Chrono Cross: Angelus Errare

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        Time has gone by quickly after Serge's return from his fight against one of Lynx's fleets. It has been only 12:00 as the Chrono Gang just sat there waiting patiently and thoughtfully. In the past two hours or so, Serge has taken a rest and he was taking a nap at the moment after so much usage of his strength that supposedly he never gets tired. This time, it drained the energy from him and made him in the state he is. Everyone, even though it may not be a big problem, think it is weird to see Serge taking a nap at this important time.

        "Something is going on with Serge. He became different when he came back," said Norris.

        Kidd didn't say a thing as she sat there, looking down at the floor. By this time, Marge was up in Serge's room, checking up on him to see if there is no injuries or any problems within his condition. Di could feel the worry between everyone once more and he too is worried as well.

        The door from Serge's room opened and everyone looked into that direction to see Serge coming down, surprisingly full of energy. He came down the stairs and stood, looking at every single of his friend's faces. "…so what is the situation, Di?" he asked, looking firmly at Di that shows the determination within his deep blue eyes.

~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~

Chapter 28- Key Sphere of Love…Planning ahead for the future of El Nido…

~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~

        "Lynx is going to attack very soon when the eclipse has taken place?!" said Serge surprisingly. For the past thirty minutes, Di has been discussing the strategy and ambitions of Lynx when he heard the communication waves.

        "So, let me get this straight. Originally, you were suppose to kill me by then and retrieve the Chrono Cross and the keys and bring them to Lynx. Right from there, in one weeks time, he would start to make his dream a reality after finding the "Holy Land" and obtaining the power within."

        "And after he obtains that very power, he will start to assemble his forces and try to kill all those who oppose his great power. He will also kill your friends too as revenge from a year ago. I know for sure he will not stop until he fulfills his dream."

        Serge absorbed those words within his mind, closing his eyes as he remembered the blood smell around Lynx's fortress and the dark clouds surrounding the black fortress. Those descriptions triggered the vision of the future of El Nido. The dark clouds now spread all over the place, the stench of human blood were everywhere, with no smell of the fresh sea and the lush forests. He remembered it all, the damaged place, demons taking over, Van looking like a person who has been stripped out of everything except rags as clothing. The vision is now strong in his mind, and Serge knew something is coming up. He opened his eyes after few moments to see everyone's gaze were at him, waiting for his decision. "It's almost time," he said. "The vision of the future that I saw is now strong in my mind. We must find the last key before Lynx's hands ever touches it."

        "But where can the last key be?" asked Di.

        By account, Serge closed his eyes and concentrated, letting the Chrono Cross revealing the Golden Emblem once more, now with only two etched pictures within. Di was surprised by this sudden outburst and looked at the emblem with interests. "So this is why Lynx is after this," said Di. "He needed the Chrono Cross because it held the whereabouts of the keys."

        Serge looked into the last section and observed the picture fully intent. His eyes somehow became dilated as he tried to find the exact match of where the key is standing at this time. Right then, scenery took place and revealed a familiar Oceanside with the familiar waters and the island just across the horizon. Serge's eyes returned to normal and he knew what to do. "I located the next key's whereabouts," he said. "It's not even that far from here. It's in Opassa Beach."

        "Opassa Beach? But how can that be possible?" asked Glenn incredulously. "I don't see any temple or anything in Opassa Beach."

        Peering from the kitchen room, Marge notices the emblem and instantly she joined in. "Saaji, is that last Key Sphere?" she asked.

        "Hai, Hahaue," he said, looking at his mother. "Why?"

        "Serge, in order to make the key appear, there will be no heed in going through the temple. There will be two people for this task," she said. There were blank stares as everyone looked at her. Knowing this would happen, Marge set her washcloth down and looked at each person with a determined look. "It is better to go to Opassa Beach then just sitting here. After all, Opassa Beach is where everything has started and where everything has ended. It is also were two lovers has gone to there different lives as they finished their task for the world, as both are determined to find each other no matter what. I will come along with you to let you know what I mean."

        Those words that Marge spoke held only a hint of confusion within the group. But, whatever it is, all decided to just take action and go to Opassa Beach.

