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Chapter Eight: Helena

The cemetery trees swayed in the cemetery, pretending there weren't in a place of grief. The sun shone with blissful ignorance, or a blissful overlook.

"Well?" Zoe asked.

"I'm Cain. Silly," he playfully flicked her forehead.

"Cain, I'm serious," her extremely solemn face made him shudder.

"Hmm? Your Simon aren't you?!" her eyes lit up.

"Uh...no," Cain started to stutter. "Promise you won't interrupt?" Cain placed his finger on her lip to shush her, and she magically calmed down.

"Yup," she pretended to zip her lips.

"I'm not Simon. I'm . . .Christopher."

Zoe punched him as hard as she could, "You little b!+)h! Go to hell!!!!"

"Calm down! You said you wouldn't interrupt. I have an explanation," he said wiping away the blood.

"Fine," she yielded reluctantly.

"Well, you know that at the park when you tried to kill Christopher? That wasn't me, Simon used a spell to manipulate a body. He just wanted to get to you, to kill you. He knew I loved you. I didn't kill our mother. He lied to you, he told you the exact opposite of the truth. He killed her. He lied all about me. He is the man you think Christopher is. All he told you was a lie. I've loved you for a long time, and he was angry, very angry. So, to get back at me he pretended to love you. But you have meet me before, the real me, I was Leonard. I couldn't let him do that to you. Simon killed your friend. He didn't really die. When you saw him die in the park, that was another body manipulated, and disguised."

Zoe's eyes were bulging out, "So those months with him as a human was really you?"

"Yes," he nodded.

"Okay. How did you know my poem?"

"I was a vampire, but I could control my hungers very easily. Oh, and by the way, he lied about how we turn into vampires. You do change from only one bite. He lied to soothe you during his sucking, but you didn't change for some reason. You are special. Before he died the second time he cursed my body with a slowly infecting AIDS. A disease vampires aren't immune, too. God, gave me a second chance, since I died unnaturally. I crawled out of my grave, and read your poem. I loved it. No, I didn't love, I was obsessed with the poem, and you. It was so hard to act casual in school. I tried to resist. I was so hurt when you left. To lose you again and for someone who tried to kill, and me. It crushed me."

"Why do you love me so much, how have you for so long, what do you mean lose again?" Almost satisfied with his explanation she asked.

"It's a long story."

"Well, babe, I've got all the time in the world."

"I knew you long ago. Long, long ago . . .," he paused, "We were childhood sweethearts, you were the prettiest girl in town. But Simon loved you too, and was viciously jealous. Throughout our teenage years a war began, and the Black Plague. After Simon ran away, and was doing his dirty deeds, you and I feared what could happen. Foreign troop began invading homes. During the day, we would run to our favorite hideout, The Monkey Garden. One horrible day, you were infected with the Black Plague. You were given the black kiss, the kiss of death. I would never leave your room. Always reading you poems, just as you did for me in the hospital. On March 28 of 1406, Simon ran in and bit me, before I could do anything he killed you. He stabbed you 66 times. I saw you die right in front of me," Cain began to cry shamelessly, "If only I did something, but years later I smelled your scent again, I could feel you distantly. I found a reincarnation of you. God, seemed to think your purpose wasn't fulfilled. Simon knew, too, he still didn't feel satisfied. And tried killing you again, I saved you. I died, came back, and slightly disguised myself. So there you have it."

"Oh, that's why I would have dreams similar to your story. I would wake up sweating, and shivering. I wouldn't sleep at all the whole night. But I knew I wasn't Zoe, you would call me something else."

"I told you Simon isn't who you thought he was."

"Oh! That was you in the graveyard! So, that's how you knew my poem, and how you said Goodnight sounded exactly like that time . . ."

"Yes, your cries tortured me, but I couldn't leave you alone."

"So, Chris can I have another kiss?"

"Surely," he lips formed a smirk. "Anything, for my sweet."

Without realizing, how quick time had gone by, the cemetery plunged into night. Sweet night. With a pale moon looking down at the couple.

"Goodnight, my love, my Helena," Chris whispered, he clutched her hand in his, and they doze off together with steady breathing. Finally, there was nothing to fear. Not death, nothing. Maybe they weren't afraid of anything anymore because they were drunk in each other's love.


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