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Title: A Sealed Innocence



(Japanese Translations)


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Chapter One

The year is After Colony 199, February 27th. A young man was rapidly typing on his black laptop. He had been checking his e-mails and reading up on current events. His spiky bangs veiled his emotionless Prussian blue eyes exposing his monotone and serious disposition. The room was clean and organized, which radiated his tendency for perfection.

His window was left ajar, as he listened to the soothing sounds of branches move and sway with their cohort of leaves streaming behind them. A cool breeze brushed his forest green tank top that loosely tucked into his dark blue pants, and caressed his robust complexion. He grunted at the stiff sensation of his legs and stood up to stretch, showing off a pair of green skater shoes.

A sudden gust of wind pushed the window open, bustled the crimson curtains, and filled the warm bedroom with a burst of cold air. Moans echoed in the wind and sent a chill down his spine. A second gust swept his school notes from the mahogany desk, and scattered them across his hardwood floor. He glared at the mess, shut the window, and looked over the grounds of Infinity University's Residence for anything peculiar.

After confirming that there was nothing out of the ordinary, he went to clean up the mayhem. He let his gaze roam his bedroom; glazing over its cream-painted wall, and pinpointed the location of his notes. There were some paper overtop his king-sized bed, his two glass night tables, the mini fridge, and in front of the door of his small walk-in closet. Organizing his notes as he picked them up, he noticed a very old and faded photo, sitting on his black chair. A blonde, with hair tied into two buns, had her arms linked with the younger image of himself.

His eyes focused on the blonde, who wore a long sleeveless ball gown that reached her ankles, revealing her glittery pink dress shoes. Sparkling white tulle covered a lengthier layer of pink satin. Wrapped around her waist was a magenta ribbon tied into a big bow on the back of her dress. She was tightly hugging a large white backpack, shaped like a white bunny, and a 'Sailor Moon' doll. Shaken at the image, he felt his heart ache as though a dagger savagely stabbed it. Bringing his hand into a tight fist, he crumpled the image, as a forgotten memory crept into his thoughts.

"Nii-chan, issyoni asobitai!" (Big brother, I want to play together!) A perky blonde squeaked in excitement, and grabbed the five year old Heero Yuy's arm.

Heero glared at his fist again, and tossed the picture into the trash. Erasing the girl from his thoughts, he situated his school notes back in their place. His gaze turned to the clock, and he realized how late it was. He had skipped dinner, and was feeling peckish. The cafeteria accommodated the students 24/7; however, he did not feel like walking across campus. He heard a soft knock coming from the living room door and groaned in discontent. Closing the lid of his laptop, he went to open the door and was met by a feminine figure, holding a tray of warm food.

His eyes softened at a woman, swathed with mid-length light brown hair, standing gracefully at the door. Her body was curvaceous and softly inflated, with hardly a muscle in sight. She wore the school's uniform; a pale pink blouse with a frilly turtle-neck tucked into a green checkered skirt that just reached her ankles, showing off a pair of smart maroon heels. The blouse was covered from neck to trim, by a buttoned up maroon blazer revealing her reserved personality.

"We waited for you at dinner, but you didn't show. Is everything alright?" Concern was evident in her Nile blue eyes.

He nodded and cocked an eyebrow at the tray. A shy smile carved itself on to her lips as she spoke again, "I thought you'd be hungry so I brought you some dinner."

A smirk formed on his lips and he motioned to her to enter. Her smile widened as she handed him the tray and walked inside. "Our essay is due next week and I still haven't started it! I've been too busy to work on it." The woman sighed in frustration, and rubbed her temples. She spoke again and asked, "What have you been up to lately? Have you started on your essay yet?"

Heero grunted, and nodded with a smirk, as she rolled her eyes and continued, "Of course you have. Do you always have to be Mr. Perfect?" She said smugly, and stuck out her tongue with a giggle.

They sat in his living room on a set of burgundy sofas across from each other. Mounted to the wall and hovering over the seating area, was a 52-inch flat screen television over an electric fireplace. Heero placed his dinner on the round, glass coffee table. He watched her pick up his newspaper from a square glass table, and read the front page headline.

