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'blah' means thoughts

"blah" means speaking

AN: This chapter is an alternate ending for the last chapter. I have been asked by one reviewer to do this chapter, and here it is. It will start with a line from the previous chapter, but to set the scene up, this chapter takes place after Mozenrath gets tripped down the stairs by Iago and Genie proves his innocence.

Jasmine brushed a lock of hair out of Mozenrath's face. "Are you all right?"

"I'm all right, Jasmine. It's just a scratch."

"If you say so."

Mozenrath stood up. "It's nothing."

Just then, Mirage appeared.

"Mirage!" Aladdin exclaimed.

"Mother?" Mozenrath questioned.

"Change him back!" Jasmine demanded.

"Why should I? He's much better this way," Mirage purred.

"Then, why you come here if not to change him back?" Aladdin challenged.

"Just to personally see how things were progressing. Now I see things are progressing very well." Mirage disappeared.

"No!" Mozenrath fell to his knees. "No."

Jasmine approached the young sorcerer and knelt down, noticing the unshed tears in Mozenrath's eyes. "Mozenrath, you are welcome to stay here."

"That's kind of you, Jasmine." Mozenrath stood up, tears spilling down his cheeks. "But I don't want to be a little kid!"

To everyone's surprise, Mozenrath ran back into the palace, tears streaming from his eyes.

"Mozenrath!" Jasmine called, standing back up.

The young sorcerer heard Jasmine calling for him, but he didn't stop running. The five-year-old kept running until he couldn't run anymore. He looked around. He couldn't tell where he was! 'I'm lost, alone, and stuck like this,' Mozenrath thought, depressed. He slid down, his back against the wall, until he was sitting down with his arms wrapped around his knees. He rested his forehead on his knees. He sighed, his tears slowly slightly.


"I'm going to look for him," Jasmine announced.

"Jas, he's probably in his room," Aladdin reasoned. "Mirage abandoning him like that came as a big shock. He probably just needs some time to himself."

"He's been by himself for most of his adult life, and that's all right. However, he's a child right now, and children should never be left alone," Jasmine protested as she walked toward the palace.

"Hang on, Jas. We'll come with you," Aladdin said.

Jasmine, Aladdin, Genie, Carpet, and Abu walked up to Mozenrath's room. Jasmine knocked on the door. "Mozenrath, are you in here?" She pushed the door open to reveal no Mozenrath. "He's not here."

"He's somewhere in the palace," Genie pointed out.

"Let's split up and look for him," Jasmine suggested.

The rest of the day had passed with no sign of the little dark haired sorcerer. The next morning (after breakfast), the quintet continued their search.

Aladdin had questioned Razoul, but the Head Guard hadn't seen the boy for awhile. Jasmine asked her father, but he hadn't even seen the young sorcerer since Razoul had thrown him in the dungeons. Genie checked the upper floors, Abu looked in the smaller spaces, and Carpet checked the lower floors. Carpet was the one who had success.

Carpet immediately slid itself under the boy's feet and proceeded to whisk the young sorcerer off to the first person it could find: Aladdin.

"Mozenrath! Where have you been?" Aladdin yelled.

"In the palace," whispered the five-year-old, getting off of Carpet.

Just then, a flying eel came in through a nearby window. He paused for a moment before wrapping his body around Mozenrath's shoulders. "Xerxes found Master."

Mozenrath brushed the eel away. "Yes. You have."

"Xerxes was worried. He thought Master was dead."

"Obviously I'm not."

"Xerxes never considered Master to be the weak child that he is," Xerxes murmured to himself. Unfortunately for the eel, Mozenrath heard him.

Magic crackled around the Gauntlet before the sorcerer raised it and fired, sending the eel flying out the window he used to get inside the palace.

"Nice shot," Aladdin said to himself.

"Thank you." Mozenrath obviously overheard Aladdin's compliment.

"So, where were you all this time?" Aladdin asked as they started walking.

"I'm not too sure where I was," Mozenrath admitted.

"So, you were lost?"


"I got lost the other day," the raven-haired teen mentioned, trying to make the little boy feel better. "It took me a few hours to find my way back."

By that time, they made their way out to the garden, where Jasmine had been pacing. When they got closer, Aladdin called out, "Look who Carpet found, Jas!"

Jasmine stopped pacing and looked up. Relief washed over her face like a wave. "Mozenrath!" She ran over and grabbed him up in a hug. "Thank goodness! Everyone was so worried!"

"Jasmine, let me go!"

Jasmine released him. "My offer still stands." She smiled at him.

"What about my kingdom?"

"You can still rule it, but from the safety of Agrabah," Jasmine answered.

"When you grow up, you can go back to the Citadel," Aladdin put in.

Genie ruffled Mozenrath's hair. "That's right, kiddo. You can stay here."

"I think I will."


Jasmine told the Sultan that Mozenrath was staying with them indefinitely. When he turned seventeen, he left to go back to the Land of the Black Sand with the promise of future visits.