Hopefully this won't be confusing...when Yamato thinks of Mimi he will refer to her as Oni. When it's third person pov, it'll be Mimi. Hopefully that makes sense...


Yamato took a swallow of wine, wishing that he instead had a glass of vodka. The woman sitting across the small table from him was still talking about herself. In fact, that was the only thing she did talk about. Glancing down, he wondered how she even managed to eat her food when she talked non-stop. He wasn't sure why he agreed to the date with her, maybe it was because she was attractive, or because he was lonely, or maybe it was just to get away from the annoying brunette who was currently living with him.

Thinking about his 'pet' Oni caused him to sigh and stab a piece of shrimp with his fork. That girl was something else and he wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not. It was the beginning of the third week of her stay with him and he still knew very little about her. Popping the shrimp in his mouth, he chewed slowly as he thought. With him at work all the time, it didn't leave much room for him to talk and get to know her; he usually came home, cooked dinner, had a few drinks and watched tv. She did act like a cat, greeting him with kisses when he got home, following him from room to room and even trying to snuggle up with him in bed. That thought caused him to blush and he took another swallow of wine to try and hide it from his date.

"Are you even listening?" The woman across from him asked suddenly, causing him to nearly choke on his mouthful of wine. Placing the glass down and wiping his mouth with his napkin, he looked up to meet her eyes which held a look of annoyance.

"Ah...of course I am Hana." He gave her a smile which she returned after only a moment of hesitation. She was beautiful with short, curly black hair and emerald green eyes that sparkled in the light. Hana was interested in him and wanted to get to know him and here he was thinking about Oni of all things. Placing his napkin back on his lap, he met her gaze once more and gave her another smile. "Please continue."

"Let's go to my place after..." Yamato blinked in surprise at realizing he had once again tuned out the girl after only a few words. Stabbing another shrimp, he fought the sigh that tried to escape; if only she was as interesting as she was beautiful.


Yamato stared at the ceiling in the dark room, one arm behind his head and the other around the woman who slept soundly at his side. The sun, about to rise soon, would mark the beginning of Sunday and although he had no plans for the day, he didn't want to spend them in this apartment with the woman beside him. Glancing over at her, he couldn't help but think once more about Oni and was wondering how she was doing and if she had managed to feed herself the night before. That thought brought up a memory of one time she had tried to cook bacon for a sandwich which ended up with the stove catching on fire. He laughed quietly as he remembered walking into the kitchen to see the entire room white and her large, surprised eyes staring at him. Hana shifted next to him, rolling away and onto her other side, freeing his arm.

Getting out of the bed, Yamato found his clothes and quickly dressed in the darkened room. Finding a scrap of paper and a pen, he wrote a quick note saying he had work, and placed it on her nightstand before leaving the room. The clock next to the front door blinked 5:03 at him as he made his way out of the apartment. It didn't take long for him to get outside and hail a cab down for the ride back to his own apartment. Although Hana's apartment was only twenty minutes from his own, he felt a sudden urge to hurry home before the sun came up. As the taxi began to slow down, he thrust the money at the driver and got out before the car even had time to fully stop. The apartment looked the same as usual from the outside, but he continued to hurry up the steps and towards the front door. He stopped in surprise at seeing the front door hanging open before rushing into the apartment, worry clouding every thought.

"Oni? Oni??" Yamato looked around the apartment for signs of vandalism or a struggle or something to indicate where the young girl was. Worry was starting to grow to panic when he continued to see no sign of the girl anywhere. He checked the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the storage area, the small landing above the storage space where Oni slept and finally his own room. Yamato's eyes widened at seeing the blinds opened and a lump in his bed. Going over to the bed, he bent down next to the lump and pulled the blankets back, revealing the sleeping face of his Oni. Sitting back on his heels, he felt relief flood through him at knowing that she was safe after all.

"Mm...Yama-baby?" Her eyelids fluttered open and she gave him a sleepy smile.

"You left the front door open," he scolded quietly, a scowl on his face.

"I was getting breakfast." Cinnamon orbs flickered to the nearby nightstand and he looked to see two cups of coffee and a bag containing food.

He stared at it for a moment before turning back to the girl. "How did you know I'd come back this morning?"

She gave him another sleepy smile and her eyelids closed once more. "Just a feeling I suppose." Pulling up the blankets, she buried her nose in it and opened her eyes once more, catching his gaze. "Yama-baby you reek of perfume."

"Er..." Yamato stood up quickly and headed over to the dresser, getting out a fresh pair of clothes. "I was working late with a few co-workers." He quickly left the room to shower, unaware of the frown on Mimi's face as she watched him leave.

After his shower, he found Oni out on the small balcony with a blanket wrapped around herself. She was leaning against the railing with a cup of coffee in her hand and watching the sky change colors as the sun began to rise. Grabbing the other cup of coffee from the nightstand, he joined her out on the balcony and was greeted by a cool breeze.