"Black Moon Success Enters Next Phase in Human Genetic Enhancement." She said out loud in interest, and skimmed through the article.

Heero's eyes narrowed at her words, which had gone unnoticed to his friend. He listened to her intently, as he ate his meal in silence.

"I think I'm going to write about the Black Moon Clan. They're recognized throughout all the colonies and the earth, so finding sources will be a synch!" She smiled with relief, content about her choice.

He tightly clenched his fists at her topic of choice and glared at the newspaper. The woman noticed his glare and blinked, "Is there something the matter Heero? Did I steal your topic? You know, I don't mind finding something else." She giggled and paused. His eyes softened at her sweet voice, and he shook his head. "Well then, it's settled! I'm going to write about the Black Moon Clan!" Heero grunted to himself.

With a warm smile engraved on her lips, she asked, "How far away are you from finishing your essay? Maybe we can finish both of ours together!" Her eyes shined with a ray of hope.

He stared at his food, averting his eyes, as she narrowed her own, "Let me guess, you already finished it!" He nodded slowly. "Oh well, I guess I'll do it myself. Maybe next time!" She pouted with envy, and gently tossed a feathered pillow at his head.

Heero grinned and blocked the impact with his hand. She stuck her tongue out at him and crossed her arms. He lightly chuckled at her and popped the last cherry tomato in his mouth.

She pouted again and exclaimed, "Heero! I want to hear your voice!" Heero's eyes slightly widened at her words, and forgotten memories came racing back.

The year is After Colony 185, April 13th. Heero and a blonde haired girl were happily playing in the children's playroom. She was imitating her hero, 'Sailor Moon', and beating up little toy monsters. Heero had been quietly building several towers with blocks for her to destroy.

He still had not uttered a sound. It was always his best friend that spoke and laughed, while he would listen. She frequently tried to pressure him into speaking by pouting, and complaining that friends should converse with each other. In response, he would always look away, or pretend that he did not hear, causing her to end up in a bad mood and cross her arms.

"Nii-chan! Anata no koega kikitaiwa!" (Big brother! I want to hear your voice!) She pouted, as Heero continued to build his towers.

A brunette entered the room holding a big brown box filled with new toys. She heard Usagi's little comment and scolded her, "Usagi-chan, hitoni kyousei suru koto ha yokunai kotoyo. Ayamarinasai!" (Usagi, it's not nice to force people. Apologize!)

Heero and Usagi's ears perked upon hearing the sound of the woman's voice, and immediately gave the brunette their complete attention. "Shizuka-san!" (Miss Shizuka!) Usagi exclaimed, and turned her attention back to him with her arms still crossed. "Gomennasai nii-chan! Demo, yappari nii-chan no koega kikitaiwa" (I'm sorry big brother! But, I still want to hear your voice!)

Shizuka sighed at her persistence and said, "Heero ga jumbi ga dekitara hanasuwayo. Mou chotto matte agenasai!" (Heero will talk when he's ready. Just give him some time.)

They watched her empty a mountain of toys beside the toy chest. "Wakattawa, matsuwa," (Okay, I'll wait.) Usagi replied, eying the toys in a trance.

Shizuka patted the child's head with a smile, "Iikone." (That's a good a girl.) She glanced at them one last time, and left the room.

The other orphans had already begun to tug from the large tower in excitement, which was twice the size of the towers that Heero would always build. The heap of toys had become unstable and was seconds away from keeling over. Usagi focused on the monster figures, and had not noticed the pile wobble.

Heero watched as Usagi stumbled towards the teetering tower of toys." Panic struck him like a thunderbolt, as he repeatedly jumped and waved his arms in the air to get her attention. His lips moved, and only air would blow out. A whispered stutter hissed, and grew louder with each second. He took a deep breath and tried again with all his might.

"Usako!" He shouted with a scratchy voice, arms sprawled in the air.

She halted and turned to face him, "Shyabettawa!" (You talked!) Usagi squeaked, and pointed at him.

Heero's eyes shot to the floor. His confidence level plummeted when he could not pronounce her name. Usagi's lips widened into a huge smile, and she ran towards him. When they touched, the pile of toys collapsed with a loud thump. Usagi turned her gaze to the scattered toys and blinked. She tilted her head, and then faced him with a smug smile. Shizuka suddenly burst opened the door carrying a digital camera.

