Unlove You

Disclaimer:The Mouse owns High School Musical and the characters within. I'm just borrowing them for awhile. I promise I'll put them back when I'm finished.

Summary: It was just supposed to be a practical joke, but something happens on the night of the Twinkle Town cast party that changes two lives forever.

Pairing: TroyPay, of course.

Time frame: Same year as the movie, their junior year, right? Starts the final night of the musicale, say mid February.

Prologue: The Plan

"I don't know, man. You sure this isn't dangerous?", asks Zeke Baylor nervously. Zeke is in a kitchen mixing a batch of his world-famous snickerdoodle cookies, which are her favorites.

"Naaa, don't worry about it. Hey, my brother is a pharmacy major. It's not going to hurt her. It'll just embarrass her. It'll be great", retorts Chad Danforth smoothly.

"I'm still not sure. We could get in big trouble."

"No worries. Besides, the whole school saw her drop you like so much garbage after one date, right? Hey, I hear she really is an 'Ice Queen', as in frigid, right?", Chad says lasciviously as he wiggles his eyebrows.

"I can't really say, man. I only took her to the movies once. She seemed nice and all and then, the next day at school, she was all cold and mean", laments Zeke.

--Flashback -- Two weeks ago--

"I really enjoyed the movie, Zeke, I don't get to go out often. My mom is really strict", says Sharpay in a shy voice.

Zeke and Sharpay are standing on her front porch. She is leaning against the door and Zeke is leaning on the column of the porch. He is starting to look nervous as now is the moment of reckoning – kiss or no kiss. Zeke is really shy and hasn't yet worked up the nerve to initiate the kiss.

"I had a really great time, too. You're a lot of fun to be with. You're really different than how you are in school."

"Yeah, sorry about that. Sometimes I come on too strong and people get the wrong idea, but I'm not really ...", before Sharpay could finish, she stumbles forward and crashes into Zeke as the front door is quickly pushed open behind her.

"Sharpay, where have you been?", demands an attractive older woman who appears on the porch with a scowl on her face. "And who is this?", she states disdainfully as she indicates Zeke.

"Mom, sorry, ttt..this is ZZ..eke. We went to the movies tonight, remember. I told you about it", Sharpay says in a quiet voice.

"You told me you were going to the movies with friends, as in plural, not on a date."

"Bbbut it was just a movie, mom. Nothing happened."

"Don't argue with me, young lady. Get in the house, now!"

Sharpay quickly opened the door and tried to look back at Zeke as her mother slammed the door shut behind them.

The Next Day at School...

Zeke walks up to Sharpay who is standing at her locker.

"Hey, Sharpay, sorry about last night. I hope you didn't get into too much trouble with your mom. Parents can be a real pain sometimes", Zeke whispers, so their conversation can't be overheard.

"Pain? Pain?! I'll tell you what can be a 'real pain'! A 'real pain' is a guy who doesn't seem to understand when someone isn't interested in him. The only thing my mom did wrong was stop me from saying what I wanted to say last night", Sharpay shouts at him. Taking a deep breath, she continues, "I'd appreciate it if you'd just leave me the fuck alone!"

With that, she slams her locker door shut, turns away from him and runs toward the girl's bathroom, leaving Zeke standing in stunned silence along with the rest of the hallway who had witnessed her outburst.

--End Flashback

"Right, like I said, 'frigid', 'cold', 'ice'. Come on, it'll be great. We crush up these little pills in the batter. She eats the cookies. She makes a royal fool out of herself in front of her precious 'Drama Club' and we embarrass the hell out of her. You have the video camera, right?"

"Yeah, I got it. But I'm still nervous about this."

"No one will ever suspect the cookies. They'll never know we had anything to do with this. We give them to her tonight at the cast party; just make sure she's the only one who eats any of them.

"Okay, I made chocolate chip for everyone else. Since she's allergic to chocolate, we'll just tell everyone to save the snickerdoodles for Sharpay."

"Good, 'No harm, no foul'."

"Right, let's do it", says Zeke with a determined look on his face


What do you think? Does Sharpay have some sort of split personality or is there more to it? Hint: there's more to it.

Can't you just imagine Chad being up to something sneaky like this?

Oh, and even though it seems by the start that this is Zeke and Sharpay, it's really Troy & Sharpay. They'll both show up in the next chapter.

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