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Pairings: Heero/Usagi

Title: A Sealed Innocence



(Japanese Translations)


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The year is After Colony 182, June 21st. It was dawn; the morning sun had buried itself under the dark clouds, allowing very little light to get through. Rain had flooded the mountain pass like a thousand spears, destroying the homes of innocent creatures. Pine-scented trees covered the mud as its prickly leaves concealed anything that walked on their earth. A deathly silence had settled; the motionless trees and clandestine wildlife knew all too well what was to come.

Footsteps splashed as a woman well into her thirties sprinted towards the rigid road. Her clothes hung loose over her gaunt frame as she protectively held a bundle swathed in light blue in her arms. Hair radiating a dark blue trailed behind her as she ran. The woman blinked and let loose the tears from her dark purple eyes; there was no time for pain. Her brown trench coat failed miserably against the storm, while a dark brown knapsack of rationed supplies weighed heavily on her back.

The smoke was ripped apart by the mixtures of yellow, orange and red. Repulsing fumes drifted in the air like poison. Incalescent flames were spreading rapidly, feeding on the various flammable materials in its path. Fearful cries were heard as the deafening sounds of machine gunfire and explosions echoed from all direction. Pools of thick sanguine surrounded the many lifeless bodies that lay on the titanium-coated moon. One after the other, those bearing the mark of the golden crescent moon on their identification cards were being shot down or beaten to death. Others had suffocated from the large amount of smoke and some were burned to a crisp. Those that targeted them wore green camouflage. A white armband wrapped around each of their left arms, embellishing a black inversed crescent moon. Little did the soldiers know that two bearers of the golden mark were desperately making their way to a secret passageway.

A middle aged man with black hair and eyes was guiding his wife and baby cautiously through the labyrinth of fire. Their lab coats were torn and stained with blood, dirt and ash. One of the lenses of his black framed glasses had various cracks and he held a gun for protection. His wife cradled a light blue bundle in her arms. Her wavy hair were tangled and filled with soot. Their lungs ached from all the running and smoke. The heat was becoming unbearable, and the screams of terror made their hearts quicken.

"Mousugu no hazuda!" (It should be up ahead!) The man said in between breaths, holding his chest in pain. He noticed his wife starting to hinder and adjusted his speed. "Mou sukoshi sakida, Ikuko! Sugu tsuku zo!" (Just a little further, Ikuko! We're almost there!)

Ikuko nodded with a spark of determination and once again increased her pace. "Soune, Kenji. Serenity no tame ni, watashitachi ikinakya!" (You're right, Kenji. We have to survive, for Serenity's sake!) She paused, coughing sharply from all the smoke. "Shiroi Tsukino Zaidan no tame nimo ne." (And for the sake of the White Moon Foundation.)

"Oretachi ha ikiruzo!" (We will survive!) Kenji reassured. His breathing made more difficult from the carbon dioxide. He took a deep breath and continued. "Himitsu turo no tonneru no saigo niha kinnkyuu no shatoru ga aruhazuda. Burakku Munn Ichizoku ha sonokotoni kanshite ha shiranai. Sorewo tukatte nigeruzo!" (The secret passage should have an emergency shuttle at the end of the tunnel. The Black Moon Clan doesn't know about it. We'll use it to escape!)

Ikuko nodded, but was having strong doubts of them escaping and hesitated. "Watashitachi ikino koreru koto ga dekiruno kashira?" (Will we all even be able to make it out alive?) She was terrified; mainly because she feared losing her loved ones.

Kenji halted and gazed into her teary-filled eyes hard with determination. "Mochiron dekirusa! Shinpai suruna!" (Of course we will! Stop worrying!) He gently placed both hands on each of her shoulders and looked at her lovingly. "Nigekitte, oretachi sannin de atarashii jinsei wo hazimerunda. Yakusoku suru!" (We'll escape and the three of us will start a new life together. I promise!) Ikuko smiled weakly in reply and nodded as they continued to run.

