Meredith groaned and rolled to hit the button the alarm clock. It was an obnoxiously loud alarm clock. She sometimes fantasized about slicing into with a scalpel and disembowelling all of its little whirligigs and clock parts. Silencing the evil machine, she closed her eyes again, not willing to wake up just yet. A pair of strong arms pulled her back into a warm cocoon.

"Mmmmmm." Derek muttered as he inhaled her hair, still sleeping.

"Derek, I have to get up." She sighed, trying to disentangle herself without waking him up too much. She hadn't checked his planner last night to see when he had to be in. She would check it before her shower and set the alarm for him. Scooting safely to the edge of the bed, she made her way to the bathroom. Toothbrush in hand, working on her teeth, she glanced at Derek's planner on the desk, and saw he didn't need to be in til 9.

She started the water to heat up and reset the alarm, pausing to glance at the man sleeping in her bed. He looked peaceful. His hair was bed mussed, but he was so handsome he took her breath away still. And he loved her. Not just loved her, he said his entire life was based around her now. That was pretty intense.

She stepped into the shower and closed her eyes, letting the hot water soak into her hair and wash away the tensions. All of a sudden a body pressed up against her, and lips travelled along her neck, raising gooseflesh, causing her to shriek in alarm.

"Derek! You scared me," she said, closing her eyes as his fingers brushed against her nipples and they hardened.

"I could feel you looking at me, and I thought you needed this maybe." He whispered into her ear, as he traced circles around her nipples.

"Oh really? " she moaned, arching back into him. He was using his lips and his teeth to nibble on her neck and shoulder, while he teased her breasts, his hands cupping their fullness, and stroking her nipples into taut pebbles of agony and pleasure.

"I have, um… " she trailed off as he dipped one hand to tease down her abdomen before he found what he sought. He used his fingers to stroke between the lips of her neatly shaven pussy, before rubbing her clitoris lightly and briefly with the pad of his index finger.

"You have what?" he asked innocently.

"God who cares." She sighed, trying to move her hands between them and grasp him. She could feel his hardness pressing against her.

He stroked his finger up and down, feeling her clit enlarge under his finger, her lips spreading apart as they swelled with blood. Her hips were moving of their own accord, pressing back into him. She was starting to make that sound in the back of her throat that drove him crazy. He turned her around, and running his hands through here hair and kissing her forcefully, before he turned her again the other way and pushed her against the wall of the shower. Taking her arms, he held them up over her head, flat on the wall.

"Please Derek," she pleaded with him.

"Please what?" he asked her, running his hands down her waist, cupping her ass in his hands.

"I want you." She told him. Spreading her legs. He moved between them, and braced himself on the wall with one hand, the other taking his throbbing cock in hand. He rubbed it between the junction of her thighs, enjoying the slick feel of her. The hot water from the shower was beating down on his back. He took his cock, and rubbed it up and down on her clit a few times, listening to her moan. Finally he guided into her tightness, from behind, feeling her pussy swallow him bit by bit. He pulled out almost all the way, slowly, and then pushed back in again. Taking his hand, he found her clit and nimbly worked it back and forth, stroking it the way he knew drove her crazy. He could feel her tightening around him. He started to drive into her faster, not going as far out , but going deeper, as deep as she could take him inside of her.

"Oh Fuck, Derek…. Fuck" she screamed as she started to cum, her pussy getting almost impossibly tight until he felt like he was going to die and he started to release inside of her. He rested his forehead on her while he continued to spasm inside of her, for what seemed like an eternity, until he felt completely spent and drained.

"Well Good morning to you too Dr Shepherd." She giggled, as he stood there collapsed against her, pushing her into the shower wall. " But I really do have rounds."

He felt shaky, but he stood up turning her around and kissing her. "Thank you."

"I'm the one who had the screaming orgasm " she reminded him.

"Mine was too intense for screaming." He joked. "And now I have to go back to bed, because my young intern is sapping me of life. I'll see you at work."

"K." she smiled, grabbing the shampoo to finish her shower. Derek stopped as he was getting out, and turned back to her, "I love you Mer."

She looked up and smiled , "I love you too."