~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~

        It has only been ten minutes since the Chrono Gang have finally reached Opassa Beach, it's sparkling water reflecting the sun's reflection perfectly in the water's clean surface. Kidd looked at the place, her thoughts remembering the time with Serge confessing his love to her. Inwardly, she smiled and squeezed the hold in Serge's hand, intertwining with hers. Looking down, he smiled back, looking warmly at her gaze. Everyone started to walk into the open with its sandy beach, feeling the softness of the white sand. Marge stood in the water's edge, remembering everything from her past. "Serge, as I said before, it takes two people to form the Key Sphere." She turned to her son and Kidd. "Opassa Beach reflects upon those two lovers who departed ways for the sake of their lives. One lover to return to his life and continue on to grow, and other in search for her partner all over the world once more alone. At the same time, these two separate lovers return to this very place to find each other once more for another purpose, a purpose to find a another's fate in which the pain and hidden ancestry is growing within. Serge, Kidd, Opassa Beach reflects on your emotions; those love emotions that you have that triggered Serge to rescue Kidd with his hidden wings that was in his body so long before when he was only 3." The Chrono Cross started to lighten around Serge's neck, catching the attention of Serge.

        "As long as you keep your emotions true, you two are able to trigger the last key to come open. The Key Sphere of Love," said Marge. "Now, you two must go into the waters and try to find the keys to your heart that triggered you to confess your feelings. Reminiscence anything from your mind and soul to find what you need."

        The familiar sea breeze started to come forth gently to the Chrono gang. Serge felt the sways of the winds and he slowly closed his eyes, giving the courage that it is going to be all right. He opened his eyes and looked at each and every of his friends. Glenn and Orlha gave a nodding agreement with their thumbs sticking out as sign in which to go for it. He looked at Norris and Leena and they both nodded approvingly. Then to Di and Korcha who were smiling slyly. Smiling, he turned to his mother and she smiled pleasingly at her son, knowing that he will succeed to manifest the key back into this world; the very key in which symbolizes their Mitsukaian Clan.

        Serge averted his gaze from his mom to Kidd who was looking at him with the look of affection. He returned that same affection and led Kidd into the water's edge. As they walked deeper in the oceans level, the cold of its salty substance started to sip into their warm bodies, the waves pushing gently against the two lovers. With the water rising just above their waist, Serge stopped in his tracks and held both of Kidd's hands, looking at her love in his eyes. She smiled, happy that she is able to help Serge on his prophecy and his heritage. No matter what, she will never leave his side.

        "Kidd, you ready?" he asked gently, the Chrono Cross glowing around his neck.

        "Yeah, I'm always ready for anythin', mate," she said, somehow quite nervous on what to do.

        With one nod, Serge slowly closed his eyes, concentrating on the powers of the Chrono Cross. Kidd, in time, did the same as both let their feelings consume their minds. The water around them started to lift around them, the Chrono Cross leading them into their own private world to find their way to open the key to the Sphere. Their friends watched in awe, seeing the powers wielding within Serge's Chrono Cross. It began to rise higher above them, starting to form a circle around the two as they never opened their eyes and they never let go of that feeling of love they have right now. With the love so strong, it will never break. The bond is unbreakable and nothing can break it apart. The waters soon consumed them in the circle, unbearable to see due to its opaque periphery.

        "What do we do?" asked Glenn, observing the sphere-like water.

        "We wait until they are done reminiscing why they love each other in the first place. As long as they keep their feelings true, they will succeed," said Marge.


        Memories of the past started to flood into Kidd's mind. The very memories that were bottled up in her mind every day she grew to another age, aging to a young, beautiful woman every once a year. It is painful to remember everything, remembering the good times that were always emotional, as a young child who had a painful past that she endured. Kidd has her past all bottled up into the depths of her mind, trying to push it away so no one can read her weakness. Yet, no matter how many times she tried to push it, there would always be faults that her dreadful past would always come to her like a nightmare.

