Sorry about the wait:S Well, I have a real life… Aka school. Well, we have lot of homework, though I'm only 13 but… school is school. And yeah,,, this chappie will be some sort of song fic whatever thing. Yeh, so… on with the chappie? The lyrics will be bold, just so you know. And yeah, they are using I-dog over there. And, yeah, the movie 'When a Stranger Calls' I haven't seen it but my sister told me about it so.. and yeah, I haven't really said how old they are or I think so… but, they are fifteen. And Neji and Tenten sixteen, just so you know;D

"Okay! Girls, lets put some music on!" Ino shouted. The girls nodded and the guys didn't seem to really care. The worst thing was that the girls put only drama, romance and calm music on. They put Robbie Williams – Eternity, Christina Aguilera – Hurt, Lindsay Lohan - Confessions Of A Broken Heart, Rascal Flats – What Hurts The Most and James Morrison – The Pieces.

The girls singed along and got teary eyes, while the guys complained. Mostly Shikamaru. He whined and complained, whined and complained.

"Aw, common! turn that shit down! Hey, Ino…?" Shikamaru complained while putting a pillow over his ear.

"Uh… what?" Ino replied.

"Can you sit on the pillow?"

"Uh… why me?" Ino murmured while blushing. Finally, Eternity with Robbie Williams finished, and Confessions of a Broken Heart with Lindsay Lohan started.

I wait for the postman to bring me a letter
I wait for the good Lord to make me feel better

"No, I wait for the good Lord to make this crap shut off!" Kiba whined, making Naruto giggle and Neji nod.

Why'd you have to go?
Why'd you have to go?
Why'd you have to go?

"Uh.. am I gone?" Kiba continued to joke, making Naruto giggle harder. "Okay, I've had enough!" Before the song could end, Kiba walked up to it and put Ludacris – Get Back and Ying Yang Twinz – What's Happening on by removing Ino's I-pod and putting his I-pod on. The worst thing was these lyrics weren't censored. Hinata covered her ears mumbling something no one understood.

"What kind of shit do you listen to?" Neji said while putting his I-pod on. He put the song Are You Dead Yet with Children Of Bodom on. He also put the loudspeaker in max. Kiba covered his ears, screaming. He ran into the bathroom, screaming. Everybody else had their ears covered and Shikamaru begged Ino to sit on the pillow, but Tenten and Neji were the only ones who didn't cover their ears. Sakura got pretty worried about Kiba. She knew that he heard like a dog. So she went to check on him. He sat there, in the corner, covering his ears and he had his eyes shut. Sakura removed the key to lock the door and took some cotton wool and stuffed it in the keyhole, hoping the sound would lower a bit. Then she walked up to Kiba and asked if he was okay. He removed his hands away from his ears, slowly, looking in Sakura's eyes. 'God, she has beautiful eyes.' Kiba thought. He slowly nodded, you could still hear the death metal screams. Then it finally stopped. Then some dumb, idiotic country music came on and Kiba fainted right away.

Outside the Bathroom

Naruto was dancing country dances and singing along. "This is my favorite song!" Naruto yelled while dancing. Everyone's jaws dropped. Now, Shikamaru begged Ino again to sit on the pillow.

"Just sit on the freaking pillow woman!" Shikamaru yelled but Ino shock her head while blushing. She had a scarf around her neck, hiding the red marks on her neck since this morning, when they made out in a trash can. Every time she thought about that, she got butterflies in her stomach. It felt so… good. Tenten had gotten enough of the music. She walked up to the I-dog and unconnected it.

"No more music ok?" Everyone nodded.

Inside the Bathroom

Kiba finally woke up. He looked at Sakura who was sort of shocked. "Oh my god, are you ok?" She asked. Kiba only nodded and blushed. He managed to make himself a fool in front of the girl he liked. She grabbed his hands and pulled him up. Then she looked straight in his chocolate brown eyes. They slowly moved closer to each other and almost kissed, but then Shikamaru had to knock on the door, telling them that they were going to watch the movie now. Both of them looked away and blushed. Kiba was so going to make Shikamaru pay. Both of them walked out of there, quiet. The girls went into Ino's room to change into pajamas.

Ino was in a pink tank top and in pink shirts. Sakura was also in a pink tank top and in Joe Boxers PJ pants. Tenten otherwise was in a yellow t-shirt and in dark shorts. Hinata was also in tank top but it was purple and also in purple PJ pants. When the girls went back in, Shikamaru and Kiba were only in boxers. Shikamaru's boxers were black. There stood 'I'm lazy but sexy' on them and the letters were white. Kiba otherwise was in blue one and there stood 'Super size'.

"What do you mean by super size? And you're not sexy!" Naruto yelled making Shikamaru blush and Kiba sigh.

"Don't you understand anything?" Sakura yelled at Naruto with out realizing.