"Asokoni aruwa!" (There it is!) Ikuko pointed to a spot on the metal wall at the right side of the hallway.

Kenji immediately searched for the concealed hand scanner with his right hand. The middle aged man started to panic when the door refused to open. He had been rubbing his hands on various parts of the wall in hopes to trigger the sensor. At each passing second, more sweat trickled down his temple. He felt his heart race when the thought of the scanner malfunctioning struck him like a thunderbolt. His stomach started to give him a regurgitating sensation. However, he refused to lose hope until his dying day. At least he knew that the walls were not only bulletproof and fireproof, but an effective place to put a secret passage.

Ikuko patiently stood beside him trying to soothe their daughter, while using the blanket to shield the child's face from the smoke. Kenji looked to his wife and noticed her pale face and heard several footsteps coming from both directions. They were surrounded and Kenji still had not found the scanner. Her heart started to beat faster with each passing second. The violent clamour of boots on the metal floor told her their enemy was closing in on them. She watched Kenji's lips move; he was speaking, but she could not hear over the sound of her beating heart. Everything was depending on these last few moments.

The thick metal door opened and Kenji motioned his wife to go through first. Ikuko ran inside a few feet but halted when she heard a gunshot and the sound of her beloved crying out in pain. She quickly turned around as Kenji's weak smile caused her heart to skip a beat. Her husband stood there motionless in a pool of blood, a bullet hole clearly visible in his chest. Kenji fell to his knees and panted in pain.

"Kenji!" Ikuko shrieked, tears started to rapidly fall from her eyes.

Kenji coughed out blood and smiled at his wife weakly. "Ikizutsukero! Ore ha itsumo aisiteru zo, Ikuko." (Just keep on living! I'll always love you, Ikuko.) He looked into her eyes lovingly one last time and immediately shut the door to the passageway before she could stop him, separating himself from his spouse.

"Dame! Kenji! Ikanaide! Hitori ni shinaide! Watashitachi ha anata ga hitsuyounano! Watashi ha anata ga hitsuyounano!" (No! Kenji! Don't leave me! Don't leave me all alone! We need you! I need you!) Ikuko sobbed as she fell to her knees, rapidly slamming against the thick metal door with her free hand. "Yakusoku shitajanai! Watashitachi sannin ha nigekitte, atarashii jinsei wo issyoni hajimeru tte kimetajanai!" (You just promised me! You promised the three of us would escape and start a new life together!)

Ikuko continued to let her tears fall, suddenly uncaring whether she lived or died. There was nothing left for her in this world. They had taken everything from her; the White Moon Foundation, her husband, her friends. Ikuko's eyes hardened with hatred, rage, and dismay. Just as she decided to give up, a squirm and a soft moan came from the bundle cradled in her arm. A spark of realization struck her at the thought of her precious daughter snuggling in her arms. For a moment, her heart was at ease. The woman held Serenity close to her chest. She felt the door pummelled by various bullets and explosives, and quickly stood up. It was only a matter of time before they broke down the door.

Determined now to escape, if only for her daughter, Ikuko ran towards the end of the corridor until she reached a small hangar. The automatic lights illuminated the room. She briefly skimmed the area and focused at the small shuttle stationed at the center. Not wasting another second, Ikuko went inside the spacecraft and punched in a coordinate. She spotted a group of soldiers running into the hangar one after the other and opened fire. The shuttle slowly made its way towards the tunnel. Her heart beat faster as the spacecraft gained momentum.

She could hear the sudden sound of violent explosions filling the hangar from where the shuttle was once stationed. Smoke clouded the computer screens' cameras for a few seconds. Once the smoke cleared, she saw the entire area had been completely annihilated. The soldiers that had previously entered the room now lay lifeless on the metal floor. Ikuko smiled having realized that the hangar had been set to self-destruct upon the shuttle's departure. She closed her eyes and thanked her husband and comrades for helping her for the last time. As the shuttle flew closer to the exit, the hangar's gate opened allowing them to escape the moon's orbit. She let out a sigh and embraced her baby gently. As she slowly closed her eyes in fatigue, the shuttle hurdled through the black abyss.

