Title: Cherry Pop Princess

Author: Slytherin Prince

Genre: Romance

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Warning: Some words aren't appropriate for 13 and below. Rated T.

Summary: Haruno Sakura had it all: Looks, wealth, intelligence, & FAME. The only problem? She was a tomboy & a man-hater. It's JS prom night, what would she do when she was forced to wear a dress? SasuSaku




Haruno Sakura had a perfect life any girl would ever wish for. Or rather, the tomboy ones. She had the looks and the wealth. She was the daughter of the CEO of HIT(Haruno International Transportation) and they were one of the prestigious clan of Konoha. Not that she was bragging but she also had the intelligence almost every student dreamt about.

She got almost perfect scores from their test even without studying, so what more if she had studied? And most importantly, she was friends with Uchiha Sasuke.

Yeah, he was her childhood crush.

And he was the only reason why she had despised all men, except from few chosen ones. Like her daddy, she would never hate her dad. And also Naruto, as annoying as he could be, he was still her best friend for, approximating, 10 years? She would never have the guts hate him.

Hyuuga Neji also was not included on her hate list because he used to be very responsible student. Sakura just loved to be his partner when they had hard and challenging projects.

And also Rock Lee. The first time she met him, she felt like 'what was wrong with the eyebrows? Is that real?' and went into curious mode.

Sakura almost had a sensitivity attack when it wiggled at her! The eyebrows! Sakura was just eleven years old at that time and it scarred her to death.

She had never openly stared at his eyebrows ever again. But if she disregarded that part, she could say he was OK with her.

Who else?

Ahh, Uchiha Sasuke. He was her ultimate boy crush. At least the first and last one, or so she thought. He should be proud! He did ignore her when she was still in elementary level.

The nerve of that boy.

He was her rookie that was why she strived to be next to him in the class standing. But no matter how she tried, she could never over win him in rankings. She could still remember when he glared at her and said that hurtful things at her.

From then on, Haruno Sakura had changed into a prince.

From a princess to a handsome prince.


Many had been surprised but people soon accepted her change and warmed to her once again.

Sakura did not mind now what Sasuke had done to her and she had forgiven him. Being friends with Sasuke had bonus too, she got to see girls always.

It was not that she wanted them to be her girlfriend or anything. It was just fun to smirk at them and show off her arrogance. It felt nice, because those were the girls who used to bully Sakura when she was still a baby.

Correction, baby princess.

Nah, she would never ever dream to have a girlfriend! Never! Her father would kill her!

It's just that...

If it was the only way she could stay close to him...

Then Sakura would do it, no matter what cost.




"Sakura-chan!" Haruno Sakura halted her steps and she frowned, wondering who was calling her name. She looked back and saw Naruto running towards her at his full speed. For a minute, she actually thought that he would run at her.

"What?" She said, arrogantly reaching up for her hair and feeling the black rubber band before she put down her hand. That gesture always gave off superiority and arrogance to whoever saw it. And she was so happy because of it.

When she was still a kid(Sasuke-kun days), she would always wear her hair down. But now, she totally despised ribbons. She did not know but by the mere color and texture of it, it made her want to scream and strangle somebody.


It always brought the memories of her unwanted childhood.

So now, she wore her hair in a high pony tail style. She did not really go to the salon; she hated the girls there with pure malice. She raised her left eyebrow at Naruto as she keenly noticed the entrance gate of Konoha High School.

"The end of the year was nearing. Do you think you could make it to the top?" Naruto suddenly asked. He really looked like tired because of all that running he did. Not that they were going to be late or anything.

Sakura knew what he was talking about. It was the position of the valedictorian. There were four people that were competing for that title.

Big Potential #1: Haruno Sakura.

Big Potential #2: Hyuuga Neji.

Big Potential #3: Nara Shikamaru.

Big Potential #4: Uchiha Sasuke.

They were the four of the most looked up student in Konoha. Not only because of looks, but also because of intelligence.

She shrugged as if waving off the question away. Sakura usually did not care who ended up being the winner. She just wanted to graduate then go to college where maybe she could finally move on with her long time crush none curable syndrome.

Naruto pouted at her as they walked up to the guard. They swapped their ID in the ID reader and went inside the campus. She without delay went into the second floor. Sakura waved bye to Naruto because his room was on the third floor.