He glanced at the blonde, and relaxed when he saw her excited smile. She gently tugged his shirt, and gave him one of the toy monsters that she had picked. He blinked and took the toy with a smile, as they continued their game in silence.

Wanting to hear her voice, he shrugged and glanced at her. Laughing would have done the trick, but she refused to utter a sound. Heero saw the disappointment in her eyes, and stared at the floor in shame. With a rush of courage, he took a deep breath and tried again.

"Usako?" He stuttered with a strained voice.

Her eyes shot up again, "Nii-chan ga mata syabettawa!" (Big brother talked again!) Heero smiled with confidence from her excitement, as she urged him again, "Nanika hokano koto itte! Motto anata no koega kikitaiwa!" (Say something else! I want to hear your voice again!)

He glanced at Usagi hesitantly, and asked. "Nani nitsuite hanashitai?" (What do you want to talk about?) Heero spoke slowly, articulating each word.

Shizuka had been listening intently, and she clapped her hands loudly. "Ne? Jumbiga dekitara hanasutte ittadesyo? Yoku yattawa Heero!" (See? I told you that Heero would speak when he's ready. Good job Heero!) His cheeks were tinted red from her praise, and he shyly looked down.

"Shizuka-san! Nii-chan ni motto hanasuyouni itte!" (Miss Shizuka! Tell big brother to speak more!) She pleaded with a pout.

"Usagi-chan! Watashi ga maeni ittadesyo? Hito ni kyousei sityaikenai desyo." (Usagi! What did I tell you before? You shouldn't force people to do things.) Shizuka scolded and furrowed her eyebrow.

"Gomen ne nii-chan!" (Sorry big brother!) Said Usagi and bit her lip, shooting her gaze to the floor.

Heero stared at her blinked, and smiled. "Wakatta, boku ga motto hanashuyouni suruwa," (Okay, I'll try to talk more.) he said slowly.

Usagi squealed, and squashed him with a big hug. Heero stared at her with wide eyes, his cheeks tinted crimson, as he hugged her back. Shizuka watched them embrace, and turned on her digital camera. They turned their impeccant gaze towards the lenses, as the brunette pressed the little shutter. Rubbing their eyes from the flash, they tilted their heads, and blinked at her. One of the workers walked into the room, and called the brunette. They informed her that a family at the front desk was interested in adopting.

Shizuka let out a sigh, and knelt so her eyes were level with Heero's, "Heero, watashi ha anata wo sugoi hokorini omouwa!" (Heero, I'm so proud of you!) She smiled at him lovingly, and hugged him. He blushed, and turned his gaze to his shoes as she chuckled, "Moshi kasitara kondo watashi no namaega ierukamosirenaiwa." (Maybe next time you'll be able to say my name.) Shizuka said happily, and left the room.

They laughed and continued to play together.

Heero was in deep thought, as the brown-haired woman sat beside him. She rested her soft hand on his shoulder, and said with delicacy, "Heero? Are you alright?" Her warm touch startled him, as he stared deep into her eyes. She could feel her cheeks burning from his gaze and stuttered, "You looked like you were lost in your own world."

He smiled, and caressed her cheek. "Thank you, Relena." He spoke with a monotone.

Relena's eyes danced at his touch. She felt as if her cheeks would melt ice, as she averted her gaze and stared at the floor, "It was my pleasure." Relena could feel his gaze boring down at her and snuck a glance at his lips.

Heero caught her glance, and grinned. He slowly leaned forward, and planted a kiss on her forehead. "Get some rest." Relena nodded with her face flustered.

He walked her to the door with his hand resting on her waist. Relena turned to face him one last time, and said with a perky smile, "Goodnight, Heero." He nodded, bidding her good night, and watched her saunter off.

Heero shut the door behind him, and went to grasp the newspaper. His Prussian eyes glared with hatred at the headline; the blonde from the photo was still fresh in his mind. Hammering the newspaper on to the sofa, he sprinted to his closet. Briskly shifting his possessions around, he spotted a box wrapped in silver, embellished with a gold ribbon folded into a bow, hidden in the corner. He felt a sharp pain in his heart as he grabbed the box. Massaging his temples, he shoved it into his pocket, and glanced at the clock. He grabbed a black bag filled with silver senbon needles, and left his dorm.