Its destination: Earth.

Three weeks had passed since that day, and the Black Moon Clan still continued their pursuit. The soldiers were always one step behind her, barely giving her enough time to catch her breath. She had snuck into a couple cities to stock up on supplies, but she never stayed long. Ikuko had lost a lot of weight from the lack of sleep and food, and the constant running. Every now and then, she would take a moment to eat and rest, or feed her daughter. Avoiding the police was necessary at every turn, for the clan had infiltrated the law enforcement of several countries.

Several pairs of footsteps sounded behind her; the men were hot on her trail. Ikuko took cover behind a bush, whispering a prayer that they would not find her or the dearly loved bundle in her arms. Eleven weapon bearing soldiers drew nearer to her hiding place, a black moon brand clearly visible on their arms.

Lightning struck the ground, followed by the familiar chorus of rumbling thunder. Each passing minute, the weather became fierce, and the strong winds shook the trees violently. Raindrops crystallized, piercing the air. It was evident that a hurricane was on the way.

The soldiers were having difficulty holding their ground. Lightning collided with a tree a few feet away, followed by the crackling of thunder. The impact created a spark of fire on its bark and quickly enveloped the entire tree. Seconds later, the tree keeled over and fell near the soldiers. One of them had caught fire on his back. He let out a scream, quickly diving to the ground and rolled. Some of the men ran to help their comrade put the fire out and guided him to safety. Fog was thickening and the temperature rapidly dropped as they continued their hunt. The commanding officer stopped abruptly, his soldiers following suit.

"Damn it! The weather's becoming unbearable!" The commanding officer exclaimed, trying to shield himself from the storm. He eyed his soldiers that stood in two single files and ordered. "Notify the base that a hurricane is approaching the vicinity. We'll have to continue our search tomorrow."

"Right away sir!" One of the soldiers obeyed and saluted. He grabbed his walkie-talkie and proceeded to contact their base.

The officer ordered, signalling his men to turn back. "Move out!" They all obeyed and ran in two single files from whence they had come.

With terrified-filled eyes, Ikuko decided to wait a little longer in case they returned. The snow continued to fall, sticking on her trench coat. A soft, innocent cry sounded from beneath the blanket. The woman rubbed the child's back hoping to prevent her from crying. She feared the child's loud cries would draw unwanted attention. After a few moments, the child became silent, and the woman let out a relieved sigh. A cold gasp of wind blew towards her as she shivered to keep warm. She slowly stood up and continued towards her destination with one thought in her mind; finding shelter for her baby. The snow turned to hail, pelting the ground and her skin harder, and the wind rougher. She ran for what seemed like an eternity until a small building appeared in the distance.

With what little strength she had left, she ran towards the small building with the words 'The Children's Orphanage' engraved on the front. She burst open the doors, startling the young brunette at the front desk. A white light blinded Ikuko momentarily as she took a few steps inside. As her eyes quickly adjusted to the brightness, she spotted the surprised woman, who wore a maroon, no-nonsense uniform. However, her hazel eyes and smile were kind. A small name tag on her left breast read '岩倉静香' (Iwakura Shizuka) in large Calibri font Kanji.

Ikuko carefully removed her daughter's blanket and kissed her child's forehead. Hugging her beloved daughter for the last time, she gently placed the baby on the floor and held the fabric tightly. The child let loose unhappy cries at the loss of her mother's heat. Before Shizuka could say anything, Ikuko dashed back through the front doors and ran off into the storm with the blanket clutched in her fingers. Tears fell from her eyes as she ran as far away from the orphanage as possible. She had left her only reason for existing in that orphanage; her precious Serenity, her most cherished memory.

