You're sitting at work one day, feet up on your desk, kicking ass at Tetris when you realize your life is perfect. It's a realization you thought you'd never have. You've known you were happy, that wasn't a question anymore. But…perfect. Your daughter is amazing, your son is growing like a weed, and your wife…well, she's always been perfect.

Six months into Blythe's kindergarten year, you got a call from the Principal. You were right about your daughter causing trouble in the classroom, but you weren't expecting the offer that the school had for you; they wanted her in second grade. You'd snorted and asked just what they planned to do with a five year old in second grade, they'd responded that she was simply too smart for the lessons in Kindergarten.

You liked that you daughter was a genius; you didn't have a problem with that. But you didn't want her to the be outcast of her class, either. Instead, you moved her to a private school with Direct Instruction, and with that, small groups of students of varying ages who were at the same rate.

Nathan's first word was "Dad" and you were there for it. You were giving him his dinner, actually, and he grinned and pointed at you with his baby spoon and told you, "Dad." You were there for his first step too. And his first tooth.

You and Allison decide that you might as well get the married thing over and done with, and she laughs when you bring home a marriage certificate and ask her what her plans are for Saturday. The wedding at the courthouse is simple, but Blythe is dressed all in purple with little ribbons all over her hair (she did it herself, and she wasn't taking no for an answer) and happily scatters little cloth flowers all over the floor. You're glad the Justice of Peace has a sense of humor and three children at home, and she lets Blythe have her fun.

Allison cries when you slide the ring onto her finger, and you lift her chin gently, "No more crying," you mumble, "I don't like when you cry," and she gives you a smile and a little laugh.

Wilson and his wife and daughter come to your wedding, and you don't see them until you're walking out with Nathan on your hip and Blythe clinging to your hand. You're so shocked you nearly lose your grip on Nathan, and Allison smiles at you and takes the baby from your arms. She smiles at Wilson's wife, and tips her head and the other woman leaves with the little blonde, brown eyed baby boy and you don't even know what to say to Wilson anymore.

You stare at him in silence for almost a solid minute before he finally speaks.

"Never thought Greg House would be speechless," he says and the horrible silence is broken and you can't not hug him. Allison calls and tells you she and Emily – that must be his wife's name – are having a "get to know you" night and that neither of you expect the other anywhere near home for the rest of the night.

You go sit at the bar you always used to go to, and you pull out your wallet and show him Blythe and Nathan and he pulls out pictures of Gregory. When you wipe your eyes, you tell him it's funny, you never used to be allergic to cigarette smoke.

Now you have your wife and children and your best friend back, and you think that is four more people than you have ever deserved.

You think it would be perfect if Allison could work at PPTH again, but she's no longer your underling and there're no openings in anything she's qualified for. There is, however, an opening in Diagnostics at the next nearest hospital and soon she has two Fellows of her own.

You're proud. You remember the doctor she was when she started with you, and it doesn't compare to the doctor she is now. She's more confident, and while she's not any more intelligent, she uses her knowledge better. Somehow, she's managed to retain her calm nature and gentle bedside manner – she's got all of your talents with none of your drawbacks and sometimes, you wonder who is teaching who now.

Robert picks up Nathan every other Friday for the first year of their divorce, and then stops showing up. Mail to his house comes back marked "No longer at this address," and six months later Cameron gets a check in the mail with "Child support" written in the memo and papers giving up rights to Nathan. All she has to do is sign them and take them down to the courthouse, and you can adopt him.

You do it the following day, and three months after that, everyone in your family has the same last name.

Wilson brings over Gregory and he and Nathan play under Blythe's watchful eyes, and Allison and Emily sit on the couch and coo over each other's children while you and Wilson grab a beer at the bar. You're both horribly domesticated and when Emily announces she's pregnant, you're the first one over with chocolate for her and a cigar for Wilson. You tell Allison to wipe that grin off her face, that two is more than enough.

But you don't really mind when, three months later, Allison drops a positive pregnancy test in front of you.