For Relena's sake, he desperately wanted to forget. He needed to sever his memories of the past; and he was going to do it the only way he could.

The year is After Colony 199, February 27th. Darkness consumed the heavens aside from the vibrant glow of the midnight sun. The stars sparkled like tiny fireflies, as nocturnal creatures began the hunt for their prey. A cool breeze swayed the trees, releasing the fresh aroma of nature's bringing. The eerie sound of owls hooting their song alarmed those that trespassed in their territory.

Buried in the bustling trees sat a two story building sitting at the bottom of a steep hill. A brick wall surrounded the entire building, connecting to a metal gate at the front of the entrance. The structure had several hidden surveillance cameras and many armed sentries, each bearing the mark of the Black Moon, spread throughout the outer perimeter. Undetected by the guards, a masked figure vigilantly stared at the building from within the shadows.

The mysterious figure studied the sentries' every movement. He memorized the locations, and blind spots of all external surveillance cameras. His hollowed mask, white as snow, exposed a pair of blue eyes with an intent to kill. A large symbol - two crescent shapes of silver and black diagonally intertwined – sat over the right eye of the mask. His pitch black jumpsuit hugged his lean body, blending exceptionally into the night.

Crouching beside a large generator, he clenched his fists as four silver senbon sat in between the fingers of his black gloves. A fire escape was guarded by four marching soldiers, armed with assault rifles. He analyzed the area, and noted the jagged rocks and green Jeep on opposite ends of each other, near the door. His grip on the needles tightened, as he crept towards the rocks. The soldiers' backs faced him, and he took this opportunity to bolt towards the vehicle. Swerving within the blind spots of the surveillance cameras, he swiftly whipped the needles at their necks' most vital artery with incredible accuracy. Hoarse moans sounded, as blood oozed down their collars, and their lifeless bodies collapsed to the ground. The corpses were dragged by their feet inside the cramped fire escape, as he adjusted his vision to coincide with the dimmed lighting.

A labyrinth of corridors, and a series of automatic doors were patrolled by various soldiers. He kept himself pressed towards the wall; often leaping from side to side to avoid the cameras' gaze, and going in and out of unlocked rooms to avoid the soldiers. His pace increased until he came to an immediate stop in front of a locked door.

Engraved across the centre in bold font were the words 'Surveillance Room'. Pressing his ear to the door, he heard muffled voices coming from inside. He pulled out a small, touch screen decryption device from his black utility belt, and attached it onto a keypad beside the door. The device computed a series of algorithms until a switch flicked. He removed the device, and readied his weapon as the door opened.

Three sentries had their backs facing the door and their gazes locked onto the many computer screens. The sound of the door closing drew their attention, and they spun to face their intruder. A sinister mask stared back at them from shapeless shadows. Before they could retaliate, he whipped his needles at their necks, and their bodies went limp.

He glazed at the sight of blood trickling down their necks, as his emotionless eyes sparked a hint of pleasure. Turning their chairs back to face the computer screens, he hacked the security system, and disabled all the surveillance cameras and alarms. He opened a file containing a map of the building, and examined it thoroughly. His photographic memory allowed him to memorize the layout with a single glance. A secret passage to the basement, near the east sector of the main floor, caught his interest. After pinpointing where the soldiers patrolled, he quickly uploaded the month-old camera footage to replace the live footage, and proceeded to the main floor.

Scientists wearing the symbol of the Black Moon on their left arm were scrambling around, due to an experiment malfunction. He hid behind a corner and observed them in interest. The laboratory was in ruin, and they were rushing to save the remaining fetuses from the toxins. More guards patrolled the halls, and assisted with salvaging all the heavy equipment and chemicals.

The head scientist was ordering both the scientists and guards instructions. He exclaimed, "Hurry, we need to transfer the fetuses into separate test tubes as soon as possible! We can't afford to let any of them die!"

"Yes sir!" The scientists replied in unison, racing towards the laboratory across the hall.

One of the soldiers that carried bottles of chemicals spoke, "Where do you want these chemicals put?"