Shizuka blinked in confusion and took a glimpse at the door. She stood up and stared at the wailing baby on the floor, then quickly went to pick her up. A little distraught, Shizuka gazed through the window in hopes of seeing a glimpse of the forlorn woman who had left the baby. Unfortunately, Ikuko was long gone, and the storm had already made it impossible to see clearly. She sighed. This situation was vexing. For what reason could the woman have left behind her child? She cradled the mysterious child in her arms and rocked her back and forth.

The child looked to be about a year or so old and Japanese origin. Shizuka noticed the golden blonde curls tied up into two pigtails, imitating the appearance of a bunny. The child's light pink clothing was surprisingly dry. Embroidered on the front was a picture of a fluffy white rabbit making rice cakes on the moon. The baby's eyes were tightly closed from the constant wailing.

What interested the brunette the most were the two bandages that formed an 'X' on the center of the baby's forehead. Concerned that the child might have gotten injured, Shizuka gently lifted the bandage and revealed a golden upright crescent moon that glowed brightly beneath it. Her eyes widened as questions flooded her mind. The brunette heard footsteps coming towards her, as she quickly put the bandage back on the child. She decided that it would be best if she kept it a secret from everyone until she figured out what that was. The footsteps belonged to one of the workers that wore the same uniform as her.

"Daijobu desuka, Shizuka-san?"(Is everything alright, Miss Shizuka?) The worker asked in confusion and stared at the howling baby in Shizuka's arms. "Nanika otetsudai shimasyouka?" (Shall I help you with anything?)

Shizuka was a little agitated upon the worker's entry and looked at the child sadly. "Doa no maede josei no hito ga konoko wo oite ittanoyo." (A woman left her in front of the door.) She sighed, while rocking the bundle soothingly and turned her attention to the woman. "Watashi ga nanika kanojo ni iumaeni, nigetano. Sorede kodomo ha nakiyamanaiwa." (Before I was able to say anything to her, she fled. Now the child won't stop crying.)

"Sugoku zannen dawa. Mada akachan nanoni." (That's very unfortunate. She's still a baby too.) The worker paused and looked at the child sadly. "Sigoto ga tsudukerareru youni, watashi nimo tetsudawasete kudasai. Nakiyamasete, kodomobeya ni tsureteikimasu." (Let me help you with her so you can continue your work. I'll try to calm her down, and then put her inside the toddler's room.) The worker offered with a smile.

Shizuka glanced at the child's bandage with an uncertain look. She was worried that the woman might remove the bandage and panic from seeing the mysterious light. If worst comes to worst, she might cause an uproar in the orphanage and attract the press. "Arigatou! Kodomo beya ni tsurete ikumaeni omutsu wo kaetene." (Thank you! Please change her diaper before you put her in the toddler's room.) Worried she might ask about the bandage, she continued in hopes the worker would not ask anything else. "Atamani kizuga arukara kiwotsuketene. Houtai wo mou harikaetakara, shinpai suru hitsuyou ha naiwa. Tonikaku, atode yousuwo mitekuwa." (She also has a small cut on her forehead so be gentle. I already replaced the bandage on her forehead so you don't have to worry about it. Anyways, I'll come down in a bit to check up on her.)

"Wakarimashita, gambarimasu!" (Alright, I'll do my best!) Without asking further questions, the worker nodded and carefully took the golden blonde from Shizuka's arms.

After the worker left with the baby, Shizuka went back to her desk at the front and pulled out an empty profile for the new orphan. There was not any information on the child, which irritated her a little. She decided to just name the child herself and write up a few rough estimates on the rest. It was not required to fill out the entire paper. All that was needed to be kept on file was the child's name, sex, date of birth, race, and arrival date.