        Sounds of nothingness consumed the room around her. She opened her eyes to see that she was alone, seeing nothing but darkness around her. Serge was not there with her. Kidd stood there, looking for her love that would always be near by. A cold draft soon consumed her, making her shiver so fervently that no sooner she realized that her clothes no longer was around her, yet was translucent as it camouflaged with the atmosphere's color. Questionably, she did not understand why she is like this, yet she didn't care. The feelings that she felt now are lonely and cold, distant and isolated. She never thought that she would be alone, in the dark, without anybody to keep her frail body warm. That was her life after all. Ever since the day her home was burnt to the ground, Kidd journeyed alone through the big world around with no one to guide her. Every cold weather, she would always be curled up into a ball and try to keep herself warm and dry. Yet, it was not enough for her. To her, everything in her past was like hell. Leaving alone with no one to talk to, no one to curl to whenever she is alone and cold. She never even had forgotten what love is, the feeling that is true to everyone's feelings.

        "What is love?" she said, looking up into the darkened sky. Kidd still shivered and slowly drew her arms across her bare chest. "What is love? The emotion that most people talk about. Ever since Lucca died, I was always alone. I was alone in this world without any one to talk to. For the first time when Sis took me in, I felt the love within that home. She loved us all, even if we are plain annoying. She loved every single of my friends and me, and we would love her back. I thought…that we would always be together." Tears started to consume her eyes. "Throughout the years, I thought I would always be alone forever. Until…I met…you…" Before her, she imaged Serge the way he was one year ago before his fate overtook him.

~^ ^~^ ^~ ^ ^~

        In the same room some distance apart from Kidd, Serge floated in the floorless area, with his white wings unfurled and his bare body silhouetted by his white aura. He drifted aimlessly, rethinking through times that are so unbearable.

        Through his life, he never understood the dreams he had. Every single day and night, the same recurring dreams would always consume his present mind, making him oblivious through his mind's content. Every now and then, he would become more distant, more isolated to his dreams. Probably this is the reason for his sudden drowning body 8 years ago. However, even if he is happy and carefree in the outside, Serge is hurting in the inside, being trapped by his own dreadful past along with visions and dreams. He looked slowly through his past, peering at each one.

        "I thought I could cope my past up alone. My past that I wanted to forget forever. Yet, I never truly coped with it because…I don't want to forget him. I don't want to forget Chichiue no matter what. As long as I lived through, it always revolves around him. Even in battle, every time I fight, I would always let my anger out asking why he died. Why he left Hahaue all alone. Then, Lynx came along, taking his shell and all his genetics and DNA. He used Chichiue's own body to deal with the evil deeds is doing. Until then, when I found out the truth, I thought…everything was my fault. I thought I created the sadness in my family, the black sheep of them all. And…I completely locked my feelings away from everyone just to deal with it myself. Until I met you…"

~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~

        Kidd smile lightened as she began to reminiscence those precious memories. "Every moment I've been with you, I feel as if my day is always brighten by your smile, your kind words, your presence around me. You never left me alone, you always stayed by my side no matter how many times the situation become more problematic. You never left my side because you hated to see me alone and sad. The side of you I didn't really know was actually your true self that first witness on that day when I met you again, seeing you again with your bright smile and your warmth."


        From the distance, he listened intently to Kidd's faraway words, feeling the love she has within those words of truth. "When I met you for the first time, I thought you were only just using me to go after Lynx. I thought you were going throw me like trash after your duty is done. But, when I looked at you when I listened to your life, I realized how much lonely you were all this time. Even though you had friends back in Zenan. You were a loner…a loner like me."


        "We are alike in a lot of ways. More than we expect it. I am like you.


        "And you are like me…"


        "And every time I'm with you, I would always feel warm and fuzzy inside, and I would always feel…secured in your arms, because you were always there for me." The dark, dim light started to penetrate from in the room, a familiar light that felt so warm in Kidd's body. The light died and the room was now tinted with dark blue. Kidd still felt lonely after the light gone away. She felt so insecure that she need Serge with her.

        Suddenly, warm protected arms wound around her, covering her naked flesh as she kneeled into them. White wings surrounded her inside, making her smile, as she knew who it was.

        "You were the one who led me to the person I am today. You broke the seal of my emotions every day when I'm with you. You made me understand that I must move on with my life and go on and live to fulfill my duty in this world. And now, after being with you, I knew that I couldn't let you go," said Serge, hugging her tightly. "Because, I love you so much. I love you more than anything."

