Since Aftermath…

It's been a year. Vala has moved in with Daniel and Ettan. Sam's had her baby, a beautiful baby girl named Rose. Cameron and Carolyn are "going steady" as are Teal'c and Ishta. Adria hasn't really shown up much in the past year and it's getting to the point where they're starting to get edgy.

The water was up to Daniel's ankles by now. He could hear a voice, calling and begging for help. He listened closer, wading towards the desperate voice, the water swirling higher too fast for comfort. He slowly treaded down a staircase, mind completely focused on not being pushed over by the harsh water. Finally he reached a door and passed his hand by the lock to open it. The water inside waved out, and Daniel was thrown off his feet, submerged by the raging waters. He felt something heavy float over his head and glanced up, realizing it had actually been a few minutes since he had heard the cries for help.

After a brief moment of horror and disbelief, Daniel's adrenaline kicked in and he pumped his limbs wildly, trying to push his head above the water.

"Daniel, there's only one Jumper left. We gotta go."


He could see himself…

Daniel was kneeling down, head bowed over something. The archeologist was wearing a tunic like he had worn before becoming a Prior but the surroundings and the situation was completely foreign to him.


The emerald was broken, a large and ugly crack running down the middle…


"Daniel! Daniel, wake up!"

Daniel's eyes flew open to see Vala's concerned face staring back at him.

"You were dreaming," she told him. With a groan, Daniel shifted to his back, rubbing his eyes with his fists.

"Yeah," he agreed. "I was."

"What about?" Vala asked curiously. Daniel shook his head.

"Just flashes."


He looked over to her, lips pursed. "I saw the picture of me from the Book of Origin and a cracked emerald."

Vala's hand flew to her neck and she pulled out a necklace. "Like this one?" she asked, displaying the gem from the jewelry Daniel had given her months ago. Daniel shook his head, eyes closed.

"I don't know."

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