Since she did not know her date of birth, Shizuka decided to put the prior year of today's date as her birth date; After Colony 181, June 21st. Finally, all that was left to fill out was the name of the orphan. Shizuka thought for a while about what name to give her. She remembered that the picture embroidered on the child's clothes and smiled. The thought of rabbits on the moon amused her. When she was a child, her mother used to tell her the story of a white rabbit living on the moon and making rice cakes. She smiled in remembrance and wrote the name '月野うさぎ' (Tsukino Usagi). The brunette let out an overjoyed smile at the name she came up with and quickly put Usagi's profile away. She hoped the worker that took Usagi had not removed the bandage. Smiling, she made her way to the toddler's room. On her way, she saw one of the supervisors running towards her with a stressed out expression.

In the toddler's room, one of the young boys was quietly sitting alone in the corner and hugging his knees. He had chocolate brown hair, shaped in a mushroom cut, and appeared to be around the age of two. His nationality was Japanese and he had already been living at the orphanage for a year. The child wore a white shirt with an imprint of a golden sun wearing black sunglasses, and matching forest green shorts and shoes.

His innocent Prussian blue eyes had been quietly observing the orphans while they played with the toys, kids and supervisors. The room was fairly small. It was filled with various children's toys, scattered picture books, colouring books, stuffed animals, balls, barbies, action figures, etc. There were three supervisors assigned to the toddler's room. Some of the children were intimidated by the thunder and were being soothed by the supervisors. The floor was covered by a crimson red carpet and the two windows each had dark red curtains, and white blinds. There were two mahogany doors that were side by side each other, in which they both led to the hallway.

The doors opened and one of the workers came in with an unfamiliar crying golden blonde. Two of the supervisors in the room quickly came to help the worker soothe the little one, but to no avail. The worker was gently rubbing the child's back and swaying her body back and forth. Nothing would silence the child. The supervisors were becoming irritated and one went to call Shizuka. After about twenty minutes of trying, the doors opened a second time and Shizuka walked in.

Prussian blue eyes gazed at the brunette in curiosity and watched as she confidently walked towards the loud noise. Her actions confused him because she did not come into the toddler's room often, and then buried his face on his knees. He saw her dismiss the two supervisors and watched as they went back to looking after the other kids. Shizuka looked at the baby and then at the woman she entrusted the child to.

"Usagi ga onaka shuiteru hazuyo. Kittchin ni itte atatakai miruku wo mottekurune." (Usagi must be hungry. I'll go get a bottle of warm milk from the kitchen.) The brunette told the worker and proceeded to the kitchen.

Shizuka returned after a short while with a warm bottle of milk in her hand. She took the child from the worker's arms and let Usagi suck the silky white liquid out of the bottle. After a few moments, the child relaxed. Shizuka thanked the worker and told her to leave the rest to her. The worker nodded and left the room.

As Usagi continued to drink the milk, she opened her eyes and stared at the unfamiliar brunette. Shizuka was met with the most innocent ocean blue eyes she had ever seen. She gave Usagi a warm smile as the child stared at her intensely. The brunette eyed the bandage and looked around to see if anyone was watching them. She then rocked the child soothingly until she was facing the window and her back was facing the supervisors. When it was safe to do so, she gently removed the bandage from her forehead. To her surprise, the crescent moon was nowhere to be found. There were no traces of, there having ever been a marking on that smooth porcelain forehead. Shizuka wondered if she had hallucinated the entire thing. She thought for a moment and concluded that she had been working too hard.

When Usagi finished drinking the milk, Shizuka patted the baby's back until she let out a soft burp-like sound. Only moments later, Usagi released a piercing cry. Shizuka's eyes widened as the centre of her forehead started to glow brightly. The crescent moon formed on the middle of her forehead. Panicking, Shizuka quickly covered the symbol with the bandage in hopes that the supervisors had not noticed the glow. One of the supervisors worriedly came up to her and asked the brunette if everything was alright. She waited for the supervisor to comment on the light, but she never did. Realizing that she had not seen the bright light, Shizuka nodded with a sigh of relief and continued to calm the little bunny down.