The head scientist replied in frenzy, "Put that back where you got it and immediately go to the wash station to be examined for any contagions and infections!"

The guard swallowed hard at his orders, "Right away sir!" He exclaimed and sprinted to the nearest wash station.

The masked man waited until the halls were clear, and dashed as fast as he could from the area. As he zigzagged through the hallways, he searched each room for combustible materials to rig. He wanted to plant some explosives near them in as many laboratories he could find, and use the flammable chemicals as a fuel for a huge explosion. Noticing a fatigued soldier casually marching in his direction, he hid himself inside a dark room and watched.

A mouse squiggled inside the room, and rammed into one of the containers on top the counter. They fell to the floor, causing the soldier to spin towards the direction of the noise; his eyes rested on the door.

He stared through the window for movement and spoke, "Who goes there?!" The soldier pointed his gun at the door, and walked towards it.

The masked figure narrowed his eyes, and readied his needles, as he waited for him to enter. As the door opened, he covered the soldier's mouth, and harshly pulled him in by the collar. The soldier squirmed and let out a muffled scream, as he shoved two needles through his neck. He chucked his body into the corner and continued his search.

Faint voices coming from one of the laboratories sparked his interest. Peeking through the window of the door, he saw eight scientists wearing white biohazard suits. Multiple test tubes were aligned against the walls containing fetuses in their last stages of development. He observed the scene with interest, as two of the scientists each carried a premature grown test tube baby in their arms, and placed them onto a large table. Another scientist held two syringes in his hand and walked towards them. One syringe filled with dark purple liquid, and the other with a dark grey, were each separately injected inside the infants. They observed the subjects for a few moments, and waited for something to happen.

The baby given the dark purple liquid reacted with rapid spasms, and their skin turned dark red. In a sudden panic, all the scientists took cover. They watched as the baby began to inflate from limb to limb, and the spasms became more hectic. The room was suddenly silenced, as the child went limp and exploded. Blood and crushed bones splattered all over the walls and equipment. Its intestines hung on to a shelf and the shredded skin fell on the floor.

They turned their attention to the second newborn, who had began to radiate a black aura, as the symbol of the inversed black crescent moon materialized on its forehead. The infant cried in agony; the materials surrounding the infant levitating. They immediately grabbed a clean pen and a paper-filled clipboard, and documented their findings.

One of the scientists held the baby in their arms. As he rocked the infant, another scientist injected a painkiller into its nervous system. The medication worked instantly, as the others clapped to congratulate their success. They were all oblivious to the mysterious presence that had been spying.

He brought out his decryption device and unlocked the door. Clenching his needles, he used this opportunity to make his entrance. He opened the door quietly, and was hit with a nauseating scent. The air reeked of rotting corpse, mixed with blood and vomit; a scent which would make most people faint.

The door closed behind him, as one of the scientists turned his head, his eyes widening with shock. "Somebody help us! There's an intruder in the laboratory!" He shrieked, as the others spun around and stared, awestruck.

"Quickly! Set off the alarms!" Another scientist exclaimed, as his comrade slammed the button of the emergency alarm system. Their eyes filled with horror when the alarm did not work.

He smirked in amusement and rapidly whipped his needles. Some of the scientists shielded their necks with their arms, cringing in pain when they were hit, and hustled around the room. They each fell, one by one, their motor functions immobilized.

The scientist holding the baby spun around, and was instead shot in the back by ten needles. Crouching down in pain, he gently laid the wailing baby on the ceramic floor, and stared at the symbol of their success on its porcelain forehead with pitied eyes.

Coughing out blood, he turned his gaze to his fallen comrades and let out a weak chuckle. "We got off easy. This is nothing compared to what we really deserve. We all deserved a much worst fate." He whispered in between pants. As his vision blurred, a final set of needles pierced his neck, and he laid there motionless beside the infant.

He turned his gaze to the remaining scientists, and calmly walked over to them. They stared at him in terror as they twitched from the pain. He stood in front of the scientist that had injected the syringes.

As the scientist gazed into his expressionless eyes, he could feel his heart beat faster and croaked, "Please, I beg you! I have two kids with no mother. I'm the only one they've got left!" His hazel eyes watered up.