"What do you mean by 'not sexy'?" Ino yelled. Everyone looked at them. Then they realized what they said. Both of them blushed like crazy and ran into the bathroom. Sakura took the cotton wool out of the keyhole and locked.

"Oh, my god! You are so in love with him!!" Sakura and Ino yelled at the same time while pointing at each other. "Oh, my god! I'm so in love with him!" Both of them said at the same time again. Then they stood there, chatting on and on about what they liked about them, mostly everything. They finally went out there and it seemed that everyone had forgotten about that they ever said something. They were in the middle of conversation so they didn't see that they came out of there. Tenten finally figured it out and told them that they should start the movie. Kiba, Neji and Shikamaru were already lounging so the girls decided to sit next to them. Hinata went to get blankets but there were only five of them, and they were eight. They decided that Ino and Shikamaru would share a blanket, Kiba and Sakura too and so would Naruto and Hinata.

The movie was 'When a stranger calls'. The worst thing was that Ino had a huge house. Sakura and Ino got to keep the blanket while the movie. All of them were scared, even Neji was little scared. In the movie, the telephone rang again and the girl turned around and saw her best friend, dead on the floor, holding a cell phone, everyone screamed. Ino and Sakura lied down next to the boys with out realizing. Neji sat up in fear so he could look behind himself. When the movie ended, the phone rang. Everyone screamed and the girls started shivering.

"I-Ino… answer the… phone" Tenten whispered.

"Uh… o-one problem… its down stairs… in the d-dark…" Ino whispered back "Lets just wait until it stops ringing." But the worst thing was… the phone didn't stop ringing. They decided to go all downstairs and answer the phone. Hinata and Sakura got so scared that they grabbed Naruto and Kiba's hand. Ino grabbed the phone, shaking, and answered the phone. It was on loudspeaker and she didn't know how to make it go.


"Hello my little potato!"

"Oh… hi mom…"

"How are you? Did you remember to change socks every day?"

"Mom!" Ino yelled when everyone started giggling.

"And you remember to brush you're teeth's so they will stay white, my little potato!" When Ino's mom had just finished saying that, Naruto yelled "HAHAHAHA! POTATO!! INO'S A POTATO!!"

"Ino? Are there boys there? You know you can't have boys over!"

"Uh, no mom… the girls were drinking—"

"Drinking?! Drinking what Ino?"

"Uh… Orange Juice! You see, the girls like to mimic the boys… mostly the annoying… stupid… dumb… boys."

"Okay, honey, you're daddy wants to talk to you!"


"Hey, honey."

"Hi dad"

"I'm pretty tired so I'll be going off the phone soon. Remember, no drinking, no boys, no party's, no drugs, no kissing and especially no sex until sixteen!"

"Yes dad, I remember…"

"Bye, take care!"

"Bye." Everyone burst out laughing. Ino blushed and cursed. They went upstairs, still little scared.

"Yea, Ino, remember, no boys" Kiba said while giggling. They all went to sleep then, the girls and Naruto on the air mattress and the rest of the guys on the sofas. After twenty minutes, everyone were asleep, except for Kiba. He was so going to kick Shikamaru's ass. He tried to wake him up by talking to him, but it didn't work. Then he grabbed his pillow and started hitting him with the pillow. That didn't work either. Then he started pulling his hair, stuff things up his nose and hitting him. That didn't work. Then he grabbed Sakura's bag and threw it at him. Shikamaru only mumbled something. Then he took the other bag and threw it at him. Finally, he woke up.

"What do you want Kiba?" Shikamaru mumbled, grumpy.

"You ruined my moment!"


"You. Ruined. My. Moment."


"You, Shikamaru, you, Ruined… ruined! My, me, I, Kiba, me, Kiba, Moment!" Kiba yelled as loud as he dared.

"I get that part but… what? What moment!" Shikamaru asked. Then Kiba told him the whole story and ended it by glaring at Shikamaru.

"Heh… whoops?"

"Not funny! I nearly kissed her! And you ruined it!"

"Sorry man…"

"Well, never mind, I'll probably get another chance. But I have to ask you something…"

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Did you and Ino make out?" Shikamaru couldn't say anything, he only blushed really hard.

"Well, did you…?"

"Why do you ask?"

"Uh… I kind of saw red marks on Ino's neck when Naruto removed Hinata's pajamas pants. So… I kind of want to know if it was you or someone else."

"… Okay, we made out…"

"Dude! That's awesome! Tell me the whole story man!" Kiba whispered as loud as he dared. Then Shikamaru told him the whole story but was often disturbed by Kiba who wanted to know the details. When Shikamaru was finally done, he noticed that Kiba had fallen asleep. He decided to go to sleep too. No one knew that Tenten was a light sleeper, except for Neji, so she heard everything and she had shock written all over her face. She stayed awake for a while, but then decided to go to sleep too.

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