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The South Park Chainsaw Massacre

Chapter 1: Kenny's Deal With the Devil

The eight year old blonde lied in bed, waiting for school to come. He hadn't seen Stan or Kyle all day, which was quite odd as they usually hung out with him on Saturdays. Not that they didn't do it on any other day of the week, but it was now 4:30 in the afternoon. Usually, they would mention if something was up, but he hadn't heard one word and that worried the boy. Suddenly, a rapping pounded on the door.

"It's about fucken time!" Kenny complained as he hurried towards the door.

"Hey Kenny, you will never believe what just happened!"

"Cartman, what the hell do you want?"

"Just follow me Kenny. You gotta see this. It's the most amazing thing in the world!" Looking Cartman over, Kenny noticed that he had bandages over many areas of his body.

"Dude, what the hell happened to you?"

"I'll explain later Kenny, now hurry up!"

"This better not be something retarded." Kenny reluctantly agreed, figuring that maybe he and Cartman would be meeting up with the rest of the gang.

Cartman led Kenny to the outskirts of South Park where an old apartment complex rested. The brick building had appeared abandoned for quite some time. I may be poor, but I would never live in a place like this, Kenny thought to himself.

Cartman led Kenny into the building where they entered into an old living room with furniture at least twenty years old.

"What the hell did you bring me here for Cartman?" Kenny asked angrily. He felt like an idiot for ever thinking that Cartman could show him something of interest.

"No dude, this isn't it," barely able to contain his giddiness, "What I want to show you is upstairs! Come on, you gotta see this! It is so awesome!"

"Where the hell is Stan and Kyle?" Kenny asked impatiently as Cartman led him through the house and towards the stairs.

"They are already up there, dude." Cartman replied as they climbed the stairs.

When the two reached the top, Cartman led Kenny down a long hallway and stopped in front of a door labeled, 11-19. The two walked into the room and Kenny dropped his mouth wide open when he discovered the contents of the room.

In the far left corner of the room, Kyle laid on the floor motionless. His body, drenched in blood, had developed as a feeding ground for mice. Part of a gaping hole could be seen from Kyle's chest. Closer to the door, Stan's body rested in two pieces. Separated at the waist, his intestines and parts of his stomach had spilled out onto the floor. A look of terror covered his face and a tape player rested in his right hand.

Kenny stood rooted in place as he stared in terror at the mangled bodies of what used to be his best friends. Kenny looked from one body to another, and then back to Cartman.

"Is this what you wanted to show me?"

"Yeah, isn't it hilarious? You should've been here when it happened, Kenny! It was the most amazing thing . . ." Suddenly Kenny leaped onto Cartman and started beating into Cartman's stomach as hard as he could.

"YOU! You finally snapped and killed them! Didn't you?!"

Through his yelps of pain, Cartman said, "No, I didn't kill them Kenny! STOP IT! YOU ASS-HOLE" Cartman eventually threw off Kenny and quickly stood to prevent Kenny from attempting anything else.

"Well if you didn't do it, then who did it fat-ass?!"

"I don't know how Stan died, but I know that Stan is the one who killed Kyle. That was the best part about the whole thing."

"You are such a liar Cartman." Kenny walked over to Stan's body, still not believing what he was seeing. I can't believe their gone. What the hell do I do now? I can't possibly hang around Cartman for the rest of my life. Reaching for the tape player, Kenny pried it from Stan's hand and examined it. Pushing play, Kenny heard this recorded message from Stan, whose voice was shaking and hauntingly weak:

"The killer . . . not Cartman (sound of blade cutting through skin); killer . . . is (sound of blood squirting followed by sobbing)"

Silence then played back with the repetitive sound of the blade moving back and forth. Kenny gasped in horror as he stared blankly at the tape player, even after it stopped playing. The player fell out of Kenny's hands as he looked up to see Cartman grinning wildly as ever.

"You find this funny?" Kenny gaped when Cartman nodded his head. Locking eyes, Kenny stared into Cartman's for the longest time before returning his gaze to Stan and Kyle's bodies. They really are gone. I guess I'm going to have to live with it. Kenny thought as he turned to leave.

"Wait, where are you going Kenny," Cartman asked surprised.

"Where do think I'm going fat-ass? I'm going home." Kenny responded without turning around. Leaving Cartman to his fun, Kenny left the building, not wanting to know what Cartman was going to do with the bodies.

Kenny left the building and began walking home. Kicking small piles of snow across the sidewalk as he paced his feet, Kenny stored his hands into his orange pockets and eyed the ground as each pile of white fluff glided across the frozen cement when kicked at. As a confusion of thoughts flooded his mind, Kenny failed to notice the road that he had begun to cross. As he neared the center of the road, a pair of blinding white lights enveloped his body, and just as he turned his head to see their origin, the truck flattened his body against the concrete, killing him instantly.


Pulling himself up, off the fiery hot ground, Kenny quickly realized what had just happened to him. Not that he was surprised, in a way; he had almost been expecting it. Looking around his entrance point, Kenny decided to walk around and attempt to find someone worth talking to. He had grown tired of listening to Hitler ramble in German, so he decided to search for Stan and Kyle. It would be a couple of hours before his magical resurrection anyways (not that there was anything magical about it anymore), and Kenny wanted to know what had happened to them.

Walking past the usual fire pits and smoking mountains of unspeakable terror, Kenny ran into the one being that could point him in the right direction, Satan.

"Hey Kenny, back so soon? How's it going little buddy?" Satan responded in his cheeriest voice.

"Alright. Say Satan, would you happen to know where Stan and Kyle are? I just discovered that they had died and after my unfortunate death, I decided to try and talk to them."

"Yeah Kenny, I know where they are. But I can't let you see them right now."

"What?! Why not?"

"Sorry Kenny, it's the rules. When a soul first arrives in hell, it spends the first ten years learning the rules about hell."

"WHAT! You never did that to me!"

"That's because you never stay here long enough to learn anything. So we eventually gave up and let you wander around until you leave."

"Damn't, I don't want to hang around Cartman for ten years without seeing my friends!"

"I'm sorry Kenny. There is nothing I can do."

Great, now I have to wait a whole ten years before I can even talk to them. What the hell am I going to do? Unless, "Hey Satan," Kenny suddenly hollered after Satan as he had started attending to other business.

"Yeah Kenny?"

"Can't you bring Stan and Kyle back to life?"

"You mean like you?"

"Yeah. If it works for me, then it can work for them right?"

Satan scratched his chin in thought for a brief moment. "I guess I could do that. But it would require a sacrifice to do. Resurrecting souls from hell isn't easy you know."

"Okay, what do I need to do?"

"Listen to me Kenny. If you want Stan and Kyle to be back on earth, just like you; then you will have to give up your ability to be resurrected yourself. If I do this for you, and you die; then you will have to remain here for all eternity. Is that understood?"

Kenny thought to himself for a moment. While he didn't mind the idea, Kenny remembered that something, somewhere, was always out to get him and he didn't want to die after coming right back to life. But he would rather spend an eternity in hell than have to stay on earth with only Cartman for ten years of his life anyways.

"Sure, what the hell!"

Satan then raised his arms and spoke mysterious words while the clouds in hell swirled into a darkening tornado that enveloped Kenny. Green flashes of light obscured much of all other occurrences during this ritual. When everything settled back to normal (for hell that is), Kenny glanced around and found Satan staring at him.

"Remember Kenny, when you return to earth on Sunday morning, you will no longer have the power to leave hell should death find its way to you again."

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