"You don't need to lie about spending the night with a woman, you know." She said with a smile, which irritated him for some reason. Before he could say anything, she continued on with a subject change. "I have a performance coming up, will you come see it?" Her cinnamon orbs looked at him hopefully.

"Of course not, I have work." He took a swallow of coffee, ignoring the hurt look she gave him.

"You can take time off of work you know..." trailing off, she looked away from him, "if it's cause of a girlfriend I can understand why you can't make it."

Angry at her words, he said something which he knew would sting. "I have more important things to do than watch some kid perform."

Laying her arms on the railing, she dropped her head onto them and continued to watch the sunrise, hiding the hurt look on her face. "Am I not allowed to stay anymore because you have a girlfriend?"

"Of course not," he took a swallow of coffee to distract himself from his own thoughts. "I can't take care of you forever, I have better things to do than babysit some kid. Besides, you'd be better off on your own than staying here."

"So you're getting rid of me because you no longer need me?" Before he could react, she turned and ran, out of his room and out of the apartment.

Yamato stared at where she had stood only moments before, his mind not wanting to process what had just happened.


Monday had arrived and Yamato had left for work early, only to arrive and be unable to concentrate. Oni hadn't returned and he had no idea where she was or how he could even contact her if he wanted to. Sighing, he poked a few keys on his keyboard with a pen, not caring much for the work that needed to be done. Yamato was barely aware of the small audience of co-workers who hovered nearby, whispering about him.

"Wow, I've never seen him looking down before."

"Me neither, I wonder what's going on with him."

"He doesn't even care about the work he has to do."

"I actually heard from someone that his pet cat ran away."

"His cat? He's all hung up over a cat? I thought it'd be a girl or something."

"Oh come on, his cat could have been the only thing he didn't act cold towards."

"Haha, yeah right. Ishida is cold towards everyone and everything. A cat is no different."

"You don't know that! Deep down inside he could have one giant soft spot."

"I think you're getting drool on me."

"Am not!"


"Get back to work!"

He felt bad about what he had said and done and he wanted to apologize to her for it. That morning he had found the ad for her performance which was decorated in her scribblings and drawings and covered in hearts as well. The day and time of the performance was the early evening on a day he worked, but he knew he could afford to take the time off to see it. Although he remembered their conversation well, he still couldn't quite figure out why he had been annoyed with her words. So what if she knew about him spending the night with someone? It was no big deal after all, she probably spent nights with men as well. Scowling at that thought, Yamato dropped the pen and started to type on his keyboard. The thought of her spending nights with men bothered him and the only way to forget about that, was to bury himself in work.


Yamato found himself sitting outside of a restaurant Tuesday afternoon with Hana sitting across from him. She had called him earlier that day asking him to meet her for lunch at a nearby restaurant. She said she would meet him at two but it was past three now and he was starting to think about leaving. Ordering a cup of coffee and asking for the check, he decided to leave as soon as he was done with his drink. His order arrived at the same time Hana did. Although she was the late one, she looked annoyed. Sitting down across from him, she took his coffee before he could and swallowed half the cup in one gulp. Slamming the mug onto the table, she pulled an envelope out of her bag and tossed it on the table at him.

"What's this?" Reaching for the mug of coffee, he scowled at having his hand slapped away and the envelope thrust at him.

"Look at it." She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him as if he had ruined her favorite dress.

Ignoring the glare, he opened the envelope and was surprised to find pictures inside. Pulling them out he hid the look of surprise and annoyance he felt at seeing that they were pictures of Oni and himself in their apartment. Opening his mouth to say something, he was cut off by her snatching a photo from his fingers and practically shoving it in his face.

"Who is this girl? Why is she at your apartment? I know she isn't part of your family." She demanded answers in a quiet voice, not wanting to make a scene.

"Why did you take pictures of us?" The question caught her by surprise and she sat back in her chair, dropping the picture onto the table.

"I have all men I'm seeing followed, I am quite high up in society and I can't be seeing anyone undesirable." She sniffed and he tried not to laugh at how ridiculous that sounded. She shot him another glare, "Who is she?"

He stared at one of the photos, him opening the front door and Oni greeting him with a kiss on the cheek. Her performance was in an hour and he had finally made up his mind and decided to go. Paying for the bill, he got up to leave, ignoring the pictures and the surprised woman. "She's my pet."

Heading down the street, he ignored the yells from Hana who was anything but happy with his reply. He didn't care though, he had a performance to catch and if he didn't want to be late for it.


It was pure luck that he had managed to find an empty seat towards the front and he sat down right as the lights went off. The music began to play and the murmurs of the crowd quickly quieted down. A dim light lit up the stage, revealing two rows of women. As the music continued on, they began to move in time with it, swaying gracefully before beginning their dance. The lights grew brighter and as the last pair of women spun away from their starting positions, they revealed one girl who still remained.