Shizuka did not understand what would make this child cry so much. They did everything by the book; changed her diapers, cleaned her, fed her, rocked her, etc. Not to mention, a crescent moon is not suppose to magically appear on a baby's forehead. Shizuka thought that maybe the child was exposed to radiation and started to worry about the other children. The brunette wondered if she should contact the authorities to investigate the child's background and that mysterious woman. She dismissed the thought and decided to figure it out later.

The Prussian blue eyed boy had been watching both Usagi and Shizuka's every movements. He felt something out of the ordinary was happening since it was usually quiet in the room. Only the children's voices that were playing were usually heard. The event piqued his curiosity. He blinked in confusion at the bright yellow light that quickly disappeared in a split second.

After Usagi's fell asleep in Shizuka's arms, the room was finally at peace from the racket the new orphan caused. Usagi had ended up falling asleep in exhaustion from the amount of energy she had burned. The Prussian blue eyed boy watched as Shizuka let out a sigh of relief. He gazed at the brunette, as she quietly left the room with the child on her shoulders. That was the last time the young boy saw the two for the rest of the day.

The year is After Colony 182, July 5th. Shizuka was sitting at the front desk typing up some of the paperwork. Her work was behind schedule because of the hassle Usagi had been putting her through. During the past two weeks, Usagi continued her stressful tantrums, which ate up a lot of her time. She volunteered to take complete responsibility on the child because she was worried that the other workers would find out about the crescent moon. Luckily, the workers and supervisors did not question her decision and instead were relieved at the reduced workload. The radio played in the background, and Shizuka had it set to her favourite news station. This station would sometimes talk about what goes on in space and the colonies, which interested her greatly. Shizuka paid no attention to what the reporter was saying until she heard a particular name.

"Kesa, Shiroi Tsukino Zaidan no noukagakusya, Tsukino Ikuko ga kawagishi de shitai ga ukanderu tokorowo hakken saremashita. Sono josei ha samazamana kirikizu ya utimi nadokara muzanni tataki korosareta moyou. Tsukino Ikuko ga ihouziken ni kakawtteiru musumega irunodeha naika toiu uwasaga hiromatteimasu. Sikashinagara, konojikenni kanshiteno katai shouko ga arimasendesita. Tyousakanha nisyuukannmae ni okita Munraito kichi toiu saikinnno higekiteki jikenni kono josei ni nanika kankei shiteirunodeha naikato miteimasu. Shiroi Tsukino Zaidan ha kampekini kampai shiteiru. Shiroikiba deno terorisuto no saikinnno kougekide, tsukideno jiken ga sorede okita toiukotoga shinjiru riyuuninatta." (Earlier today, Ikuko Tsukino, one of the head scientists of the White Moon Foundation, was found dead floating on a riverbank. The woman appeared to have been brutally beaten to death due to the various cuts and bruises all over her body. There has been a rumour going around about Ikuko Tsukino having a daughter that was involved in illegal experiments. However, there was no solid evidence regarding this matter. Investigators believe that the woman's death had something to do with the recent tragedy that happened two weeks ago on the Moonlight base. The White Moon Foundation had been completely massacred. Due to the recent terrorist attacks from the White Fang, it gave reasons to believe that the incident on the moon was caused by them.) The reporter explained.

She turned off the radio and sat there in silence until the reporter's words sunk in. Her eyes widened in horror at the information. Images of the day that mysterious woman left Usagi in her care had flashed through her mind. She thought about the crescent moon that appeared on Usagi's forehead, and realized how much it resembled the well-known symbol of the White Moon Foundation. Quickly pulling out all of Usagi's documents, she promptly took out a lighter and completely burned the papers. Shizuka then opened Usagi's files on the computer and deleted the files one by one. She decided to keep it a secret from the other employees, and vowed to protect Ikuko's daughter at any cost.

The year is After Colony 182, July 26th. Usagi still carried out her nerve-racking tantrums. When she was beyond control, Shizuka was always the one that calmed her down. Each day, she changed the bandages on her forehead to avoid arousing any suspicion. The staff assumed the child was healing from a minor wound. Believing there had to be some toy out there that would interest the little one, she refused to give up on the challenges that were in store for her.