The masked man stared at him nonchalantly, and eyed the needle drilled into his right knee. With his eyes focused on his, he knelt down and gently stroked the silvery steel. His eyes were unfazed and did not express any conscience, as he slowly applied pressure to it. The scientist lightly moaned and pleaded for him to stop. He let out a sinister chuckle and harshly jabbed the needle through his bone. The scientist let out a screech of pure agony. He stared at him dully and equipped a set of needles in each hand. He glanced at his large terror-filled eyes one last time and whipped his needles at all of the scientists' necks.

Turning his attention to the wailing baby, he glared at the symbol on its forehead, and prepared his needles. As he aimed his weapon, the infant's innocent ocean blue eyes looked up at him, and stopped the force of his hand. His emotionless eyes glanced at the child one last time, as he pierced its neck, immediately silencing the room.

He took in the stench of their blood and hid the bodies. His cold eyes glazed the room, and spotted a computer located on the opposite end of the laboratory. He quickly saved the data on to his USB, and shifted his attention to the many reactants. Closing his eyes; with deep concentration ten plastic C4s materialized in his palms. The plastic explosives were moulded into small cubes, and a small cylindrical detonator was placed inside the center of each. He turned his gaze back at where the infant once was, and went to fill the other laboratories with the same substance.

As he wandered the hallways, he overheard a scientist talking to a commander with many medals pinned on his uniform, a close proximity to him. The remnants of grey associated with a middle age covered their heads. They were talking about an experiment that the scientist worked on with his colleagues. Creeping closer in interest, he readied a set of needles and strained his ears to listen.

"We're almost out of test subjects," The scientist sighed, scratching the back of his head. "We need to somehow convince the heads to allow us to farm more fetuses."

The commander sneered and nodded, "I agree. I heard that most don't survive the experiments."

"Pretty much. All of the ones that do survive either end up mutating, or developing a severe dysfunction."

The commander paused and cocked his dark brown eyebrow, "What do you do with the ones that do survive?"

"Well, our facility kills and cremates them. After all, we can't reuse them. At the same time, we aren't allowed to create more fetuses either." The scientist paused. "If the Preventers or the media found out, we'd all be ruined."

"I'd risk life in prison any day in exchange for our clan's success," said the proud commander. He shrugged and continued, "You do know, the only reason we haven't developed the correct formula yet is because we lack the required resources."

"Well, it's not only that. If he would just quit being so difficult, we would have already finished our research."

"Oh yeah, that idiot," he spat. "Everything would have been so much easier if that recon team 17 years ago wasn't so incompetent." His eyes hardened and punched the wall.

"Assuming that infant had survived, I wouldn't hesitate to dissect it or any of the filth from the White Moon." The scientist spat with hatred.

Chuckling at his statement, the commander stretched out his arms and replied, "I doubt she'd be alive, especially since the heads stopped searching many years ago. I guess they deemed it unnecessary."

"Well I'm not surprised, especially since they have something else to entertain them."

"That's true."

"Think they'll kill him?"

"I doubt it. His knowledge is too valuable to them." He paused and scratched his head, "They're going to keep working him until he dies."

"I can't imagine what his life must be like."

The commander chuckled and grinned. "Hell."

Two sets of needles pierced their necks, and they fell permanently silent. After shoving them inside an empty room, he roamed the hallways in search of an entrance to the basement. The clanging sounds of machinery and metal echoed from one of the corridors. A soldier, embellished with many achievement medals pinned to his uniform, was drawn by the loud noise. He narrowed his eyes, and followed the soldier to a hangar-sized door.

The soldier punched a few buttons into a security scanner and swiped an identification card. A door opened adjacent to the hangar's entrance. The masked figure killed the soldier before he entered the hanger, and grabbed his leg. He dragged the body down a dimmed room that had a flight of stairs spiraling downwards, and cautiously descended the steps. As he reached the bottom, the racket only became louder, concealing the sound of the soldier's body thumping with each step. He formed the body into a fetal position and squished him against the darkest corner of the walls.

His gaze skimmed the area and fixated on the brightly lit metal corridor. He noticed the surveillance cameras in this area were all online and scattered throughout the room. Clenching his fist in preparation; he tried to remain vigilant, by looking around for soldiers, and followed the noise down the corridor.

