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Shinji sat at the table staring absently at his food. The room seemed to surround him, choking the air which he so desperately needed to survive. The meal was set and all those who needed to be there were, yet there seemed to be two black holes of nothingness on opposite sides. The walls had caved in and were starting to crush Shinji. This was a night he neither, wanted to be here or wanted to be alone.

The day had gone by smoothly in the beginning. There had been no plans, no falls and, no tears. There was something that had lingered on Shinji's wall though, when he had awoken. It had breathed in the cold and only exhaled the warm air as if it were a living exhaust pipe. He had been dreaming of pandemonium and anarchy, without any true basis of reality to use as foundation.

Then his body was shaken by the sound of his alarm clock. It was a small one, created in the design of a Penguin. It had originally been his teacher's but Shinji won it off her when she lost a bet on how many students would show up to class one day. Shinji slowly moved from his resting ground and hit the alarm clock over the head harshly. He then repeatedly did it three more times, in five minute intervals.

When the ground had truly begun to shake, Shinji had been like a man standing on top of a small platform, which was on a ten foot aluminum pole. The worst place to be during an earthquake, or Armageddon, whichever one wished to call it.

Asuka grabbed him and shook him like he was a rag doll. She was calling his name and was probably saying something about how stupid he was. He took it in strides though and threw the covers off of himself to quickly get out of bed. This plan of action seemed to be futile as he had miscalculated something.

Asuka slapped him on the face and started yelling about how much of a pervert he was. She was laughing a little though, as she had made a mental note on the fact that this seemed to be happening more frequently then not. Shinji jumped up and ran into the bathroom. Asuka's first thought was to follow him, but decided instead to get his stuff ready, which seemed to be covering the floor.

Shinji often wondered why his mother always let Asuka in like that. Why couldn't his mother just wake him up. It truly didn't seem to be too hard of a task. He washed his face off with some soap and he began to look at himself in the mirror. You get very self conscious when you get woken up half naked everyday by a beautiful girl.

He had quickly gotten out and he ate breakfast like it was going to be his last. The both of them had run out the door so quickly that he had barely enough time to get his footing. Asuka was laughing for no reason, yet she seemed incapable of talking. The silence rang in his ears. He was tempted to listen to music but she would probably take offense to it.

They got into the class a couple of minutes early. Shinji just discussed with Kensuke and Touji about the normal daily affairs. The photo ring the three of them were running had been moving along slowly. They were trying to compete with the two other ones that had found there way onto the school grounds. They had had many problems about getting someone to take most of the pictures, as Touji would be easy to spot and Shinji always seemed to have Asuka not far behind. Kensuke was the most likely to take the photos but he didn't seemed very interested.

Asuka was chatting away freely with Hikari, not truly getting anywhere but the two of them seemed to like just running their mouths off into the sky, waiting for them to fall back down. The rest of the class was pretty silent and nothing was happening.

After their teacher Misato made a very, unprofessional entry into her class, the days events started to unfold. Shinji was chatting on his laptop about things with Touji when all of the sudden someone else started to instant message to him. Being very surprised he looked around the room wondering who this could be. After giving up, he started to talk back. Honestly he was surprised; no one ever took notice to him. When it came to the three stooges Touji was the out spoken leader and was often the one to talk to when someone asked the three of them a question. The only other person who took notice to Shinji was Asuka. There really wasn't anyone else who cared about his existence. He was pretty invisible.

When the class was almost over, the person asked Shinji to join her (he was almost sure she was girl) outside during the break between classes. Shinji asked her at the end what her name was and that he honestly didn't know who he was talking to. When he sent that he heard a distinguishable laugh from behind him, he bit his lip and looked at the screen. "Rei" was all that it said. "Shit" Shinji swore to himself. This was the one girl he did not want this to be. Ever since her "interesting" first class Asuka had acted like she was an annoying bitch who was full of herself. If Asuka saw him talking to Rei, she would skin him alive.

One disease Shinji seemed to suffer from though was the one of honour. Once he had given his word he would not back down. This semi-suicidal mentality had already gotten him into some trouble but he still stood by it. Sometimes he viewed himself as a masochist and other times he just thought of himself as a slave to routine. Neither of which, upon further consolation, he would deem to be a good thing.

When the break started and Shinji escaped the sight of Asuka, he made his way outside. He was surprised to see that girl already there. Then again he was turning around every two seconds expecting to see one of the scariest things in the world, an angry Asuka. Rei was twiddling her legs in an abnormal fashion, and she seemed to be whistling to herself. Since her arrival she had seldom made any friends and seemed to enjoy her own company more then that of people. This seemed alien to Shinji who had been alone most of his life, and would have jumped on any chance to escape from it. Something he did.

When she saw him, Rei gave Shinji one hell of a scare. She got up and hugged him. Shinji almost immediately pulled away and took a few steps back. "Sorry, that was uncalled for," Rei said, realizing that Shinji was not comfortable in that situation. Shinji was about to apologize, even if it was for nothing. Rei cut him off though, which Shinji was a little happy about since he didn't think that that was the right thing to do. "I want to say sorry for that whole mishap on the first day. I went a little overboard. I was just so surprised when I saw you in the class."

Shinji stared at her, there was something up. Being with Asuka for extentded periods of time taught him how to know if a girl is just saying something without there being a meaning. "Well, I am sorry too, I shouldn't have been running and well, sorry" Shinji said. He kicked himself mentally though because he had just done what he was trying not to. Seeing the angry in Shinji's eyes Rei laughed to herself slightly.

The two of them continued discussing things, things that Shinji hadn't really talked much about with other people. Then again, Shinji never really talked to anyone. He had once decided that when he got older he would become a mute, just because it would be easier that way.

