Once Upon A Time

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Morpheus stood alone by the corridor, looking at the dark horizon. How long had it been since this temporary truce was called?

Unlike other Zion citizens, Morpheus didn't believe the war was over. Deep down, he knew it was only a matter of time until Deus ex Machina changed his mind and ordered another attack. And if the time should come, there was no chance for the last human city to survive.

He closed his eyes for a moment and let out a long sigh.

How much he had to sacrifice in order to restore peace to this last human city? How many times did he have to cut his own heart for the utmost importance?

It seemed like yesterday when he was crossed by a trusted henchman and lost most of his crews. It felt like an hour ago that his craft was torn apart, and like a second earlier that he bid his last goodbye to his last original crews.

Now, he was tired.

He was tired of being a role model to Zion citizens, tired of being a leader in a rebel against the Machine, but worst of all, he was tired of fighting.

No one asked him why he usually spent time staring at the dark horizon as they all assumed he was planning something big. They all believed that he was waiting for the time he could get on a new craft, recruit new crews, so he could link back into the Matrix and free more minds. He wouldn't say they were wrong, but then they weren't exactly right either.

Yes, he was waiting for a new craft to finish, but no, he wasn't looking forward to freeing more minds. He had another plan, the plan that would surely be stopped had anyone found out what he intended to do.

Hell, he didn't care what other people thought anymore. After all those sacrifices he had made for the city, it was fair for him to do something for himself just once. He had to know what happened to Neo and Trinity after they went into the Machine City.

If they died, he would do everything in his power to get their bodies back to Zion. He owed them that much – Neo, for ending this war, and Trinity, for everything they had been through together.

He had to carry out this little mission even if it meant his life because he wouldn't be able to rest in peace again until he knew what happened and how it happened. To hell with peace, it was only temporary anyway.

When Niobe got out of her cabin in the middle of the night, she didn't expect to see anyone. Yet, she wasn't surprised when she saw a man in dark red clothing which indicated his status as a captain of a hovercraft.

It was normal for Morpheus to be up at nights, planning on something big. Only this time, she couldn't tell what plot was on his ingenious mind.

So, she approached to him and greeted, "Hey, Morpheus. What are you doing up?"

Morpheus turned to look at the much smaller woman for a second then he turned back to the dark sky.

"They are building a new ship for me," he replied.

Niobe knitted her brows and stared at Morpheus's back. The answer was quite uncharacteristic for him, yet she decided to ignore the fact.

"They're doing the same for me too," she commented.

"I miss it, Niobe," Morpheus remarked.

Niobe blinked in perplexity as she couldn't figure out what it really was. Her best guess was that Morpheus missed his former ship, the Nebuchadnezzar, but somehow that didn't sound right.

"The Neb?" she wondered.

Shaking his head slightly, he corrected, "The Old Man."

"But you never missed it before," she countered. "Not since that ship was destroyed almost two decades ago."

"It was the first ship I lost," he reasoned.

"It was the first ship we lost," Niobe corrected.

Morpheus nodded in agreement before he took a deep breath. Gently, Niobe placed her hand on his forearm to show him support. He turned to give her one of his rare smiles.

"I never had any doubt when I made a choice, Niobe," he claimed. "I may have a few regrets, but at least I always know I did the good thing. But there were times, when I wondered if my crews made the right decision."

"It wasn't your fault they died, Morpheus," said Niobe. "They chose to do it. She chose to do it."

"I know, but it still doesn't keep me from wondering."

Niobe turned to look at the man who was standing right next to her again and saw that even though he was there talking to her, his mind was drifted to some place else, the place that only existed in their fading memories, the ship that had been destroyed by the Machines since a long time ago, the Methuselah…

To Be Continued

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