        Kidd smiled and caressed his cheek from behind. "And I want to be with you Serge. I love you as much as you love me. I…want to stay with you."

        Slowly, he turned her around to look into her eyes, showing the love within. He smiled and leaned in, kissing her lovingly in his arms. Kidd kissed him back as they shared a vivid moment together. His wings started to come closer to her back as they hide themselves from the outside. (And I don't mean by "that"…you peeps)

        A faint, pink and white glow started to form from the distance and grew large, covering the whole dark room with its warm colors that show the significance of spring, a sign of love blooming in the air.

~*~*~*~*Dreamworld Closing*~*~*~*~

        The blue orb started to glow the color pink and white. Marge looked on with eyes of satisfactory. "They have done it. They created the last key to open the "Holy Land"," said Marge, proud of their accomplishment.

        The sphere started to die down, it's wet substance started to go back into the ocean. Inside the broken sphere, a pink, crystal sphere, the same size as a Dragon Tear, glowed brightly as ever. Surrounding its mystical glow, both on opposite sides, Serge and Kidd stood there, with their eyes closed and their hands cupping the small orb, overlapping each other's hands with Serge on top of hers. Slowly, Kidd opened her eyes and took a glimpse of the pink orb. "It's the Key Sphere of Love. A combination of one's owns feelings with another," she said.

        The Chrono Cross started to glow intensely, and the Key Sphere started to go deep inside the burrows of the Chrono Cross, along with the other three keys that they gathered. The glow died down, and the light in the whole area started to reflect the light of the sun, high above the sky.

        Serge's extended hands started go by his sides, somehow in a strange manner. Kidd turned to him and smiled. "Serge," she said, looking at his closed eyes. The call of his name triggered him to open his eyes, only to reveal pure royal blue eyes. Kidd looked surprisingly at Serge, wondering what is wrong. He didn't answer back when she called him. "Serge?" she called again, looking at his eyes that somehow looked possessed.

        Serge started to tremble and his whole body started to collapse, his eyes closing. "Serge!" Kidd caught his limp body and she fell into the shallow water's edge, holding him gently in her hands.

        "What's wrong with him?" asked Orlha worriedly, running to Kidd and Serge.

        "Don't worry," said Marge, checking his forehead with her hand. "He is tired at the moment. He consumed too much of his energy during his battles between Lynx's Bird Demon fleet and the reawakening of the last Key Sphere. Let him rest for a while."

        Everyone nodded as they looked at Serge with worried eyes. "In the meantime, we should think the next task," said Norris.

~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~^ ^~

        "How shall we do this?" asked Glenn, putting his drink down as he looked at Norris carefully.

        It was nearing sunset now as everyone gathered in Serge's living room, trying to formulate a plan to raid Lynx's Fortress before the fated time has come. Marge was in the kitchen, making sweet pastries for Serge's friends as they continued to plan one thing after another. Kidd was in there, helping her love's mother with the dishes and kitchen. Once a while, Kidd would peer in to see what plan they have next.

 So far, they thought of multiple plans that go directly from raiding Lynx's fortress from the sea. Yet, the plan was not working out all. "We can't simply do that," said Glenn. "Lynx's minions would easily spot us. They are more accurate than ever after one year's time."

"I agree with Glenn too, Norris," said Di. "Everywhere in his fortress is tight security. Even if we were able to hide ourselves and be one with the atmosphere around us, the monster would instantly spot us and destroy in every means possible."

"How is it going, Kidd?" asked Marge, glancing towards Kidd as peered into the conversation once more.

"Not so good," said Kidd, shaking her head, wiping her hands with a cloth. "So far, the plans that they thought of are not persistent. Mostly because of Lynx and his monster's power capability. Di said that they are stronger than the last time. That's probably why Serge took so long just to fight those things."

"But, this is the first time Serge was able to fight up in the air," pointed Marge before turning around to wash the dishes.

"That's true…"

Slowly, Marge put her cloth down and started to head into the direction of Serge's room. "I'll be checking on Serge. Stay here so you can give the details to Serge once he gets up." Kidd nods and went into the conversation.