At the end of the break, the two of them walked back into class, slowly, as if they were ants coming back from carrying something many times their weight. When they got slightly close to the class Shinji said something about how he had forgotten something. Rei stared at him weirdly and just shrugged her shoulders. Shinji turned around and hid around a corner. He waited until no one could say that the two of them were walking together somewhere.

Shinji arrived right before the bell rung and sighed inwardly; freeing himself from the stress he had just built up inside of himself. He sat at his desk and opened his laptop. The class was mostly uneventful and peaceful, that is until another strange person started to talk to him. Shinji smiled to himself, he seemed to be popular today, or at least by his standards. The person wrote the message "Aren't you and Asuka together?" Shinji quickly turned around trying to see who the hell was talking to him. He quickly responded "No!".

Then another unexpected thing happened. The person wrote "I saw you and Rei! Be more careful, because Asuka didn't respond the same way." Shinji froze. His mind shut down and his lungs lost all of their air. As if he had forgotten how to breath Shinji tried to eat the air around himself. How could this be happening? Who was this person? There was no way that Asuka would ever say that, so he knew the person was bluffing, yet the person seemed to care about Asuka's and Shinji's relationship enough to try to rule out any person threatening it. He breathed in deeply when he figured this out. It had seemed to take some of the pressure off of him.

When lunch came around, the three stooges were eating at the balcony (or roof, I can't remember which it was in the show). Shinji was making a deal to buy all Asuka pictures from the ring, and a couple Rei ones too. The other two had no troubles about the Asuka thing, Touji was happy when Shinji mentioned Rei but Kensuke seemed a little troubled.
Then without warning, disaster stroke; Rei walked towards them. She was pretty close too, when the three noticed. Shinji panicked, didn't this girl have any common sense. If Asuka saw, then it would mean the death of all three. Shinji's first idea was jumping and praying, but he decided that would just make him look a little suspicious. So he ruled that idea out. Touji, when he noticed he practically ran as fast as he could without looking to obvious. Kensuke noticed too late and was stuck where he was sitting.

"Hey Shinji!" Rei said in this ultra happy voice. Both Shinji's and Kensuke's mouths dropped to the ground. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. She walked up to Shinji and hugged him. Yep, she was a hugger. Shinji was too surprised to do anything and so the hug lasted a little longer then expected. Unlucky for Shinji though Asuka and Hikari were walking that way. Shinji was so mortified yet he couldn't move. As if the gods intervened though, Hikari saw first, gave Shinji a mean stare and diverted Asuka in another direction, and Asuka never noticed. Things clicked and Shinji realized that it was Hikari who had threatened him.

Shinji then diverted his attention towards Rei. "Hello! How is it going?" Shinji asked forcing the words to come out.

"Fine, fine," Rei said letting go and taking a couple steps back.

"You want to go back on the ground and talk?" Shinji said, getting a little more comfortable. Rei muttered an agreement and the two of them left the balcony. Leaving a still flabbergasted Kensuke sitting in the same spot.

The two of them talked about life and how everything is going. They discussed music, movies, hobbies and Shinji really felt like there was something between the two of them. He had never really met anyone so similar to him. What scared him though was that Rei was getting comfortable, very comfortable. She was moving closer and closer to him. Until finally she was practically on top of him. A position Shinji found most comfortable. Asuka wasn't one for human contact. Then the bell rung and the two of them got up. Rei then did something that was totally unexpected. She kissed Shinji, just a little peck. Not really big enough to mean anything, except for the fact that it was Shinji's first kiss. Good lord was this Rei girl ever strange.

When the two of them got into class and sat down, Shinji was just hoping to put his head down and sleep. Instead when he opened his laptop he got a scary message. "What the fuck! Why the hell did you do that? I saved you the first time but I wasn't able to the second time! You are a royal dumbass you know!" Shinji quickly turned around to see Hikari steaming angry. Although, surprisingly enough, Asuka seemed completely normal.

Shinji swallowed hard.

At the end of the day, Shinji barely caught up to Asuka, to walk home like usual. When he had left the school she wasn't waiting for him like usual and had already started to walk home. Surprisingly enough, she was still acting normal, as if Shinji wasn't there. When he caught up to her he asked "What is wrong?" To which he received no reply. Shinji then had continued to repeat this all the way until they got into their apartment building to no avail. When they started to climb the stairs, the silence was killing Shinji. When they got half way up, in the middle of a flight of stairs, Asuka sat down.

Then tears just started to build up in her eyes. "What, do I have to flash you my panties too to get you to kiss me?" She asked. This set Shinji totally aback and he almost fell. Then she actually raised her skirt and flashed him her panties. Which almost killed Shinji. Then she stood up and was acting as if she was about to kiss him. Which Shinji stopped mid-way. Asuka just fell back down and started crying.

"What am I not good enough for you? I did all that bitch did!" Asuka cried. She then put her head into her hands. Shinji stared at her for a couple of seconds until she just started to run away. Shinji tried to stop her but it didn't help.

As if this day couldn't get any worse the days previously decided plans included Asuka coming over to Shinji's for supper.

When Asuka entered through the door, there was no talking. She seemed to be fine, excluded slightly swollen eyes. The meal was pretty silent and uneventful. Shinji's parent's kept trying to talk to either one of the two but was receiving no replies.

Finally at the end of the meal the two of them went into the living room to watch some television like the usually did on these sorts of occasions. Again all it was just silence, as if the both of them had forgotten their voice boxes somewhere else. Finally the both of them sat on the couch. After a minute or two Asuka moved and started to lean on Shinji.

Shinji swallowed hard.

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