Gone Going

"Kiss me, once more. Kiss me."

And I did. I poured out all my love, my passion, my anguish. One last kiss, for you and me to share. One last kiss, after a line of many. One kiss, before you died, and took my heart with you.

I felt you sigh, exhaling the life from her body. She was gone, going. My Trinity, my lover, my friend, my warrior, my "Holy Spirit" was leaving me, gone, going to a place that I could not follow her to.

I sobbed, although tears could not fall from my ruined eyes. I don't know how long I stayed inside the Logos, but I think I fainted. When I awoke, I knew what had to be done.

How paradoxical, that something so evil could be so beautiful…The city pulsed with golden light. When I reached the border of the city, I made a deal with the machines: if I could destroy Smith, then there would be peace.

As the machines plugged me in, I felt the shadow of a grin pass over my lips. There's nothing, my darling Trinity, more dangerous than a man who has nothing to lose. I would kill Smith, and I didn't give a damn if I died in the process.

There was nothing left in the Matrix besides Smith. He had copied himself onto every coppertop, every program. Yes, even the Oracle. I only battled against the Oracle/Smith. We rained punches and kicks and blows onto each other, doing our level best to defeat each other. And, oh God, he nearly succeeded. But he said to me, "Everything that has a beginning has an end, Neo."

He had never called me Neo before…My eyes widened in surprise. It was the Oracle, speaking through Smith. If you add positive one to negative one, what to you get? Zero. Zilch. Nothing. I knew what had to be done. It was inevitable. As he rammed his hand into my stomach, I closed my eyes and let go. I let the black tar envelope me and turn me into one of Smith's billions of copies. I felt the jolt of energy that deleted Smith and killed me in the process. But I was ready for it. Even when we were alive, I could not be away from you for more than a day, two at most. Once Smith was dead, there was nothing left for me in Zion or in the Matrix. I had everything to gain by dying. I knew you were waiting, your arms outstretched, and your cerulean eyes filled with love. My only purpose is to spend eternity with you.