I made this right after "Heart" ended. If I come up with more I will redo this but for now this is all I have. THIS IS NOT WINCEST JUST SOME BROTHER LOVE So if you're looking for wincest you're in the wrong place. I love this episode but it was missing a hug that it so desperately needed. So I wrote it in. I would love to hear what you have to say. Just try not to be to harsh lol. Hope you like it! I apologize for any errors.

Warnings: Spoilers for "Heart"

"Heart Redone"

Sam and Dean stood in the kitchen. Dean started talking. "Sam, I'm sorry"

Sam started crying and replied "No you're right, she's right"

Dean looked at him and told him "Sammy I got this one I'll do it"

The tears kept flowing from Sam's eyes. "She asked me to"

"You don't have to"

"Yes I do, please" Sam holds out his hand and Dean gives him the gun.

Sam asked Dean " Just wait here"

Sam walked into the other room and shot Madison. In the kitchen Dean sheds a tear for his little brother then heard the shot. Dean waited until Sam walked back into the kitchen. Sam was crying so hard he can barely breathe. Dean turned toward him just in time to catch Sam before he fell to the ground. Dean grabbed Sam in a bear hug and let him cry into his shoulder. "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it's ok Sammy. It'll be ok"

Sam just kept crying and clinging to his big brother like his life depended on it. Dean just sat there holding Sam for hours letting his little brother get this out. "It's ok Little brother, I've got you"

Dean rocked Sam back and forth. Finally after what felt like hours Sam calmed down and his crying slowed. Dean helped Sam stand up and brought him to the car. Then Dean called it in to the cops. After that was done he went back to the most important thing in his world. By the time he got back to Sam he was asleep in the passenger seat. Dean grabbed a blanket from the trunk and covered Sam. Dean drove to the motel and woke Sam up.

"Hey Sammy, time to wake up kiddo" Sam woke up slowly and got out of the car. They entered the motel room and Sam sat on the bed and stared at the carpet. Dean walked over and laid a hand on Sam's shoulder. "Hey, buddy. I think you should get some rest."

Sam didn't argue, he just laid down on the bed and let Dean take his jacket and shoes off and tuck him into bed. Dean was about to move over to his bed when Sam grabbed his arm. "Dean, I know you'll probably say no but would you mind?"

Dean understood what Sam was asking. So Dean got ready for bed and then laid next to Sam and let Sam cry into his chest again. Dean started talking." That's it Sammy, let it out"

That's the way they stayed all night. With Dean doing what he does best, taking care of his baby brother.

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