This was written for the prompt "Gemini." Yes, Haruka and Michiru are twin sisters in this, but that is due to the story of the constellation Gemini. If you don't know it, you may want to look it up, or you can just ignore the twin mention in this, as these is only once sentence pertaining to that. I also apologize for any errors I may have missed, I am so very tired right now and can barely type.

Disclaimer: I do not own Sailor Moon. Nope, no witticisms tonight.


It had been a beautiful and normal day for the Earthly beauty. She had spent her day working in the bakery up the street from her home. Working in the bakery was hard, but it was something the woman found greatly enjoyable; it was therapeutic. Her turquoise hair fluttering in the evening wind, she eased her door open and was greeted by a surprising, but no less pleasing, sight. Her graceful smile lit up the woman's elegant face.

The woman gently closed the door behind her, never one taking her eyes off the being sitting in her parlor. She smiled warmly at the angel-like woman.

"Haruka, what are you doing here?" Her clear voice resonated through the room.

Haruka approached the woman and placed sinfully warm hands upon her companion's face.

"I missed you, Michiru," the goddess responded before placing a gentle and passionate kiss to her mortal twin's pink lips.

Michiru smiled with half-lidded eyes. Her face still tilted toward her lover's, she replied, "I missed you, too."