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Summary: Mary Lynne sets her plan for Bobby and Alex into motion by talking to Alex.

"Me revoici
Dans ce bar enfume
Avec mes yeux iures
Je me parle a moi meme
C'etait toi
C'etait toi"

Lynne sang the Billy Joel song 'C'etait toi' with gusto as she put the casserole she was making for dinner into the oven. Of course, she could only ever remember the chorus, so it was really just that over and over again … but as she was the only person (aside from Sarge, of course) in her penthouse at the moment, she didn't really care.

Sarge's barking at the front door jolted Lynne from her singing and she made her way to the door to see who was there. It was obviously someone Sarge didn't like that much, otherwise she'd be jumping up and down with joy.

"Who is it?" Lynne asked through the heavy wooden door. She had told Don to just send up the visitors she was expecting so that she wouldn't be bothered while she prepared for dinner and conversation with one Alexandra Eames and Carolyn.

"It's Eric," the familiar voice of her boyfriend, Eric Reasons, filtered through the door. Well, that made sense: for some reason, ever since Lynne and Eric had started dating, Sarge had taken an extreme disliking to the man – going so far as to growl whenever she had to see his face (even in a photograph).

Lynne sighed and opened the barrier, leaning up to kiss Eric lightly on the cheek before asking, "What are you doing here?"

Eric frowned slightly at her demeanor before saying, "I thought you'd like to have dinner with me tonight."

She winced slightly, "I'm sorry, Eric, I already have plans for tonight. Some friends of mine are coming over for dinner."

Her boyfriend frowned as he pulled away, "These wouldn't happen to be detective friends, would they?"

"What's wrong with that? Most of my friends are detectives."

He sighed, exasperatedly as he walked further into the penthouse, "Yes, Lynne, and most of your friends are male."

"You have a problem with who I spend my time with now? You had no problem with Bobby, Mitch, Jimmy and the others before." Her hands had migrated to her hips as she frowned in confusion at the stock broker.

His frown deepened as he crossed his arms over his chest, "That was before I found out you had dated Bobby for three years." The way he spat her ex-boyfriend's name made Lynne's blood boil.

"We only dated for two years, Eric, and as it so happens the detectives coming over here tonight are female." At his shocked, then contrite look, Lynne pointed to her door, "Now please leave so I can get ready for my evening of chick flicks and wine."

Eric glared at her again before stalking out of the penthouse and making his way to the lobby, where he found two women he didn't know making their way over to the doorman, Don. Not knowing who they were, he thought there was no harm in checking them out. Both women were in fine physical shape, one a few inches shorter than the other, but somehow her legs seemed to go on forever in the heels she was wearing.

His very manly mind soon was picturing the petite woman gasping under him in the throws of passion, the shoes she now wore the only items on her body. When the two women stepped into the penthouse elevator, Eric shook his head in a deflated manner – of course they were the detectives Lynne had invited over. Just his luck that the shorter one he had been ogling was able to catch his roaming eye with a glare that pierced through his soul. Looked like he'd have to get his kicks from a pro tonight.

This time, when Sarge barked at the knocking from the door, she was wagging her tail and almost jumping up and down (something she only did for Bobby and Paul), causing Lynne to grin and move to open the door and let Sarge pounce on Carolyn like the dog really wanted to since she had caught onto the detective's sent.

Laughter rang throughout the penthouse as Sarge licked Carolyn's face with fervor. "Sarge, down," Lynne finally ordered with a grin, leading the two detectives into her home. "Sorry, Carolyn, you know how she gets."

Carolyn shrugged, "No problem, Lynne. At least she's gentle about it. I can still remember what she did to Bobby when we came over for your housewarming a few months ago."

The tailor/designer laughed at that as she explained to Alex, "Sarge heard Bobby's voice at the door when she was on the other side of the house, ran like a rabid dog all the way through and jumped him so hard he tripped on the coat rack and fell over the threshold – taking out Jimmy Deakins and Fin Tutuola on his way down."

Despite herself Alex couldn't help but smile at the image the description painted into her mind. "So you're that Lynne," she said – it wasn't a question or an accusation, just a statement of fact.

Lynne nodded, leading them into the dining room, where a very nice looking meal was set out, "That's right, Detective, I'm that Lynne. What exactly has your brother told you about me?"

Alex rolled her eyes at the mention of Dan, "Just that half the NYPD is in love with you and your remarkable suits – including him."

Lynne blushed a deep red that matched her hair nearly perfectly as she sat down, "Enough talk of all of them," she said, "I made casserole and we should eat before it gets cold. Cold casserole is not good casserole."

"Yes, Mom," Carolyn said jokingly as she took a bite of the casserole and her eyes widened in pleasure.

"So you cook, design clothes and handle cops on a daily basis," Alex said as she started eating, mildly surprised by the delicious bouquet of flavors that assaulted her mouth, "Is there anything you can't do?"

"Act," Lynne replied. "All of my brothers can – even my sister was able to act." She shook her head as pain flashed across her face briefly, "But I never could."

