she sensed Kiba coming closer

At the Hyuuga compound…

"No everything is packed. Now were the scroll that the Hokage gave me to I can leave and come back" Hinata said out loud. No one was in the Hyuuga compound there were at the final competition to see who would become a chunin. Hinata dashed out the house and toward the gates

"Hey you let me see your scroll for permission to leave" Izumo said as he and Inari had been guarding the gates. Hinata handed him the scroll, he looked at it then gave it back to her, and opened the gate. Hinata then sprinted away leaving only a trail of cloud dust.

'When I come back I will be way stronger and will be finally able to protect the ones that I love' Hinata thought as she looked back she had already pass the fire border and she wasn't about to turn around now