Gregory P. Wong


To those curious about the "Reality Flux" event, it's a quantum anomaly that occurs in as-yet unfinished indepedent novel I'm working on. Of course, the origins of the Reality Flux are not entirely relevant to the story, just that it does happen.

Bolos are gigantic, heavily armed, sentient armored fighting machines, created by Keith Laumer.

Digimon, or "Digital Monsters", are a creation of Japan, and span cartoons, comics, toys, and games.

To those curious, the Digimon in this story come from the post-Tamers continuity featured in my other Digimon stories.

Bolo Mark XXXIV (Exultant)

Length: 90 meters
Width: 35-55 meters
Height: 25 meters
Tracks: 8 units
Roadwheel height: 5 meters
Mass: 28,000 tons
Road/Road sprint/Contra-gravity sprint speed (kph): 105/200/500

Primary Armaments
2 200cm Thermonuclear-Plasma Hellbores (5 megaton/second; 3 second cooldown)
2 Plasma-Flux Hellrails (90 megatons/bolt; 1 minute cooldown)

Secondary Armaments
12 20cm Hellbore Infinite Repeaters (0.45 megatons/second; 1.5 second cooldown)
8 40cm Breech-Loading Mortars (yield varies; 5 second cooldown)
Heavy 40-cell VLS system (yield varies; cooldown varies)

Tertiary Armaments
Integrated Laser Anti-Personnel System (25 megajoule/second; 0.10 second cooldown)
Integrated 50mm Gauss Gun Point-Defense System (yield varies; 0.01 cooldown)
Integrated 155mm Railgun Close-In Weapon System (yield varies; 0.10 second cooldown)

Indirect fire capability: Strategic
(Tactical indirect fire, in general, is only used on a limited battlefield; theater is used over a much larger span, such as continentally; strategic indirect fire can be used globally)