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'blah' means thoughts

"blah" means talking

Mozenrath is going to be a bit OOC, but considering what he'll be going through, it should be understandable. This is my fist Aladdin fic and it's also a ground breaker. I haven't found any fics like this yet. I just hope people like this.

"Of Sorcerers and Mischief"

On Morbia, Mirage was enjoying the scene playing out in her crystal ball. Watching chaos and turmoil in the making was her favorite pastime. "Let's see how my son is doing." The scene in the crystal ball changed to show a pale-skinned, dark-clothed sorcerer talking to a floating book. The sorcerer was obviously Mozenrath. He called the book's directions "mere child's play." The scene changed again to show Mozenrath trapped under some rubble. He pounded his left fist on the floor and said, "No! It's not fair!" The scene changed one more time to show the sorcerer sitting on the floor with his knees drawn up to his chest, his arms wrapped around his knees, and his forehead resting on his knees. "Who cares? I've lost everything!"

Mirage hissed. "I've seen enough! He thinks he can act like a spoiled kitten? I'll teach him a lesson he won't soon forget!"

In the Land of the Black Sand, Mozenrath sat on the floor of his ruined Citadel. His eel familiar was floating nearby, unsure of what to say or do. Mozenrath's latest plan to gain ultimate power had failed. At that moment, all Mozenrath felt like doing was crawling into bed and sleeping 'till noon.

Suddenly, the raven-haired sorcerer disappeared from the Citadel and reappeared on Morbia in Mirage's throne room. "Mozenrath."

Mozenrath looked up, saw Mirage, and stood up. "Mother. To what do I owe the honor?"

"Your deplorable actions."

Mozenrath crossed his arms. "Explain."

"I do not need to explain myself to you. However, since you can't seem to act your age, I need to teach you a lesson."


Aladdin was doing a handstand albeit rather shaky while Jasmine looked on. "Are you trying to impress me, Aladdin?"

"Is it working?"

Jasmine poked Aladdin in the chest with one finger, causing him to fall into the fountain. "Yes."

Aladdin and Jasmine kissed. Genie was sunbathing, and Carpet was rolled up, being a prop for Genie's feet. Iago and Abu were relaxing in the shade, eating grapes. It was the perfect day. (AN: Kind of).

All of the sudden, there was a flash of blue light to Jasmine's left. To everyone's surprise, it was a little boy no older than five. He had black, curly chin-length hair and was wearing blue shirts and pants with a black cape with a gold trim and black boots and on his right hand was a brown glove with a black stripe on the cuff.

"Who are you?" Aladdin asked, climbing out of the fountain.

The boy said nothing. Jasmine looked at the boy, noting the clothes and pale skin color. She whispered to Aladdin, "He looks like Mozenrath."

Misunderstanding what Jasmine said, Aladdin demanded, "Did Mozenrath send you?"

The boy shook his head. "I did not send myself here."

"Huh?" Aladdin asked.

"The Princess already figured it out."

"But you can't be Mozenrath! You're five-years-old!" Jasmine exclaimed.

Genie stopped sunbathing and popped over to the trio of humans. He circled the raven-haired boy. "He could be Twisted Wizard Boy." He got thrown back by blue-black magic. "Yep. He is."

"Who did this to you?" Jasmine inquired.

"Mirage," Mozenrath replied.

"Why would she do this?" Genie questioned.

"Because she's my mother and Evil Incarnate."

It was at this point that Iago, Abu, and Carpet came over. Iago turned to look at the young sorcerer and joked, "So, she turns you into a little kitten."

The boy sorcerer narrowed his eyes at the parrot. "I am NOT a kitten!" Mozenrath exclaimed, magic crackling around the Gauntlet.

Jasmine placed a hand on Mozenrath's shoulder. "We're trying to help you, Mozenrath, so if you wouldn't use your magic against us, it would be appreciated."

Mozenrath turned and looked into Jasmine's brown eyes. "I won't make any promises, Princess, but I'll try."

Jasmine smiled. "You can call me Jasmine."

"Jasmine." Suddenly, the Gauntlet was slipped off of his arm. Mozenrath gasped and hid his arm with his cloak. Both the sorcerer and the princess looked at who was holding the Gauntlet.

"It would be easy to make sure you don't use this against us if you didn't have it," Aladdin said.

"My Gauntlet! Give it back!"

"I don't think so, Mozenrath," Aladdin smirked.

"Give it back!" Mozenrath yelled.

Aladdin held the glove just out of the boy's reach. The sorcerer jumped to reach it, but missed due to Aladdin moving the glove up. He tried again, but with the same result. This continued on for a few minutes before Jasmine got tired of it.

"Stop it!" Jasmine exclaimed, snatching the Gauntlet away from Aladdin. She handed it back to Mozenrath, who took it and turned his back to Jasmine. He put it on and turned back around. "Before we go into the Palace, Mozenrath needs different clothes. Genie, if you'll do the honors?"

Genie circled the boy before zapping clothes onto him. He was wearing a floor length black robe, maroon belt and sleeves, and a black cape lined in red. Jasmine cringed. It was the Jafar look. "No, Genie. Try something lighter."

Genie thought for a moment and then zapped different clothes onto him. He was wearing beige pants, a tan belt, purple best, and a red fez. Jasmine suppressed a giggle. Genie had zapped a smaller version of Aladdin's clothes onto Mozenrath. It was then that Jasmine saw Mozenrath's right arm. She gasped. "What happened?"

"I gave my right arm for power," Mozenrath explained.

"Well, we'll need to cover that arm," Jasmine mentioned.

"I don't see why my clothes were inappropriate."

"It would be easier to escape the attention of your enemies if you were in different clothes."

"You win, Jasmine, but I am not wearing this!"

"Of course not. Genie, if you would."

Genie replaced the "Aladdin" clothes with something much better. Mozenrath was wearing beige pants and shirt and cape, which was lined in purple and a gold belt and shoes and shoulder accents. Jasmine smiled. It was a smaller version of the outfit Aladdin wore when he first came to the palace (aka Aladdin's Prince Ali clothes). "That looks good."

Mozenrath looked the clothes over. "They'll do."

"Well, let's head into the Palace." Jasmine turned to go inside, but Aladdin put a hand on her arm.

"What about your father and the guards?"

"I'll tell my father now and Razoul later." Jasmine placed a hand on Mozenrath's back. "Let's go."

Jasmine and Mozenrath began walking towards the Palace. Jasmine took her hand off his back, and Mozenrath unconsciously held the Princess's hand, which made her smile. Aladdin scowled. Mozenrath was getting too close to Jasmine like a son would do to his mother. Aladdin rushed over, grabbed Mozenrath's left hand, and pulled on it, making the sorcerer stumble but not fall. Mozenrath released Jasmine's hand. Aladdin was mad at the sorcerer for playing Jasmine like a fool.

"Don't touch her!" Aladdin yelled. "Don't you touch her, Mozenrath! You think you're fooling everyone with that innocent act, but not me!"

When Aladdin started yelling at him, Mozenrath unconsciously hid behind Jasmine. Jasmine noticed this. "Stop it, Aladdin! He's not hurting anyone, so what does it matter if he's acting or not? Come on, Mozenrath." This time is was Jasmine who took a hold of Mozenrath's gloved hand.

As Aladdin watched them leave, Iago landed on Aladdin's shoulder. "Smooth move, Al."

"He's playing Jasmine like a fool. Why can't she see that?"

"Why would he go this far just to trick people?" Genie piped up.

"It is a bit extreme, but I still wouldn't put it past him."