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Chapter One: My Life Has Returned...Almost.

Bella's POV

I'm grounded. Stuck in my room and only allowed to come out of it to go to the bathroom, school, and work. But, as soon as I'm done with any of those things, right back into my room I go.

'You're grounded until you learn your lesson,' I quote in my head, mimicking what Charlie tells me every time I ask when my house arrest ends.

Of course, my obedience and willingness to go and stay in my room for hours on end confuses Charlie. He always gives me bewildered expressions when I go up to my room smiling. What he doesn't know is about the visitor I have in the house every second I'm exiled to my room: Edward.

Every time I step into my room, he is there lounging peacefully on my bed, a statue of Adonis. Every time I see him there in my room, my heart flutters excitedly.

I still can't believe he's mine…

However, today was different. I took a longer time venturing to my room; I was completely wiped out from school (there was another blood incident…I ended up fainting and was unconscious for a few hours). This not only got on Charlie's nerves, but also Edwards's: to them both, I wasn't moving fast enough. I wasn't even to the top of the stairs when Mr. Impatient (Edward, of course) decided to run by me, pick me, and take me to my room, then carefully sit me on my bed. Like usual, whenever he did something unexpected, I gasped and nearly shrieked in horror.

When I stopped hyperventilating and was able to compose actually thoughts in my head, I turned on Edward as he stood calmly in front of me.

"WHAT IN GOD'S NAME WAS THAT FOR?" I roared with little volume (I didn't want Charlie to hear). I was livid, not even able to look straight at him as I tried to recover from my panic attack.

What the hell was he thinking? Charlie may have heard something!

"You were taking an exceptionally long time, so I thought I'd speed it up just a teeny bit," he replied coolly with amusement in his eyes, clearly not affected by my attempted roar (no one had a more fierce roar than Edward…is there anything he can't do?).

Finally, recuperated from Edward's "attack," I got up and went to the bathroom with him silently at my heels. I closed the door in his face.

"Bella? Are you all right?" Edward whispered through the door, apparently he just didn't get it.

"Go away, I need to be alone." No way was I speaking to him anytime soon.

"What's wrong?" He sounded really worried now, no humor in his voice. "Are you mad at me?"

"Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!" I retorted.

Boy did he hit the bull's eye.

Edward's POV

"Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!" Bella retorted. She was so angry, but why at me?

"Bella, can you please come out so we can talk. I'm sorry I scared you." I hope that'll get her out of the bathroom, I really missed looking into her beautiful brown eyes.

"No." A simple answer, yet it hurt so much to hear.

"Please? I'll make it up to you," I pleaded, hoping for her to come out soon. Charlie was downstairs wondering what she was doing. He was contemplating whether or not to check on her and see what she's up to.

'Bella…making lots of noise…should I check her?' Charlie's mind is so simple.

"How?" I could hear the curiosity in her voice.

I just might get her out of there…

"I'll let you drive from now on, but only for two months," I replied quickly.

"No. I'll come out under one condition, and it's that I drive for the rest of the school year."

Why, oh why did she have to do that? Hmm…should I agree, or should I stick to the first one?

"Fine…" I said, regretting what I was agreeing to.

Darn, I hate it when she drives. She drives too slow.

Bella's POV

"Fine…" Edward murmured. He sounded a regretful, like he just agreed to something life threatening.

Yes, I get to drive from now on. WOOHOO!

"Ok, I'll be right out." I slowly unlocked the door knowing it would annoy him.

That's what you get for nearly scaring me to death!

"Oof…" I coughed out as I was ran into and picked up by Edward. Once again, I was carried unwillingly to my room.

This time, however, Edward wasn't as graceful as his first "attack" on me had been. He nearly fell on top of me as he sat me down "gently" on the edge of my bed.

"Bella," he said tackling me. "I'm sorry." He sounded like a scolded puppy as he fiercely hugged me.

"…Can't…breathe…" I murmured as Edward smothered me in his bear hug.

"Oh, sorry…again," Edward whispered as he pulled back to look into my eyes, amusement flitting across his face.

We just sat there for a few moments staring into each other's eyes when Edward just disappeared. That's when I heard the muffled footsteps in the hallway. Charlie opened my door and peeked in.

"Just doing my rounds and checking up on you, Bells." His eyes scanned the room slowly from right to left, then back again. He turned his attention back to me. "What're you up to?"

"Just thinking…remembering some of the times back in Phoenix when I was little."

"Oh." Was it just me, or did he really sound depressed by what I said? "Well, ok then. I'll check up on you a bit later before I head to bed, ok?"

"See you then, Dad," I said as I wondered why he was asking my permission to check up on me.

As soon as Charlie's footsteps were gone and I heard the television on again downstairs, something rock hard knocked into me and grabbed my by the waist.

Cold lips locked with mine as Edward passionately kissed me. As usual, he caused me to swoon into a dreamy state.

"Bella? Bella?" Edward's panicked voice broke through the deep calming water as my mind surfaced.

"Huh?" I whispered, confusion clouding everything around me.

What happened? Did I faint?

"Nothing, at least not now. You just fainted…again." Relief flooded his face. He must've been really worried.

"Arrgggg, that's the second time today!" I will never be able to do anything again if I keep fainting like this!

"Yes, I know." I could tell he was laughing at me on the inside. "Anyway, since you're now conscious and not likely to faint again, I can give you your surprise."

"Umm…you know how I feel about you spending money on me."

I hate it when he buys me stuff, I feel like I'm taking advantage of him.

"Oh, I didn't spend anything on it." He gave me his crooked smile, nearly swooning me again, but I recovered quickly.

"Okay, then what is it?" I was truly curious now to what it was…

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