Chrono Cross:
A Time of Reminiscence

Disclaimer: Hi, everyone. Well I guess I should say that the characters of Chrono Cross are not mine, they're rightfully Squaresoft and not mine, so don't sue me.

It first starts with Kidd's POV during Schala's six minute speech about everything is not useless or no such thing as a pawn thingy, but ends up in a third-person kind of thing later. Well anywayz enjoy the story! ;D

Chapter1- A parting that was never meant to be...

The Devour of Time is defeated, my mother freed from her imprisonment for many years, and the two parallel worlds are about to be weaved together. I never knew that we would leave like this. Just when we were getting to know each other. This was like the third time I left him, if you include the time when I was ill with Hydra poison and when Lynx, inside Serge's body, stabbed me with my own dagger.

Yet, even though we were apart, we end up back together as if it was Fate. This third time for being apart, it will be forever. He will return to his own time, not remembering the adventures or the emotions in this quest to save mankind and Demi-humans from devastation of the Dragon God and Devour of Time. Including our forty-two, forty-three, no, forty-one friends will forget this journey (excluding Harle of course since she is a dark moon dragon) and our friendship that was skyrocketing like a speeding bullet will skyrocket down to the bottom of the earth, the time of strangers.

I will miss them all. Everything we've been through, everything we shared our dreams of like brothers and sisters, I'll miss them all. Serge...I will miss him the most out of all.

The first time we met at Cape Howl, I suddenly felt my heart race as I gaze into his deep Sapphire eyes, his curiousness of my appearance out of nowhere and why I was helpin' him. Even for a Radical Dreamer, I have heart to help people like Sis would do when she took care of me and the other kids known as me buddies. But,'s more than a friend. More like a soul mate. He was quiet, but understands how everyone feels when he/she is sad or needs help.

And...up until I saw him at the front of the boat, gazing into the night sky with one leg on top of the boat, the other extended inside, and his hand on the sail heading to Terra Tower, I realized that I fell in love with him. Never wanting to be separate from him again. I just want to chat alongside him, share a lot of fun stuff together when this is over, fight alongside him. In no way I wanted this feeling to leave me.

But, that time did come as Schala began to describe everything about this situation and about killin' one another and hurtin' one another is pointless.

"I will continue to follow my father and brother's footsteps to become a great dragoon. I'm looking forward the next time we meet Serge, Kidd. Farewell," said Glenn as we wave him good-bye, his body phased off with an expression of sadness swiping in his face. Every single friend we made said our good-byes as they continue to fade away to their own times.

Serge and I were the last two there, not saying a single word. Without me knowing, I took his hand and looked at him straight in the eyes. "...Well I guess this is 'See ya later' mate. But, I'll find ya. Sometime, somewhere, I'm bloody sure of it."

He looked at me, even more melancholy in his eyes than me. But, he never left his eyes off me. "No matter where you are, no matter what time period you live in, I'll find ya."

I felt a sudden chill that it was time for us to depart to our own worlds. "I'm sure...that I'll find you," I said reluctantly. His feet began to disappear as we still gazed into each other. I can feel me own tears forming in my eyes. I was actually startin' to cry, me...Kidd the great with the infamous Radical Dreamers, crying. Well, I guess this is how I feel when people who I hold dear like Serge go far, far away from me.

"Good-bye...Kidd. I'll never forget you..." he said. And those were his last words to me.

His whole body began to fade, his warmth on his hands is subsiding as I still held on. Serge began to smile at me one last time as if he knows we'll see each other again. I looked at him and I couldn't hold my sadness any longer. Tears began to streak my face, releasing my weak point.

He was surprised at first, but grinned at me again, his whole body about to phase out. Within minutes, he disappeared to his own time; no longer I can feel his warmth. I fell to my knees, crying helplessly like a baby. Even though I'll be searching for him, I just felt like crying since saying good-bye is so painful.

"I'll find ya Serge. Even if you don't remember me. I don't care. I'll find ya."

And so, I started to phase out of the area, landing on a sandy beach with a boat ready for me at shore. I knew that this place ain't El Nido Archipelago since the familiar scent of Termina's famous Squid gut pasta isn't in the air with people's laughter echoing in the cerulean skies. At that time, I know what to do. I must find Serge, no matter what it takes. Even if I have to search the world over and over again. I will find him, the one whom I fell in love with, the one who is best friends with. Serge, I'll find ya...