For the record I don't own Jeff Hardy, ECW or any of that stuff yada yada. This is just something I wondered.

Jeff awoke Sunday morning in his home of Cameron, North Carolina getting ready to travel to Atlanta for Sunday Night Heat. The World Wrestling Federation's show that is shown before the Pay Per View. He went to go check his cell phone to see if he had any voice mails.

Cell Phone: You have 2 unplayed messages.

Jeff put the code in to play both messages. He listened carefully to the first message. "Hey Jeff its Michael Hayes," "I have some bad news for you." "WWF has had to release you."

Jeff couldn't believe what he just heard. He was released from WWF. He listened to the other message on his cell phone.

"Hey Jeff its Matt." "I'm sorry to hear that you got cut from WWF." "It hurts that you won't be working with me anymore that sucks bro." "Listen give me a call when you wake up ok."

Jeff was so confused not sure if he should be angry or upset about the fact that he was no longer working for the company he dreamed of working for.

Knowing that he wasn't under contract anymore Jeff knew there was only three places he could possibly work for. World Championship Wrestling, Extreme Championship Wrestling, or head back to his Omega Promotion that himself and Matt built together.

Jeff figured if anything WCW would give him a call so they could use his talent and his knowledge of WWF backstage to try to put WWF out of business.

2 Hours Later…….

Jeff was dressed and outside swimming in his swimming pool when he heard his cell phone go off ringing he figured it was probably Matt or his father but picked it up anyway.

Jeff: Hello?

Paul Heyman: Is this Jeff hardy?

Jeff Hardy: Yeah this is Jeff.

Paul Heyman: "Jeff this Paul Heyman." "Owner of ECW." "How are you doing?"

Jeff Hardy: "I'm fine Mr Heyman." "How are you?"

Paul Heyman: "Good," "Listen we need some more wrestlers to help fill in." "and I was hoping we could use your services."

Jeff Hardy: "Oh wow!" "Thanks I would love to go work for you in ECW Mr. Heyman."

Paul Heyman: "Call me Paul." "Jeff"

Jeff Hardy: "Ok Thanks Paul."

Paul Heyman: "Could you come in for a interview tomorow at 6:00 PM in New York City at the Hammerstein ball room?"

Jeff Hardy: "Definatly."

Paul Heyman: "All right see you there."

Author: We'll Will Jeff Hardy get the Job in ECW? We'll just read the next chapter LOL.