Sorrows Tears


I have been trying for three days to post this thing and it always tells me story cannot be displayed. Its really beginning to piss me off. I shall persevere. I wrote it - doggne it - I hope you enjoy it (if I ever get it posted that is)

I wrote this story long before Tall Tales aired. The first three chapters were originally posted under the title Sibling Rivalry. There are many similarities, so either the writers saw my little fic and really like it or we think too much alike. Either way I decided I would post it in its original form.

Like everyone else I don't own them and I make no money from this little foray into the Supernatural, but my dance card is still holding a waltz open for Dean!

They were fun loving mischievous creatures, mischief that causes Sam and Dean a world of trouble and heartbreak. Will jealousy be the death of them?

Chapter 1 A Chance encounter

The forest echoed with the sound of bodies hurtling through the underbrush. "Dean down," his brother yelled as he brought the shotgun up.

Dean was moving fast but didn't hesitate when he heard his brother's words. He dropped to the ground and rolled. His momentum carried him into a sliding spin away from the crashing behemoth behind him.

The blast of Sam's shotgun echoed through the forest.

The Creature staggered backward but didn't fall, the stinging pellets only fueling the rage, driving the monster forward.

A second blast from the shotgun elicited a roar of pain from the creature. Sharp claws swiped out tearing the shotgun from Sam's grasp. A second swipe ripped through the young hunters coat and shirt to the skin below.

Sam hissed in pain and spun away from the blow. Reaching around to the small of his back he knew he wasn't going to reach the Glock in time.

At the first shot Dean pulled a hunting knife from the sheath at his belt. When the second shot went off Dean lunged forward stabbing deep into the creatures leg and slicing through the hamstring.

A roar of anger erupted from the creature as the pain sliced through it. It staggered backward, the leg collapsing beneath it, giving Sam time to scurry away from the slashing claws. Dean wasn't as lucky.

The creature twisted left. Claws extended, the monster saw his quarry. Fury drove the demented creature as it swung out. Razor sharp claws dug deep. The blow lifted him off the ground and threw him through the air. Dean bit back an agonizing cry as waves of searing pain tore through him. Red rivers of blood flowed from his left hip. He came down hard and skidded across the slippery ground.

The creature roared again but Dean's intervention had given Sam the time needed to draw the Glock. Six shots in rapid succession were pumped into the creature's grotesque skull. The sound was abruptly silenced as the creature gasped its dying breath before falling backward to the forest floor. A dark mist rose from the monstrous body and exploded. Ebony shards of glass flew through the clearing slamming into trees and bushes but missing the hunters by scant inches.

Sam hit his knees in relief. His head hung low the Glock dropped from numb fingers. His chest heaved as he gulped huge breaths of air into his oxygen starved lungs. When he could breath again Sam softly called his brother's name.

Dean had slid beneath a wild honeysuckle bush, the sweet scent barely penetrating his weary senses. Pain was his closest companion. He heard Sam's call and answered, his voice cracked, the words came out in a hoarse whisper, "Here Sam."

"You ok," Sam asked.

"Ok," was all the tired hunter could reply. "I'm just going to lay here for a minute and catch my breath." Dean mumbled.

Sam grunted and did the same, slowly sliding to the ground in quiet exhaustion.

It had been a trying morning. An entry in their dad's journal and a voice mail with coordinates had sent them scurrying off to Eddy, Texas. Eddy was a small town just south of Waco with a population of less than 5,000.

Sam had found several newspaper articles about livestock being mutilated. The police had investigated and chalked the attacks up to a pack of wild dogs or coyotes. The pictures told Sam much more than the newspaper article.

The cattle and horses had been torn apart, their skin shredded by razor sharp claws. It wasn't dogs, Sam was positive about that. The marks were more indicative of a bear or big cat. But the prints littering the scene had been that of a large dog, and the attacks were escalating.

Dean groaned again but didn't move. He hurt, his hip was on fire and he could feel the blood soaking his jeans, but he was too tired to move.

They had found the monstrous creature feeding on a herd of Longhorn cattle. The creature raised his head into the air sniffing the breeze. It stood close to seven feet tall. It had the head and neck of a mountain lion, the arms and body of a grizzly and the legs of a huge wolf. Was it someone's sick joke, gene therapy or something else? Either way the hunters were going to find out.

It was Sam's turn to groan and like his brother, he couldn't muster the energy to move. The forest floor was cool and comforting against his hot skin.