Now, she knew that she was not late so, Sakura did not run on her way. She could already hear the loud chattering of her classmates as she neared the door. She opened the door and went inside silently. Some of the students waved at her and she smirked back at them.

They seemed not to be offended but she shrugged it off instead.

Sakura went to her usual chair and plopped her bag on the floor. She took notice of Sasuke once she had her bearings done. She noticed that he was in to his mysterious mode once again.

Sakura raised her eye brow at his status. "Oi, Sasuke. Got a problem?"

He gave her a look which said back off but she ignored it. Sakura was prettily used by it now. It did not affect her anymore.

"Tsk. Tsk. You seriously got some major problem, Sasuke? Fan girls?" She teased, fully knowing how his morning routine was done. He would be thundered by many fan girls through mail, calls and letters.

Sakura knew his patience was slowly thinning but she did not care. It was fun making fun of him.

He was about to reply when the door was burst open and their adviser entered. He had this white spiky hair and he had this weird covering on his face.

It did not add to the mysterious effect, Sakura concluded.

He was always late and it was annoying her to no end. If there was anything she hated, it was making her wait for so long.

It was a good thing she walked slowly this morning.

Kakashi-sensei had this little green book and he was reading it in front of the class. But that was not what had caught Sakura's attention; it was the dozen of papers piled in a row and Kakashi-sensei distributed it to the class.

She was so curious and excited as well about the paper.

What was with the paper? Was it a surprise quiz? She loved surprised quizzes because she was always surprised by the results of it.

When she got a hold of the paper, her smile vanished and she almost dropped the said paper in shock.

Then, she did the thing she hated to do the most.

She, Haruno Sakura, let out a girlish shriek.




Haruno Sakura did take the news seriously. And, to think that, she got actually excited about it before. Ugh. She should have known. Last year, she had escaped it because it was not required. But now they were already graduating students, they need to attend the party in able to get the clearance.

But that was so unfair!

If there was something she hated when it comes to occasion, it was party.

And JS prom night was included in that category. She was blabbering on how the school got to force students who were not willing for the past 10 minutes.

Naruto could only nod because he also did not want to attend the JS.

Sakura knew that he did not want to waste his money on the tuxedo he would be wearing on that day to come.

"What do you think, Sasuke?" She hit the table with the palm of her hands and she glared at his unresponsiveness. He glared back at her because some of the rice from his bento went out of it.

She snarled at him arrogantly.

"I don't like it either." Sasuke grumbled under his breath.

Sakura discerned that Sasuke-kun was hurting too.

"Shit. I am going to tell father." She said swiftly as all the hopes ran out of her head.

Her father was going to be her last resort.




"But Dad! I don't wanna go to that dim-witted party! Dad! Help! Do something!" Sakura let out the whiniest voice she could muster. She knew her dad loved her so much that he would sacrifice their company just to make Sakura happy but she knew, deep inside her, he would oppose.

"Sakura, you know I love to see you in dress." There was a gentle sound in his voice as he patted her on the head. They were presently at his office and she went there just to harass him.

"But Daddy! I don't like wearing a dress!" Sakura gave him the most puppy dog eyes she could gave out. Her Father was her last resort, she thought desperately.

Please say yes, please say yes, Come on please say yes--

"I always see your mother in you, Sakura." She could see the unshed ears slowly filling her father's eyes and she felt guilty. Her mother had died because of brain cancer and they could do nothing about it.

Sakura sulked for a while and sighed. "I am sorry father. Don't worry I would attend this party wearing a white dress or whatever color just for you." She looked at him and realized that her decision was worth it.

"It is deal then." Happiness was shown in her father's eyes and she was happy too.

Maybe going back from being a princess was not bad, eh?

Even for a day only.




What will happen next chapter?

--She was seriously regretting what she had said to father last night.-- "So, Sasuke..." She started and Sakura smiled more as he deepened his scowl on his face.-- "Your fan girls are attacking again, right?"-- Sasuke snorted, annoyed at her. "So what? Jealous?"-- "Why should I?"-- "Got no date, Sakura?"-- If she did not have any date, then they could solve their problem very easily.--




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