"Don't you remember me Ino-san….?" Hinata removed her cloak. Her hair hanged freely and her black kimono with lavenders and her silver and deep purple obi hugged to her every curve. Her smile graced her face gently, "I missed you guys so much and you can't even say a Hi to me? You guys are so mean….."

Ino pulled back and recollected herself, her mind still stricken with shock.

Hinata smiled as she looked over the Konoha Eleven, Team Gai, and the Sand Siblings. Everyone single person with the exception of the Sand Sibilings, Tsunade, and Jiraiya looked shocked. Hinata's head snapped back to Kiba as he charged at her.

"There's no way you can be Hinata!!!!!!!!!" Kiba slashed at her, only for her to evade every attack easily and flawlessly.

Corama and Momoru took action and threw chakra strings at Kiba catching him and holding him down with ease.

"Let him go Momoru, Corama" Tsunade's voice boomed. They retracted their strings and flipped back to Hinata's grave stone where Hinata, Usagi, and Hana were standing patiently. Hinata's eyes started to become glossy and readied tear dots started their tear process while her face remained rigid and emotionless.

"Kiba I should have you arrested for attacking a comrade," Tsunade stared down Kiba as he stood up and dug his nails into his palms, "Hinata left under orders from the late Hokage and her death was staged as part of that plan. That was the only way for her to leave securely," Tsunade looked at them, everyone's utter shock just seemed to get worse by the minuet and funnier too. Their faces were priceless but then again the hurt in their eyes she was sure was now due to the shocked that Hinata could lie to them like this. Things were not going as good as they could have. But then again she acted the same way too…

Gaara ran to her and hugged her, while whispering sweet nothings in her ear to calm her down. She hugged him back tightly; holding on to him like he was her only security net, Hinata continued to cry not knowing the effects of his actions and what they meant. Usagi and Hana were on either side of them whispering words of encouragement to her. Hinta moved her head up and looked at Gaara who just smiled at her and nodded. He kissed away each tear that fell onto her cheek and then kissed her forehead and moved away from her.

"If there's anyone to put the blame one for what has occurred during the past four years it's me, " Gaara said, "Hinata was under my care and came to my village to reload and head back out each year, I too knew about this. I'm sorry if this fact hurts you, but you need to suck it up, she's back and she's alive," Gaara scanned their faces as they looked at him, most of them except for Naruto, Kiba, and Neji had recollected themselves and were now listening intensively and or crying. "And you should be rejoicing that she is, I know I would"

"I'm sorry for lying to you about my death, causing you so much pain, and leaving without telling anyone please forgive me" Hinata walked up to them and bowed low. Her hair covering her face. She slowly stood straight to see Neji right in front of her and and shut her eyes tightly expecting something to happen.

A gentle hand placed itself on her should she opened her eyes slowly and saw a rare smile appear on Neji's face.

"There's nothing to forgive" Those few words from him, was all that she needed to hear.