The hunters didn't know it but they weren't alone. Beneath the honeysuckle a jumble of wildflowers graced the forest floor. A lone buttercup unfurled its leaves. The tiny creature wrapped within stretched and yawned wanting nothing more than to snuggle back into the softness of the lemony yellow petals. Something was driving her to wakefulness. Sleepily she peeled one eyelid open. Gasping in surprise the little creature darted into the sky at the sight of the human lying so still beside her comfortable bed.

Buttercup giggled in amusement. Tiny wings flitted busily as she darted around the exhausted hunter. She was a tiny thing, no bigger than a thimble and could move faster than a hummingbird. She looked like a human only in miniature. Her limbs were long and elegant; her lemony yellow hair fell in waves to below her tiny butt. Almond shaped eyes were a mixture of yellows and greens, turning bright buttercup yellow when she was happy, and dark forest green when she was angry. Her body was scantily covered in silky yellow leaves.

She was a pretty picture out of a story book, or depending on who was looking, she could have been a nightmare.

Wings beat a merry tune as she slowly circled Dean's prone body. Buttercup hummed as she dipped low and hovered in front of his face. Tiny hands reached out and touched his lips.

Dean sighed his tongue flicking out to lick the place where her hand had touched.

Buttercup jerked back in fear. Humans were the creatures of nightmares. Her mother had told her so. They were vile cruel creatures that captured pixies and tore the wings from their bodies. Buttercup ignored her mothers' words, curiosity overcame her fear and Buttercup swooped in again. What she saw surprised her. All around him she could see a bright golden glow. She drew closer, pulled by some force of nature she couldn't explain.

He was beautiful, she mussed dreamily and so very warm. Darting away Buttercup flew across the clearing needing to share her find with her closest friend. Her flight came to a screeching halt as Periwinkle met her in the middle. The two tiny creatures tumbled through the air, their laughter a tinkling of bells in the quiet forest.

In unison their lilting voice echoed their news. "Come see what I found."

Sam's slide to the forest floor had awakened a second slumbering pixie. The bright blue flower unfurled revealing Periwinkle. Her hair, her eyes, her skin and clothes were all tinted in varying shades of blue. Much like Dean, Sam's aura was silvery blue and hovered around his entire body. Periwinkle was entranced.

The two pixies chatted merrily dancing in the air pushing and pulling at each other until they fell to a wide green leaf laughing merrily.

"Ok," Buttercup giggles, "I'll go see yours if you go see mine, deal?"

"Deal," Periwinkle giggled.

"Under the Honeysuckle bush," Buttercup informed her.

"Beside the great Oak," Periwinkle replied. In the blink of an eye they were gone Periwinkle to check out Dean, Buttercup to check out Sam.

In a few seconds they met back in the center of the clearing sharing their findings.

"Mines prettier than yours," Periwinkle chided.

"No he isn't, mine's prettier," Buttercup stated.

"Mine has ruby lips," Buttercup snapped next.

"Well so does mine," Periwinkle informed her superiorly.

Their hair, eyes, nose, even their fingers were examined and compared. The two pixies went on in this vein for nearly a minute before Periwinkle stated, "Well mine's taller than yours."

"No he's…" Buttercup's eyes flew from one hunter to the next before a wide smile crossed her lips. "Yup, yours is taller." Thus the rivalry began, Pixie against pixie, hunter against hunter.

Both pixies broke into uproariously laughter falling off the wide leaf to the soft grass below. "What shall we do with them," Periwinkle asked.

"I'm going to keep mine," Buttercup sighed dreamily, "My very own human."

"Well, if you are going to keep your human, I'm going to keep mine," Periwinkle replied mulishly.

It wasn't like they really could, but the little pixies had fallen madly in love with their respective hunters.

Periwinkle heard her human groan. She flitted to his side, Buttercup close beside her. "Look," the little yellow pixie whispered, "He's been hurt."

Periwinkle hissed and flew close to observe the dark stain spreading across Sam's back and shoulder. Tears of sympathy coursed down her cheeks.

"You'd better check on yours Butter, I think he's hurt too," the little blue pixie whispered.

With a tiny yelp Buttercup sped away to examine her human.

Tinkling bells of sadness erupted in the forest as the two pixies examined their humans.

Periwinkle reached into the azure pouch at her hip and pulled out a handful of tiny granules, Pixie dust! Periwinkle flew low over Sam's back, her wings beating furiously as she held out her hand and blew the magical dust toward Sam's ravaged shoulder. Periwinkle wished and the magical pixie dust went to work.