The masked man kept close to the wall and crept under the cameras. He reached an illuminated hangar and spotted 30 people spread throughout the room; half were armed sentries and the other were scientists. Keeping his head low, he swiftly hid behind a large buggy that was filled with large machinery parts, and let his eyes thoroughly analyze the hangar. It was filled with many large computers, equipment and machinery. His gaze focused on the 15 dark purple and black mobile dolls that were reaching their final stages of completion.

He noticed only eight of the scientists were working on the gargantuan robots, while the rest were at the computers programming the systems for the mobile dolls. The sentries were there to protect the scientists as well as keep them on a leash. He spotted a conveyor belt stationed near the wall a few metres from him, harnessing machine parts for the mobile dolls.

Using the loud noise to his advantage, he sprinted towards the conveyor belt and ducked his way through the hangar towards the mobile dolls. The large room made it easy for him to go unnoticed. As he ran, he molded the same C4s, ten times larger than the ones from the laboratory, and hid them behind anything combustible. His eyes gleamed in satisfaction, and cautiously made his way back to the bright corridor.

Reaching the stairs, he heard the deep voice of a sentry talking through a walkie-talkie, and pressed his back to the wall to listen. He peeked behind the wall, and noticed the sentry had found the body.

"Hello? Is anyone there? We have a man down! There's an unidentified intruder lurking around! Set off the alarms!" He exclaimed, attempting to notify the surveillance room, but to no avail.

Pulling out two senbon needles, he whipped them at the sentry's neck. The soldier retaliated, and dove behind the stairs as the needles pierced the steel wall. Quickly grabbing his gun, the sentry removed the safety and returned fire. Within a split second, another set of silvery steel skewered his joints and paralyzed his limbs. The masked man calmly walked towards him. Before he could scream for help, his blood poured on to the titanium floor from the two needles in his neck.

The entire building screeched with alarms, and a constant flickering of bright red. He glared at the body kicking it with his full strength, and discreetly climbed the staircase towards the main floor. With his weapon intact, he sprinted for the entrance.

Three soldiers spotted him turn to a corner and fired at his direction. He whipped his needles with incredible accuracy, and they all fell to the ground, dead. The number of casualties rapidly increased, as he brought down anyone that crossed his path. As he reached the entrance, he hid between two walls and analysed the area. Fifty soldiers carrying machine guns were scattered around the entrance. His malevolent eyes stared at them intently and observed their movements. With his back against the wall, he crept closer and materialized a set of incendiary grenades in each hand.

A few sentries hovered over the fire exit, observing the four bodies he had left, while the others guarded the main entrance. He quickly removed their pins and tossed the grenades at the soldiers. The incandescence erupted into a sea of flames that seemed to claw its way towards the soldiers. Smoke spread like wildfire and clouded their vision. They covered their mouth with a cloth and treaded through the rapid oxidation.

More soldiers were heading towards the explosion to aid their comrades. He spotted a team of paramedics rush to help the injured, however the casualties only increased. He laughed at his exhilarating creation, and took this opportunity to dash towards the exterior wall. Concealing himself within the smoke, he jumped over those no longer breathing, and killed those that did.

His speed increased as he inched closer, shoving his right foot into a crack in the wall, and springing himself on top of the wall's edge. He materialized another set of incendiary grenades in his hand, and removed the pins. As he tossed them at the soldiers, he jumped off of the wall, and onto the soft grass on the other side. A second explosion erupted and killed the paramedics. Without a second thought, he sprinted up the hill.

A detonator materialized in his right hand as he ran. Once he reached a safe distance, he reduced his speed, and turned his gaze towards the building in the distance. He pressed the button and waited. With the C4s he planted, a fusillade of explosions erupted from within, merging into a fiery maelstrom that brightened the heavens. He could hear the cries of the soldiers soften until only the crackling of fire was left.

The mysterious figure could feel his skin crawl in ecstasy, and longed for more. It sent an exhilarating chill down his spine, as the incalescence reflected in the vast emptiness of his icy blue eyes.

He chuckled and said in a monotone, as his crematorium burned, "Mission Complete."

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