Yamato inhaled sharply at seeing the sight of his pet Oni standing in front of him on the stage looking so beautiful. The curls in her honey brown hair bobbed up and down as she glided from one position to the next. The dark blue dress she wore was a one sleeved leotard on top that clung to figure down to her hips where it flared out into a mesh skirt that reached just past her knees. She looked so pale in the dress she wore yet under the light she looked angelic. Her movements were so graceful and smooth it looked almost as if her feet didn't touch the stage at all.

He was sitting on the edge of his seat, his eyes glued on her as she danced. To see her dance made it was worth the time he was taking off work, worth Hana screaming at him on the sidewalk, it was worth everything. If someone had asked him how the performance was, he'd only be able to talk about Oni and how she looked when she danced. She was different than the other girls who danced, not only was she better, but she danced with her eyes closed yet still found every step perfectly; she was in her own world, no one else existed. The pirouettes she did brought her to the front of the stage where she opened her eyes and met his gaze as if she knew he had been there the whole time.

After she looked at him, he felt himself relax and finally leaned back in his chair. Oni looked so beautiful and composed on the stage and so independent, almost as if the other dancers relied on her and not the other way around. A thought crossed his mind, one that brought a sad smile on his lips, one that he knew was one hundred percent true. This beautiful ballerina before him didn't depend on him in the slightest, no, instead he was the one who found himself depending on her. The thought was surprising but at the same time it made perfect sense. Watching her dance, he could tell that she was the type that never depended on someone else, she was perfectly capable of doing what she needed by herself.

The rest of the ballet recital quickly came and went and soon the lights lit up the auditorium once more and Yamato found himself following the crowd out of the building. He wasn't sure why, but he found himself leaning against the building waiting for a girl who he wasn't even sure would want to go home with him. Maybe she didn't want to stay with him anymore, she didn't even seem to care that he had shown up to watch her perform. Running a hand through his hair he sighed, torn between the decision to stay or to leave. Before he could make up his mind and pick either option, he found a familiar form standing in front of him, and he didn't bother to hide the annoyed groan that escaped his lips.

"I thought I'd find you here." Hana glared at him with her arms crossed over her chest.

"Hn." What was he supposed to say? She no longer seemed like the beautiful, mature woman he had dinner with a few nights ago. No, she now seemed like some crazy person who didn't know when a relationship was over. Hell, could he even give it that label? They only had gone out for a few nights, it was nothing serious, nothing concrete.

Running her hand through her short hair, she put a smile on her face and stepped closer towards him. "It's okay, I'll forgive you for what you did and we can go back to how we were."

Yamato wanted to roll his eyes at her words, to draw a diagram and show her that she was nuts and he wanted nothing to do with her. He opened his mouth, fully set on telling her something, anything, but stopped as he saw a girl dash out into the night, looking around frantically. It didn't take long for him to recognize it as Oni and he wanted to take a step forward, to say something to her, but since she hadn't bothered coming back home, he honestly wondered if it was him that she was looking for.

"Ishida! Are you even paying attention to me!" Hana screeched as she took another step towards him, eyes burning with anger.

At the sound of the familiar name, Mimi turned to see Yamato leaning against the building with a woman standing in front of him. She didn't sound happy with him yet he didn't seem to notice, instead his gaze was locked with her own. Relief flooded through Mimi at seeing him and ignoring the woman who stood only a few feet away from him, she bounded over to him and threw her arms around his neck in a hug. Burying her face in his neck, she inhaled his peppermint scent and smiled at the memories it brought to her mind. She would have stayed attached to him longer if not for the shriek of anger that reminded her that he was here with the angry woman. Dropping her arms from his neck, she merely wrapped them around one of his arms and leaned her head against his shoulder.

"Yama-baby, who is she?" Looking up at him, she caught the faint smile he gave her before looking at the angry woman.

"Someone I was seeing, but we broke up this afternoon." He shot Hana a cool look that caused her to take a step back.

"You!" She shifted her glare from Yamato to Mimi who blinked, unfazed by the look she was receiving. "This is all your fault you whore!" She drew her arm back, prepared to strike Mimi. Before she could even come close to landing the blow, Mimi grabbed her wrist and squeezed it tightly.

"I am no whore, I do not sleep with him. I am merely his pet and he is my owner." Twisting the woman's wrist to the side, she merely smiled as the other woman gave a yelp of pain. "I suggest you leave peacefully and never contact Yamato again." She held the woman's wrist at a painful angle and waited until the other woman caved in before releasing her. The woman shot the couple one last glare before turning and walking down the sidewalk.

Yamato watched Hana leave before turning to look at the girl attached to his arm who was smiling up at him. He opened his mouth to ask a question, maybe how she was able to do that, or why she decided to come back, but she spoke before he could get a word out.

"Let's go h-" Mimi was caught off guard by the kiss Yamato gave her. The kiss was soft and sweet and over before she could even fully realize what was happening.

"Yeah," he smiled at her and Mimi felt her heart skip a beat, "let's go home."