Together the three of them ran through the hallways of Naruto's mind. The further away from the fox they got the nicer the surroundings got. There was no water on the floor and there was just on hallway now. They came to a door at the end. Naruto hesitated; he didn't want to let them to far into his mind. But when he looked behind him he could see the red chakra coming toward them. He yanked the door open, shoved Sasuke and Sakura in and then slammed it shut.

They found themselves in a brightly lit room. Pictures of Naruto's friends were hung all over the walls. They room was brightly colored and definiatly seemed to fit Naruto's personality. As if to prove that point there was A LOT of Raman scattered everywhere around the room. The room itself seemed normal enough and it would have seemed like a normal room, but…

Floating all around the room, were different colored bubbles. Gold, blue, red and black

"Kyuubi can't come in here, this is my room"

They jumped at the sound of his voice, they had been distracted by the room

"What are these?" Sakura reached her hand out to touch a black bubble

Naruto grabbed her hand "They're my memories, don't touch the black or red ones"

"What's the difference in them?" Sasuke ased

"Gold are good memories, blue are sad memories, black are bad memories and the red ones…"

"The red ones what?"

"Memories of using Kyuubi's chakra" he mumbled

Sasuke seemed interested at that, he looked for a red bubble, it was hard to find because they're weren't that many there. When he found one he reached out to touch it but Naruto stopped him

"What makes you think your entitled to my memories?" his voice was low

Sasuke put his arm down. Once the fasination of the bubbles wore off Sakura remembered why they were in there.

"Uh… Naruto?"

He looked up at her

"Why is it so… different in here?"

He looked confused

"What do you mean?"

"Well all the other… places… we've been there were holes in the ceiling and water on the ground. But here…"

Naruto looked a little sad for a moment but it vanished quickly. On his shoulder the fox yipped, he smiled at it.

"Well actually I have you guys to thank for this room"

"Us?" Sasuke looked skeptical

"Yeah. Look around, this room pulled me out of the darkness I was in before. It helped me seal the pain, and then let it out slowly, a little at a time. I was able to create it because of my friends" he gestured to the pictures on the walls "and my team" he looked at them sadly "but if you don't want to associate with me anymore I'll understand"

Before they could answer him he formed a seal

"KAI!!!" he released the trance

Back in his apartment

Kakshi looked up as Sakura and Sasuke stirred, he quickly placed himself between them and Naruto. Naruto's eyes stopped glowing and he looked up at Kakashi

"How did it go" he asked anxiously

Naruto looked over at the two as they woke up

"I'm not sure"

"How can you not be sure?" Kakshi was a little panicked, he didn't want his students attacking each other

"They never got to answer me, the kyuubi attacked before they could" his voice seemed a little dead, a very un-Naruto trait, it made Kakashi fear the worst. A few feet away Sasuke helped Sakura up, the both had heard the conversation but they hadn't said anything. They just stood there staring at Naruto, who didn't even look up.

"We need to think" were they're only words and with that they left

Kakashi looked over at Naruto

"It could have been worse" he was trying to make him feel better

"…yeah…" it didn't work

After about 30 minutes of awkward silence between the two Kakahsi said he was going to go try to find them, Naruto nodded, he still hadn't moved

Kakashi left the apartment and didn't even walk 5 feet when he heard voices, he turned around and looked up on the roof. Up on the roof , talking in hushed voices were Sasuke and Sakura. Kakashi jumped up next to them


"Well what?"

"Well do I have to separate the team to protect Naruto or are you going to see that he's no different you and me?"

Sakura sighed "It's a hard thing to grasp this quickly"

"He needs to know NOW, before he does something reckless"

Kakashi sighed

"And besides, it's not like he's any different now that you know. He's still the same Naruto that you have always known"

They considered his words, he was right. The fox had been sealed in Naruto since he was a baby, just because they knew about it now wouldn't change who he was. Sasuke stood up, Sakura following him. Kakashi sighed in relief and led the way back down to Naruto.

When they got back to the room they found Naruto exactly where they had left him. The fox jumped in front of him and faced the three, snarling savagely for something it's size

"Relax" Kakashi told it

It did, but only a little. When Sasuke and Sakura approached it growled lowly, backing up so it was directly in front of Naruto

"Naruto" Sakura said as gently as she could

He flinched but didn't respond

"Oi dobe, stand up"

Again he flinched, but this time he looked up. What he saw surprised him, he had expected frowns or looks of disgust but instead he got a warm smile from Sakura and a not-so-cold smirk from Sasuke. Sakura offered him a hand up, he warily took it

"Dobe get you stuff"

Naruto gave him a confused look

"I already told you, you can stay at my place while the repairs are being done to yours"

Naruto looked shocked

"B-but w-what about Kyu—"

"Your still you Naruto. Not anybody else" Sakura interrupted

Naruto stared at them. When it finally clicked that they had just accepted him tears of joy flooded down his cheeks. He quickly turned away and went to find his things

'I guess birthdays aren't so bad after all' he thought as he left with his team


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