Inspiration behind this is due to the fact that I've been watching way too much Saiyuki. Gojyo…leads to Renji and well…

It doesn't take much to inspire me.

Byakuya isn't meant to be, as we call it, out of character, but instead, he's representing a more lackadaisical persona, which adds to Rukia's idea of he and Renji. You'll see…

Disclaimer: Nothing.


Rukia was beginning to think that her best friend's relationship with her brother was becoming a bit…freaky.

Renji had never been called a freak before. But he had heard it spoken once or twice before, on the living side.

Byakuya had not the slightest clue as to what the term freak even meant. No one wanted to explain it, either.

Renji woke up, in the usual stretch and yawn fashion. He nuzzled Byakuya's cheek, splayed with black locks, and then sat up with a smile. Byakuya stirred only slightly and murmured something about tea. Renji got up lazily, pulled on his pink robe, and promised his lover a cup.

Renji stretched a new and ran his fingers through his crimson locks. They stuck to the back of his neck. Too much sweating last night, he mused and searched for his hair tie. Then, he realized that last night, like every night, Byakuya had unceremoniously flung it across the room and cursed it, before his slender fingers tangled into the fiery tresses.

, he mused again. Why did that always happen?

He pulled the covers down, teasingly, and exposed more of his lover's flesh to the cool, morning air. Maybe the fragrance would still linger with the smell of last night. There was a rumble of protest and Byakuya pulled the blankets up again. They smelled like Renji.

Nevertheless, it was hard to see the milky flesh, through his long bangs, falling between his eyes. Stupid hair, he glared at the offending strands and to his lover, buried in their sheets.

Why did Byakuya have to dispose of his rubber band?

Renji noticed then, in the midst of their scattered clothing, an infamous white hairpiece, beside his pants. He smirked and padded over to the kenseikan. Then, with a swift brush through his bangs, he clipped on the larger kenseikan and stopped in the mirror, to see his reflection.

Another smirk surfaced and he was off to fetch them tea.

Renji walked into the kitchen and announced his arrival. Rukia scoffed at him. Renji had gotten far too comfortable, in her home. He was a live-in accessory and an annoying one, at that.

And why was he wearing such a hideous…thing?!

Rukia groaned and shook her head.

''Don't like my birthday gift, Ru?'' Renji grinned wickedly.

She did not answer; instead, she offered an offensive gesture, which she'd learned from Ichigo.

Renji stuck his tongue out at her.

''Well, I find it matches great with the kenseikan.''

Rukia looked up and chuckled at first. But slowly, the sight became disturbing. The whole idea of them having a relationship, a very intimate one at that, was itself, disturbing. Why had she even returned from Ichigo's closet?

Rukia was about to protest, but as her lips parted, they suddenly gasped. Renji frowned, and turned to see Byakuya, with his hair pulled up into a high ponytail.

Oh god.

''Freaks.'' Rukia said, as she composed herself, sighed, and exited, on cue.

Byakuya demanded to know the meaning of the word, and Renji laughed at him.