Marge stepped on the fleet of the steps one by one, inching towards Serge's room. When she slowly opened his door, she found him not lying on his bed, sleeping.

"Saaji?" called Marge, opening the door wider. She looked around his room. Relief spread through her veins when he saw Serge sitting on the balcony, looking at something.

"Saaji, you're awake?"

"Hahaue," said a surprised Serge, turning around to meet his mother's eyes. "Yeah, I've been awake for a while. I was thinking about the situation right now." He started to jot down some stuff on paper, yet he scribbled aggravatingly. "Nothing will work…"

"Yes…same as your friends. They tried variety of ways to formulate, but no luck."

"If only Chichiue was here…he would know what to do…"

"But if you think like your father, wouldn't Lynx have the right mind to think the same?"

Serge just sighed and nodded with his mother's concept. This is a battle that is tough to handle. He doesn't know what he is up against and he knows that whatever he thinks, his father would think, and so would Lynx. After all, they were all created in the same genetic DNA. Suddenly, Serge's thoughts sparked when a thought struck his mind. "Hahaue, Chichiue has been manipulated by…Fate…correct?"

"Yes, of course."

Serge thought for a while. "Why?" his mother asked.

"Oh…it's nothing Hahaue…" Serge trailed, looking up into his ceiling. "DNA, huh?"


        "Damn it! We've been here for a long time!" complained Karsh, slamming his fists on the table. "And right now, I could of gambled and earned a lot of money."

        Both Glenn and Norris looked at each other. "Yup."

        "It is no doubt."

        "Karsh has a gambling problem," both said in unison.


        "C'mon you guys. Don't play around. This is important," said Di, watching the three's ordeal. Yet, he smirked as a thought ran through his mind. "But then again, Karsh does have a gambling problem…"


        "Men," said Leena and Orlha together bluntly, shrugging their shoulders about guys these days.


        Both Serge and his mother were silent in the comforts of his room, trying to think logically about how to deal with this problem at the very moment. Serge played with his necklace, looking at the Chrono Cross' blue sphere.

        Then, a sudden smirk came across Serge's face and suddenly got to work on the backside of his scribbled paper. Marge, surprised, look in his way and watched as he started to scribble something. After a while, Marge's smirk appeared on curious expression and set out to gather some things inside a cubby just next to Serge's bedroom door.

        Serge gave a sigh as he put his writing utensil down on his bedroom's pavement, his smile reaching his cheeks. "This would work out just fine."


        For the past remaining hours, all of Serge's friends could only do is horse around, making fun of Karsh and so-called "gambling problem" for the next three hours. Kidd was beginning to grow patient as well as the other women in the room, seeing all the men play around as if this was some game.

        "You guys, we can't play around! We don't have time!" scolded Leena. "After we think about the plan then you can play around."

        "Yeah," said Karsh, agreeing with her instantly. "Y-you should follow what she said."

        Kidd could only shake her head in this pathetic scene and she looked up to the staircase, noticing that Marge hadn't come down for a while. Kidd was curious of what will happen, now that Marge didn't come down and finish the stuff in the kitchen.


        "Hahaue…does this look good?" asked Serge, holding something up.

        "Yes, perfect, segare. You truly do have the talents of your father."

        He smiled and started to stand up. "Well, let's go see the others."

        "Serge…wait," said Marge, grabbing his arm. He turned around to view his mother's face.

        "Is there something wrong, Hahaue?"

        Marge looked seriously at Serge, a stare that he knew very well after being her son for 18 years of his life. "It is time. It is best first that your powers would be controlled rather than uncontrolled since you have reached your potential. It is time that you truly take your role before Lynx ever finds out."

        Serge nodded knowingly and opened the door, with his mother following behind him.


        Kidd looked up suddenly when she heard the sounds of footsteps coming down the stairs. When she saw Serge's form, Kidd smiled with relief forming in her eyes. "Serge…you're alright."

        Everyone's attention soon averted to Serge and his mother as they took their seats on the couches.

        "Serge, do you want me to tell you what has been goin' on?" asked Kidd, sitting next to him with a bright smile.

        "No, there is no need," said Serge.


        "All I got to say now is…here's the plan…"