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A battle of wills was waged that day. No one knew who started the rumors but Glasses suspected with much chagrin on his part that the supposed confidential conversation he conducted with Blondie over the john of the men's room may have been the culprit. However, if one were to ask him directly for confirmation, a bullet with their name on it will be prepared for their answer.

Even so, the rumor spread throughout the clinic like wildfire. At first, most of the staffers and clients listen on with disbelief. Who would be stupid enough to check into an expensive spa clinic and refuse treatment? It was unheard of. The shear stupidity, not to mention waste of the expensive program was preposterous to comprehend. No one believed it much to Glasses relief. However, the moment was short lived. That same day, much to everyone's surprise and horror, a splotch ridden, pudgy looking teenager wearing an unflattering tight black leotard arrived at the lunch buffet table and left with two trays full of food. Despite the healthy choices offered, it was the fact that the boy went back for seconds, even thirds that horrified all those who were present. So it was no wonder, by nightfall the betting books was ten to one in favor of Akihito.

It was only the first day but the message the boy was sending out was quite clear. Glasses felt queasy watching his boss' lover ate the same amount or perhaps even more food at the dinner hour. He wasn't known to fidget and thither about uselessly. It was not in his nature, yet he found his nerves ticking away at his temple while his trigger finger itch to fire.

How the hell was he to present the boy to their boss looking like that he wondered? His mind was conjuring up all sorts of drastic alternative plans. Like plastic surgery for one. It'll be easy. He'll drug the boy and send him under the knife for liposuction and skin rejuvenation therapy. Or, he thought with much sadistic glee as madness clearly shone within the apple of his eyes, he'll whack the boy unconscious and send him to Africa where he'll learn to survive starvation. A little hardship will do the boy wonders, he thought. Asami-sama did give them carte-blanche by saying do whatever it takes to get the boy into shape. But then he wasn't sure letting the boy loose would be such a good idea. He'll have to monitor the boy closely for his boss had entrusted him with the task. He didn't care to get sun burnt however. Glasses will have to think of another plan.

It wasn't until he felt a large hand on his shoulder that he soon realized he'd actually let his guard down with all this plotting. Embarrassed by this discover, his cheeks tinge a very subtle shade of pink for the first time in years. And to his utter shock, his coworker, Suoh aka Blondie, actually crack a smile of amusement, albeit more so in the eyes that his stony face ever allowed. But it was indeed an expression.

After a full minute of staring and his jaw had failed to pick back up, Glasses for the second time that day watch in fascination as the amusement disappeared and a tick began to form beneath the other's right eye. If he was capable of fainting, Glasses knew he would be flat on the floor, drop dead unconscious by now. The world was ending, it had to be. In less than a day, Takaba Akihito had manage to unravel his well-trained unflappable nerves and send his partner in crime to showcase two extreme expressions. He now knew what the boy was capable of. Something had to be done. Someone had to save them all, his boss included, from this boy.

His trigger finger twitch with renewed interest and for a moment, a split second at best of lost sanity, Glasses had already reached for his gun nestled within a holster under his right armpit. It failed to meet the artificial light of the dining hall luckily for another hand intercepted his movements. Upon realizing his momentary lapse in judgment (*cough* in other words, a big fat mistake) Glasses flash a relieved smile at his coworker for the interference. Although it confused him somewhat since both Blondies' branch size arms were by his side still. Both men pondered this fact and their eyes soon turn to another set of amused, bespectacled ones. How the man sneak up behind them, they never knew.

Dr. Nakamura merely said, "Follow me," and left.

Both men turn to look at each other, then at the still gorging Akihito, and decided to follow the doctor's order.

The plan was simple. It only took the doctor a simple flowchart to showcase his idea to counteract Akihito's Self-Destruct Rehabilitation Plan.

Glasses loved the idea the 'good' doctor thought of. In fact, if he was into men like his boss, he would have thrown himself at the fellow and kissed him silly. However since he was not for a fact, gay in any sort of way or form, he settled for a broad, uncontrollable grin and bow low in respect instead. He didn't care whether his composure was compromised. Indeed, he vowed to support the plan a full hundred and twenty percent. So much so, he enthusiastically volunteered for the first task.

At the clear stroke of midnight, Blondie and Glasses entered Akihito's room and carted the sleeping boy up and out the door. Both men trek down the eerily quiet, dimly lit hallways toward the recreation rooms. A small room was already prepared for the occasion.

The room had no windows, only the soundproof, square cut glass on the door. Inside the white dominant walls, a chair was place strategically underneath a single lamp hanging from the ceiling at the center of the room.

Blondie carefully place the still sleeping Akihito down on the wood chair and straighten up. He gave Glasses a pointed look before he relented and took off his jacket and handed the black garment over. Another pointed look was thrown at him before he relented once again to remove the gun, albeit most reluctantly. Yet Blondie continue to stare at him expectantly. Glasses would have pouted in disappointment if he was capable of such an expression, but alas, thankfully he couldn't. A telltale sigh was release instead. He bent down and pulled up his left trouser pant leg up to retrieve the small derringer from its holster and hand that over as well. Seemingly satisfied with the arrangements, Blondie gave Glasses a nod to proceed before he exit the room and move to stand sentinel behind the closed door.

A gleam of malice flickered from wiry spectacles before Glasses moved to stand an arms reach from Akihito. He took a long look at the boy and methodically rolled up both his shirt sleeves. He was so going to enjoy this.