Shizuka noticed one of the workers bring a large, bin of recently donated toys into the toddler's room. Holding the child with her right arm, she rummaged through the limited variety of balls, cars, dolls, blocks, action figures, crayons and knickknacks. Hidden underneath a pile of crayons was a purple box that caught her interest. Sealed inside was a brand new doll with long blond pigtails tied into two buns, and she wore a flashy bodysuit that resembled a girl's school uniform. Scrawled in large letters across the front of the box were the words 'Sailor Moon'. Shizuka's smiled with content, and abruptly removed the doll from the package.

The Prussian-eyed boy secretly took repeat glances at the two from the same corner he always sat in. He had taken a genuine interest in Usagi, since he saw that strange light. Not to mention, the brunette devoted most of her time to the infant. He gazed at the two with his impeccable eyes, as Shizuka placed her on the carpet. He heard the brunette speak with a squeaky voice, and wave the doll in front of the child.

"Zutto naiterundattara, asobasete agenaiwayo!" (If you keep on crying, I won't let you play with me!) Shizuka exclaimed, and wiggled the doll in the air in an awkward dance. Usagi immediately stopped crying, and blinked her tears away.

Shizuka smiled in success and continued, "Ai to Seigi no, sera fuku bishoujo senshi! Sera Munn! Tsuki ni kawatte oshioki yo!" (For love and justice, the pretty soldier in a sailor suit! Sailor Moon! In the name of the moon, I'll punish you!)

Her ocean blue eyes stared at the doll with curiosity, and she blinked again. Pulling out the pile of blocks, Shizuka built a small tower and kicked the blocks with the doll's leg, "Sera kiku!" (Sailor kick!) Usagi let out a shy giggle at her remark, urging Shizuka to go on. Excitement enveloped the brunette as she quickly grabbed a few toy monsters, and had Sailor Moon kick them too. Shizuka's smile was warm and inviting, as she held out the doll and waited for the blond to reach out and take it.

The little bunny strenuously reached for the doll. Her hand shook, and it appeared as if she was not able to tell how far the object was from her. When she tried to grab the doll, she would repeatedly miss. Concern was written all over the brunette's face, as she stared at Usagi's now tearful eyes. She let out a daunting sigh, and gave her the doll. An excited giggle eased the brunette's anxiety, and she smiled warmly at the baby.

Usagi played with the doll and the toy monsters the way Shizuka had done. The brunette observed Usagi's arduous efforts to pick up the blocks and build a small tower. She confirmed Usagi's defective motor abilities, and stared at her with pitied eyes. Feeling helpless, she patted the child's head with a benevolent smile. Usagi's innocent giggle made her heart ache at the thought of the difficulty she would have finding a family. Shizuka searched the room for more toys, and noticed the Prussian eyed boy staring at them.

When the Prussian eyed boy noticed her gaze, he quickly averted his eyes. He shyly glanced at the woman again, and noticed her walking towards him. Slightly panicked, he tightly hugged his knees and stared at the floor. Shizuka sat in front of him and smiled gently.

"Heero, Usagi-chan to asobitai?" (Heero, do you want to play with Usagi?) Shizuka asked softly as Heero shyly looked down at his knees. The brunette smiled lovingly, "Zettai Heero mo issyoni asobitai daroune. Nande kikanaino?" (I'm sure she'll want to play with you too. Why don't you ask her?)

Heero did not utter a sound, and continued to hug his knees. He buried his face into his lap and refused to move. Shizuka hung her head and sighed with disappointment. Ever since Heero came to the orphanage, he had duct taped himself to this corner every time the children were brought here. The supervisors did not pay much attention to him because he never caused any trouble. Some of the staff had started to wonder if he was mute, since he never made a sound. Shizuka waited a few more minutes for the child to react. To her dismay, he did not budge.

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