I see you standing there.

Almost alone in despair.

I have a secret to tell you,

Through all the years and tears we've seen through.

I love you.

You're my Heaven,

you're my beginning and my end.

My everything to the very end.

The last breath complete,

With you loving me.

But I can never tell you this.

I stand beside you, till the very end.

But this I could never tell.

My secret forevermore.

You are my desire,

my heart cying out for more.

I cry to see you hurt.

But I cry inside every day,

knowing you'll never be mine.

The wind and the stars are your love,

not me, never me.

All along I wish to tell you,

So you can understand.

All i'd ask was just to hold your hand.

Be true to my heart,

but it asks too much of me.

I bloody love you don't you see?

Your Ebony features in a world of grey.

Make the dreay darkness fade away.

You smile and turn to me,

I just look away,

sending myself back to that world of pain.

Your arms wrap around me and I can't take any more,

Why couldn't I just shut that door.

Try not to give a damn anymore.

You ask me what's wrong,

I don't relpy.

You try to pull me close and ask why.

But already our mouths are intwined.

You filled me with a desire too strong.

My will was weak when you came along.

I pull away and try to hide,

Already I feel the tears in my eyes.

But you won't let go

Your too strong when you try to hold on.

I turn and face you once again,

Your eyes boring into mine,

I try to speak but you silence me,

With some magic of your own.

Your kiss in like Heaven,

though it burns me like Hell.

Is it possible you love me as well?

As we part,

Your eyes dart across my scarlet face.

You say we've both waited to long to feel,

love's sweet embrace