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Taby and Becca are best friends. Taby is a dancer. She has won many awards and she has perfected dances such as jazz, ballet, hip-hop and many more. Right now she is attending a prestigious dancing school. Taby has a bad attitude. She is very rude. She simply tells it like it is. Becca is a bookworm. She is an honor student, a member of her school newspaper. She is pretty much the opposite of Taby. She is quieter and she rather talk things through instead getting into fights which Taby normally does. Taby is 17 and Becca is 18.

"Wow this place is nice" Becca said as her and Taby walked in their new apartment

"Yeah sweet" Taby said as she jumped on one of the beds that were in the room. The apartment consisted of two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and a living room.

"I'm gonna unpack" Becca said as she dumped all her stuff on to the bed

"Imma take a shower, I have a dance rehearsal at 6.


"So this is the apartment Vince put us in?" John Cena asked as he and Randy Orton walked down the hall to find their apartment.

"I guess so, he said the guy he rented from had a good deal. Come on lets check it out" Randy said as he put the key in the key hole to open the door

"Why are the lights on?" John asked when he looked at the bottom of the door and saw lights on

Randy shrugged his shoulders as he opened the door to find a girl sitting on the bed

"Umm can I help you?" Becca asked them

"Is this apartment number 316?" Randy asked

"Yes it is, who are you?"

"I'm Randy and this is John, he said as he pointed to John as John said hi. And this is suppose to be our apartment

"I'm sorry you're probably mistaken. You see me and my roommate rented this apartment. You probably just got the numbers mixed up

Before Randy could say something else, Taby walked out the bathroom, still wet in a towel with her hair dripping wet

"Damn!" was Johns reaction as his mouth dropped when he saw her

"Who the hell are they?" Taby asked rudely

"Umm they live her" Becca said

"Umm no you don't. You can leave now" She said as pointed to the door

"Wait a minute, why don't you leave?" John spoke for the first time

"Fuck no! We came here first"

"And because of that you get to stay?" John questioned

"Ok wait people. Who did you rent this apartment from?" Randy asked

"A guy named Jim, why?" Becca asked

"We rented it from his roommate Dave. That's it they probably didn't know they rented it out twice." Randy figured out

Taby turned to John "Too bad you're not smart like your friend here"

"Why don't you shut your lil mouth" John replied rudely

Before Taby could say anything, Becca jumped in

"Ok so what should we do?"

"Maybe we could share the apartment" Randy suggested

"Hell no!" Taby and John shouted in unison

"I am not sharing a place with a guy and an asshole. Taby shot John a death glare as she said the last word.

"And I don't wanna share a place with a bitch" John returned the same glare to Taby

"John we have no other choice, Vince put us here"

And Taby you know we can't afford anything else that's decent like this

"Fine! But I get the bed and you get the couch" John said to Randy

"What ever man. Anyways I didn't catch your names"

"I'm Becca and this is my best friend Taby"

"So what do you guys do?" John asked

"I just got a job in the WWE"

"Are you serious?" Randy asked shock

"Yeah why?"

"Do you know who Randy Orton and John Cena are?"

"Yeah I've heard of them but I never actually met them

"Well you just did"

"Wait your Randy Orton and your John Cena?" Becca was shocked

"So you're the new assistant that Vince has been talking about" John joined in the conversation

"I guess so"

"So when do you start?" Randy asked

"Next week, when do you go back on the road?

"Tomorrow, we have a house show in New Jersey" John answered

"Oh yeah and Taby here is a dancer"

"Sweet, imma dancer myself" John said

"The hokey pokey isn't exactly what us normal people call dancing" she hissed. Taby was still in her towel

John was about to say something but luckily Randy said something first

"How old are you?"

"Im 18 and Taby's 17

"Cool so you're still in school?" Randy asked Taby

"A dancing school. How old are you guys?"

"I'm 22 and Johns 23. Ok so about sharing the place I get the couch, John you get one bed and you guys get the other and we split the rent half and half. Deal?

Becca was the only one to answer "Deal"

"Come on Taby just agree"

"Ugh! Fine"


"Fine! What else could go wrong?" He yelled out loud

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