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Simon has once again left Zoe, but this time for good...
Chapter One: Undying Love Hurts The Most

Simon Bristol, the grave stone grimly read. The birth date engraved under his name was completely false. It stated: November 18, 1989 - March 28, 2006. Underneath the name and date was a quite recent photo of Simon Bristol smiling. He looked so happy. His blonde hair even brighter in the sunlight. His icy blue eyes looked magnetic. He seemed like the kind of person someone could easily love. What a young age to die. Such a tragedy. Almost no one knew who long he had actually been living for. Upon the grave was a dozen dying red roses. The grave suddenly wasn't as lonely today since it's daily visitor just had arrived.

Sitting in a foldable chair in front of the grave was a thin young woman, about seventeen. She had flowing, ultra shiny black hair, and sparkling green eyes. She had purple underlining her eyes. It was from lack of sleep. It looked like she had not had a satisfying night of rest in ages. She was incredibly skinny. If she lost anymore weight she could be labeled anorexic. Her clothes fit loosely on her thin body. She was wearing raggedy black clothes, worn-out black converse and had black nail polish on. She was wearing black a lot lately, obviously showing her mourning for Simon.

She was crying once again. She would cry for hours each time she visited his grave. Tomorrow would make his one year ago. Tomorrow will be March 28, 2007. Soon after they had been reunited, he had discovered that his new body was infected with a fatal case of AIDS. This woman stayed with him everyday in the hospital. She rushed over after school to stay with him from 3:30 p.m. -12:00 p.m. On weekends, she would stay from 8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m. She would quickly finish her homework there in his room. She would read him stories and poetry, some was her own, sometimes she would read until they both fell asleep. Occasionally, the hospital would force her leave because it was so late at night. After she would arrive home from her hospital stays she would cry, keeping her awake even later.

His last words were drilled into her mind. "Zoe, love can conquer all. Ours has conquered mortality. I love you. May I leave this world with the most ultimate gold kiss." Their lips touched for what seemed like forever, when he was becoming weaker. She could tell he was going to die, as could he. "I love you, too. Good night, my dear." The women whispered sincerely. They kissed once more before he died. That kiss was the most memorable. To this very day, she could still feel her lips tingling. She has been crying ever since that kiss. That gold kiss.

With her awfully small amount of sleep and food, her grades began to drop dramatically. She couldn't focus during school, instead she would unwillingly doze off. She was getting irritable, too. She would be moody with her father causing him to get angry. Then they would been fighting. At school, kids started shunning her, thinking her depression made her goth. All she had was best friend that moved away. Her best friend's death had made them even closer. Unfortunately, they only had rare phone conversations. Very rare conversations because of her ritual hospital visits. She was beginning to fight with her best friend, too. She figured it was better that they hardly talked. She wouldn't want to fight with her constantly, too.

It was beginning to rain. So the woman gathered her chair. She took a lingering look at the tombstone, before placing a new deposit of a dozen, red roses. She kissed his picture, and left before it began to rain cats and dogs.

The roses had a card attached. On the card was a tender message. It was written in the woman's cursive handwriting,

"To: My Unforgettable Love, Simon.

You may have died, but our love hasn't.

From: Your Sweetheart, Zoe."

After she left, the rain started to pour down so violently that the writing soon faded.

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