It didn't register in the hunters mind right away, but the pain in his shoulder eased and the nasty gashes began to close.

Buttercup wasn't taking any chances. Both hands dipped into the golden pouch and pulled out a heaping pile of pixie dust. She figured if one handful could help Periwinkle's human, two would surely cure hers. Besides, hers was hurt worse.

Dipping low Buttercup hovered beside Dean's injured hip. Raising her cupped hands she closed her eyes and wished as she gently blew the iridescent dust at her human.

Dean's body went into shock. The pixie dust was working too fast as it coursed through his system. His body convulsed, skin and muscles snapped and rippled as they to quickly knit together. Searing pain shot through him.

A harsh cry escaped the hunter's throat, but darkness was closing in.

All around him the forest went silent, the chirping birds were hushed, even the wind stilled as the hunter fought through the pain. "Sam," he hissed through clenched teeth.

Buttercup screeched in fear and hovered above him, whispering soothing words he couldn't understand. The sound of her voice was like the chiming of a hundred bells clanging in his head. Dean felt like he was going to explode.

"Dean," Sam called pushing himself to his knees.

Dean didn't answer.

"Oh Peri," Buttercup wailed, "What have I done?" The wailing sounds of tinkering bells erupted but neither hunter was paying attention.

Sam scrambled across the forest floor to his brother's side. Blood littered the ground at the hunters' side and Sam hissed at the sight. "Dean?" Fingers felt for a pulse relieved to find it, but that wasn't all he found. His brothers pulse was racing, his breathing harsh and his body was shaking badly.

The pixie dust, like a rush of adrenalin was soon expended and Dean's body collapsed back to the cool earth. The pain was gone, the blackness of unconsciousness slowly receded.

"Dean," Sam called again, "Talk to me Dean."

"Sss ok, I'Mmm ok, doesn hurt anymore," Dean slurred. Sneaking one eye open Dean didn't bother to move as he looked up at his brother, "Now that was freaky," Dean murmured. His hip no longer pained him. The ache had disappeared; the feeling of warm blood soaking his jeans was gone. Dean wasn't sure he wanted to think about it at the moment.

"What the hell was that," Sam questioned. Running his hands down Dean's side he saw the ravaged jeans and pulled them aside. Dean's hip was sticky with blood, but the wounds had completely healed. Not even a scar remained.

"Freaky," Sam agreed, "That's a good word." Sitting down hard he stared at his brother's hip. Sharp eyes noticed a small spattering of yellow dust, but chalked it up to pollen when he saw the flowers.

Buttercup sighed in relief. For a moment she thought she had killed her human. Tears of joy slipped down her cheeks and beneath her breath she sang a happy tune. The tinkling bells whispered on the breeze and the forest again came alive, heaving its own sigh of relief.

Dean heard the bells but didn't understand their meaning. Not yet!

Rolling over Dean sat up feeling a slight twinge in his hip when the newly healed skin stretched. He knew before he looked that the savage wound was gone. He didn't know how, or why, he didn't want to look a gift horse in the mouth but in his line of business he knew ignoring it could get him killed.

Hazel eyes traveled up to meet his brother's. It was then that he saw Sam's tattered jacket. Scrambling up he pushed his brother to the side to get a closer look. "You too huh," Dean stated calmly, though he didn't feel as calm as he sounded.

"What," Sam muttered.

"The wound on your shoulder, it's gone, healed – just like my hip."

Worried about his brother Sam hadn't been paying attention. "What the hell is going on," the younger hunter growled.

The two pixies hovered inside the honeysuckle tree, waiting to see what their humans would do. Peri giggled at their confusion and the excuses they came up with. The last however confused them.

"Do you think it has anything to do with the grizzly mutt," Dean queried?

"You mean because its dead and gone, the damage it did is gone too?"

"Yeah geek boy, something like that," Dean muttered. Unconsciously his hand rubbed at his recently injured hip. "Come on putz, time to get back to work and find out where grizzly mutt came from."

Sam grinned, 'Grizzly mutt,' Dean could always come up with something to lighten the darkest moods. His head snapped up when he heard the tinkling of bells whispering on the wind. Was there a house nearby, the sound was like a tiny melodious wind chime. He stood for a moment listening to the sound.

"Come on Sammy," Dean hissed slapping his brother's shoulder. "Quit daydreaming we've got work to do."

Sam growled beneath his breath, he didn't know why his brother always had to spoil the moment. Why couldn't he see or for that matter hear the good things in life. No, it was the hunt always the hunt for big brother.