1"There goes Ishida."

"Seems he's finally going home."

"Yeah. He's been here since yesterday morning."

Yamato Ishida ignored the whispers of his co-workers as he walked past them in the hallway and towards the front doors of the building. Tall and lean with a muscular build along with sandy blonde hair and piercing blue eyes he was in one word, hot. His personality however was quite the opposite of that. He was considered cold and distant along with being a workaholic. It didn't bother him though. At least, he didn't let it show that it bothered him.

The black shoes he wore made a soft 'thud' everytime it hit the pavement. On his way home, he wanted nothing more then to just kick back and relax until he went to bed. The dark green tie around his neck felt tighter then it had that morning and his fingers tugged at it, trying to pry it away from his neck.

A nearby streetlight illuminated the apartment building he was currently living in. The apartment he occupied was on the second floor, on the left. It was almost seven, he didn't have to look at his watch to know that. For the past year he'd arrive at the front of his building ten minutes until seven. You could say his day to day life was like that of a routine minus the occasional all nighters he pulled at the office.

But there was something different about tonight. At the top of the stairs, blocking his way to his front door, was a giant brown box that was tapped at the top and also had what seemed to be holes in it as well. Sighing, he kicked the box and watched as it rolled over onto it's side. Something inside of the box however shifted and the tape broke causing the contents to fall out.

"What the.." Blue eyes widened in surprise as a young girl tumbled out of the box and onto the ground. The girl moaned softly and shifted a bit on the ground but didn't wake up. Looking around to see if it was some sort of prank, his confusion of the situation rose at seeing no one else hiding behind bushes or something. Bending down and picking the girl up he grunted, she was heavier then she looked.

Kicking the box out of the way he continued on down to his apartment and shifted her in his arms as he dug his keys out of his pocket and unlocked the front door. Dropping his bag and closing the door with his foot, he went over to the couch and dropped her on it before heading into the kitchen.

Opening the fridge door, Yamato grabbed a beer and popped off the top. Taking a long drink he headed back over to the couch and stopped at seeing two cinnamon orbs staring at him.

"Uh.." He just stared at her, unsure of what to say exactly.

"Hey there! You found me, huh? Man oh man am I glad to get out of that box!" She propped her elbows up on the arm of the couch and rested her chin on the knuckles of her right hand.

"What were you doing in that box in the first place?" Sitting down on a chair he continued to watch her with just a hint of suspicion.

"Well you see...that's a long story!" Mimi laughed as her stomach growled loudly. "I'll be glad to tell you it over a bowl of noodles!"

"I'm not your damn maid." Yamato growled in annoyance. However, before he knew it he found himself in the kitchen, pulling out a packet of instant noodles from a cupboard and tearing it open.

"Ohhh add this spice!" Mimi said from behind him, causing him to jump in surprise. "Please?" Reaching around him she tried her best to add the spice to the noodles she couldn't see.

"Fine! Just tell me what you were doing in the damn box." Grabbing the spice bottle from her hand, he added it to the noodles.

"My dad kicked me out of the house because I didn't want to follow in his footsteps and become a doctor. So I was living in an apartment which my mom was paying for until I told her I didn't want to be a chef like she was. She stopped paying for it and that's when my perverted landlord told me that he'd take care of it if I just slept with him." Watching Yamato put the noodles on a plate, she tried to steal one that was dangling over the side, only to get her hand slapped. Pulling her hand back, she stuck her tongue out at him when he turned his back to her. "Well you see I thought that maybe it wouldn't be that bad, but when I showed up he had another guy in there with a video camera! So you see I couldn't go through with it and ran as far from there as I could."

Yamato placed the plate on the table and handed Mimi the chopsticks. Taking them eagerly, Mimi broke them apart and quickly dug into the plate of noodles in front of her. Yamato sat down next to her and watched her devour the noodles.

"You didn't explain how you ended up in the box though." Taking a napkin, he pressed it against her mouth and tried not to laugh at seeing it stick to her lips which were slightly oily from the noodles.

"Well I was kinda tired and didn't have any money on me and I saw that box and thought it'd work as a temporarily place to stay." Wiping her mouth with the napkin, she watched Yamato pick up the plate and place it in the sink before turning around to face her.

"I was nice enough to feed you, now you can be nice enough to leave." Heading over to the door, he was stopped as Mimi tackled him from behind.

"You can't expect a girl like me to go out into the night and be ok on my own!" She gave him her best puppy dog face but he didn't seem fazed by it.

"You were sleeping in a fucking box, you'll be better off out there now because you're awake." Yamato growled as he tried to pry the younger girl off of him.

"Please don't make me go back out there! I could be mugged or raped or even killed! Could you live knowing that you could've saved my life but chose not to?" Mimi's bottom lip quivered and she felt her eyes tearing up.

"Yes." His direct answer surprised her.

"Let me stay! I'll do anything!" Well...almost anything, she thought, but he didn't have to know that!

He took a moment and slowly looked her over. She was obviously younger then him by about five years or more. She had long, light brown hair and cinnamon colored eyes. Her build was slim but muscular, an athlete of some sort. Although she was taller then most women, she still was shorter then him. In a way, the color of her hair reminded him of a pet cat he had as a kid. He smiled at her as an idea struck him.

"You can stay if you agree to be my pet." He smirked, she wouldn't agree to that, no one in their right mind would.

"As in sex slave sort of pet?" Mimi asked as she tilted her head to the side.

"Of course not! You can stay if you agree to be my pet cat." Sex slave? He felt his cheeks burn at the thought of it.

"Oh well if that's it, then sure! I'll do it!" She gave him her best smile and all he could do was stare in shock at her.