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Samurai Love

Deep in the mountains of California lay a secret ninja academy who trained warriors to defend Earth from the most vile of creatures. At the moment this quaint little school was in a state of calm and relax, it had been so for the past year. The wind, thunder, and samurai rangers had defeated the evil space ninja, Lothor, with the help of the legendary black and white ranger. After the battle the warrior was reveled to be a girl by the name of Kamika Watanabe. The same girl that had disappeared from the Wind Academy 18 years prior. The samurai ranger, Cam Watanabe, and the his father, Sensei Kanoi, were relieved to have their sister/daughter back home. Though as time went on and her past was revealed the men of the family began to realize what kind of person Mika had turned out to be. Trained as a guardian of time, Mika was a master samurai and ninja at only the tender age of 18, and had seen many battles from missions she was sent on from the Keepers. This experience had changed the young girl and her will to stay in one place was testing her patience, especially where no one could relate to what she had gone through; not even her father who constantly worried about her well being. For this young prodigy however, the modern world gave her a headache, from all the noise, pollution, and stares she would receive from her streaked hair, Her natural midnight black hair with three pure white streaks she received when she became an official samurai at the age of 15 while on a mission to Japan in 1552. She had taken to wrapping her hair up under a hat so know one would see them and stare. She was so ashamed of this act that she had tried to end her own life and die with some honor left, but her father had caught her and had forbidden her to, being a ninja the moral codes were very different from Bushido. If Mika had a choice she would very rarely use her ninja skills and only her samurai powers, for these were what she connected with and felt closer to her mother who had also become a samurai, but had been forced to stay in the modern world by the Keepers. Late at night a lone figure could be found wondering up to the rooftops wishing, praying to anyone who would listen that she would be given a chance for the life she dreamed of and maybe, by chance, someone to love, that understood the feelings of a misguided child.

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