Getting Hitched?

Katara looked at Zuko in a weird way, what was going on? Why was he so jumpy today? It had been three years since Sozin's Comet, and everything was going just right. Unlike everyone expected, Aang didn't kill/challenge Fire Lord Ozai to an Agni-Kai…Zuko beat him to it. It was an epic battle that resulted in Zuko being the victor. It was certainly one for the history books wasn't it? But Katara never would understand how Aang got together with Azula. I mean, in Ba Sing Se, she almost killed him, now she was making goo-goo eyes at him?! It scared her, almost as much as Toph and Sokka.

Sokka not being familiar with Earth-Kingdom customs proposed to Toph the good ol' Water Tribe way. Katara spied on his throughout the whole process. Sokka spent all of Monday in random caves looking for the "perfect stone." Then (when he found one) he began to carve it. That took forever! Katara had to take frequent breaks because all Sokka did was measure it from every angle possible. Then he (finally) attached a silky-green ribbon onto the intricately carved stone (green for Earth-Kingdom) the day had come! Sokka grasped the necklace so tightly in his fist; Katara was sure he would break it. Sokka walked up to Toph with a faint blush on his cheeks. The dialogue went like this:

"Hey Snozzels," pause "Why is your heart beating so fast?"

"Uh, Toph, can I ask you something?"

"Sure but make it quick, I gotta' get ready for my date."

Katara could tell Sokka's world collapsed. The necklace nearly fell out of Sokka's white-knuckled fist.

"WHAT?!" he croaked in disbelief.

"With Katara," Toph finished, "We're going to the Fancy-Lady Day Spa…again."

Sokka sighed relieved.

"Good, cuz' Toph," He grabbed her hands and made her feel the necklace. Toph rubbed her thumbs over it.

"Is that Sugar Queen's? No the design is different."
"No," Sokka repeated, "No Toph, It's yours."

Toph's eyes widened in understanding, but she waited. Sokka knelt, looking up at her, he recited the formal proposition:

"Toph, maiden/ warrior of the Earth-Kingdom, will you…will you marry me?" The tension was thick; Katara (who was behind a bush) and Sokka waited with bated breath for the answer. Toph's eyes shut themselves closed, before she spoke,

"Katara, go away! I know you're here!" Katara scampered out of the clearing, but not before Sokka shot her an angry glare. Toph looked down to the spot where she thought Sokka's eyes were.

"Yeah," she said, trying to pull him up. "Yeah," Sokka went around her and fastened the result of hours of work around Toph's neck. Toph grasped the pendant and turned around to kiss Sokka…but she ended up a little too far to the left and kissed his eye instead. Sokka laughed and looked at the master Earth-bender fondly. "I love you, Toph," he said while caressing her ebony locks. Toph gave a rare smile, "Even I can see that."

"Well," Katara sighed, remembering what happened. "The only one that's left is me…"

Zuko looked on from behind her; his little Water-bender was rather oblivious sometimes… "Not for long," the now Fire lord said, thinking about Katara and marriage. "Not for long…"
Without Katara's consent, Zuko sprinted behind her and unhooked her Mother's necklace and replaced it with the one he made. Shocked, Katara gripped the new necklace and spun around. Zuko looked down into her shining clear pools of blue. "Be mine?" he asked her grinning. Katara blushed, but never-the-less she fell into the Fire-bender's arms,

"Always," she replied into his chest.