Briar Elwood


Q and John's team had left to 2106, excited to explore the new frontier. Vala had begun to talk to Daniel again, though they still weren't back to as they were before. Cameron had proposed to Carolyn and Teal'c had proposed to Ishta. The four had decided to have a joint ceremony and every one of their friends in 2011 were invited. The marriage had been beautiful and, currently, the dancing, eating, drinking and over-all merry-making was in progress. Daniel was getting edgy as he spent time with the guys and finally excused himself, walking over to Vala.

"May I have this dance?" Daniel asked, a sly grin on his lips. Vala looked up from Jared.


She passed Jared to Sam, sitting besides her, and stood. Daniel led her to the dance floor, pulling her in closer.

"I'm glad for them," Vala said after a long pause of silence, well aware that Daniel's eyes were fixed on her. Daniel frowned, taken off guard.

"Cam and Teal'c?"

"And Carolyn and Ishta," Vala added. Daniel smiled.

"Yeah. We're the only two who aren't married now," he commented, watching her facial expression for some sort of reaction. He got none. He frowned, afraid he had said the wrong thing.



"Vala, please look at me."

Slowly, she raised her eyes to meet his. Forcing herself to stare into his gemmed eyes, Vala could feel her gaze wavering and shaking badly. Finally, she looked away, burying her face in Daniel's shoulder. Surprised, Daniel glanced around, still dancing. He patted her back with caution, feeling a wet spot form on his shirt.

"I love you," he heard through muffled sobs. Relief flooded through him like a tidal wave and he turned his head to whisper in her hair.

"Will you marry me?"

It was quiet for a moment. Again, fear coursed through Daniel. Maybe he had been to fast. But then he felt Vala's head move and he looked down to see her nodding vigorously.

"Yes," she whispered. "Yes."

A/N: And keep a weather eye on the horizon, my dear friends!!!!!! There is another fic coming up soon, called Myth. There's more action than the previous two, more secrets explained and a big finale! The end is near!

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