Carolyn pointed her fork at Lynne as she told Alex, "She can sing, though. Voice of an angel the guys say."

Lynne rolled her eyes, "They're still laughing over my performance of Right Said Fred two years ago."

Carolyn grinned, "And what a performance it was. I seem to remember you playing up the audience on that particular night."

Lynne blushed as she sipped at her diet soda, "They deserved it for what they did for me that night. Putting on a runway show with four hours notice? I'd have gone out in public wearing one of those ugly tourist shirts on the plane back to Paris if they'd asked me to. Good thing they didn't push it that far."

"When was that?" Alex wondered aloud.

Lynne furrowed her brow, "Right after you and Bobby took down an anti-abortion murderer, I believe. About a year ago."

Alex nodded, "I remember that night. I didn't know it was you, of course, but I do remember Danny going on and on about this amazing woman who made Armani suits for the NYPD."

Lynne nodded, a small smile playing across her face, "He's one of the more … interesting cops I've met. I've heard only good things about him from the rest of the Narcs, though."

The rest of the meal was eaten in relative silence as the three women discussed the men in their lives and other interesting tidbits they had in common. When the dishes were in the sink, Lynne led her guests into the living room, sitting on her sofa, soon to be followed by Sarge, who took up residence on the rest of the piece of furniture, resting her head on Lynne's lap.

"Alex, do you know why I wanted to talk to you tonight?" Lynne finally asked after the other two women were comfortable.

"I assume it has something to do with Bobby," the other detective replied.

She nodded, her eyes flickering to the dirty-blonde haired woman before returning to her dog; "I wasn't completely truthful when I led you to believe that I was sleeping with him. We haven't been in a relationship of that nature for a long time now … Do you remember back in 1998 there was a big uproar in the NYPD about a kidnapping?" Alex nodded once before Lynne continued, "I was the victim."

Alex raised her eyebrows, remembering how so many of the men in Homicide and Narcotics were on edge during those four days. Before she could respond, however, Lynne continued: "I'd been dating Bobby for about a year when it happened. Out of the blue his brother showed up, asking for money to pay off some lone shark."

"He really has a brother?" Alex asked. Up until that point, she hadn't been sure if the brother Goren spoke of to suspects sometimes was fictional or not.

Lynne nodded with a smirk that was full of anger, "Frank William Goren. Goes by Billy commonly, but sometimes he screws with the people around him by going by Frank and Billy. Satan's other child."

"What happened?" the detective asked.

As Lynne got ready to answer, Carolyn's beeper went off. "Sorry," she said as she checked the message, "I just got a case. By, Lynne. Eames."

"Bye, Carolyn."

For a few minutes after Carolyn's departure, Lynne was silent. Finally she continued her story, "About two weeks after Bobby refused to pay his brother's debt, I was kidnapped on my way to work. You know the basics of what happened during those four days," Lynne shuddered involuntarily. In a few ways she was still trying to get over what thsoe monsters had done to her. "Bobby and I continued seeing each other for about a year after that - until I moved to Paris."

"And your dog?"

Lynne smiled at that as Sarge lifted her head up and looked at the two women before trotting over and silently telling Lynne it was time to start petting her. "My brother, Mikey, died a few months after I was kidnapped. Sarge was given to me by some of the Narcs who thought she'd help." Her smile turned onto her ex-boyfriend's partner, "She has."

"Can you tell me about Bobby?" Alex asked, suddenly curious about her partner's life outside the job.

Lynne grinned, "What do you want to know?"

"What's he like off the job?"

"Oh," the grin widened, "Well ... he's a pretty decent chef, he can recite the first chapter of The Grapes of Wrath from memory, and he loves working on old cars with his buddy, Lewis."

"Do you know one of his other friends, with a bunch of tattoos?" Alex asked, remembering the strange man she had seen at the edge of the squad room during one of their first cases together.

Lynne nodded, "Yep. That's Sammie. He's a tattoo artist - has his own shop right outside the city."

"He looked like a ..."

"He also happens to love his motorcycle," Lynne said with a small smile, "But he's really just a big teddy bear. I think you'd like him."

The two talked about everything imaginable for a few hours before Alex decided it was time to go and Lynne said what she had wanted to say since the evening began, "I will tell you this piece of advice, Alex: Don't let him get away from you. It's worth any potential risk to your partnership."

"What is?" Alex asked, wondering if she had really been that transparent.

"Going home to the man of your dreams each and every night," Lynne replied. "When Bobby ... He'll make you forget that there was ever a world outside his arms - and when he's yours, he's yours completely."

"Eames? You okay?" Bobby asked his partner the next morning.

"Hmm? Yeah, I'm fine," Alex replied. She wouldn't tell him the truth - especially about what Lynne had told her the night before. She couldn't. Fear was a fine motivator when it came to keeping your mouth shut.

Bobby gave her a strange look before he said, "Okay. We got a call out - missing woman with strange writing on her wall."

"Don't tell me we've got a religious nut on our hands again."

And just like that, the unprofessional thoughts were pushed to the back of Alex Eames' mind and she got back to work trying to solve the mystery of Leslie Dornan.

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