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ST20 Sorrow's Tears

He woke slowly, and turned to look at the clock on the wall growling when he saw the time.

Twelve hours, he groaned silently, he'd slept for twelve hours. If the doc had been within reach Dean would gladly have strangled him. Throwing back the covers he climbed out of bed and limped toward the dresser praying Buttercup was still alive.

Leaning over he peered into the little box afraid of what he might find. Relief, hot and demanding shot through him. She was alive, her tiny chest rose slightly drawing in a ragged breath.

He tried to tell himself it didn't matter. That he didn't care, but it did, no matter what that little voice in his head told him. Something about the little yellow pixie had captured his soul. Seeing her so still and lifeless tore him apart. He felt helpless in the face of her sacrifice. It didn't matter that he would willingly give his life for his brother. That the little pixie was willing to die for him shook his world and tore his guts to ribbons.

He didn't know what to do, but he had to do something. Taking a deep breath he ignored the pain rumbling through his body. Swearing repeatedly he managed to climb into a pair of jean and zip them, the button was beyond him. On bare feed he padded across the cool floor and stopped next to the dresser. Reaching into the box he gently lifted the yellow pixie from her soft bed and settled her into his left hand.

Dean was glad his brother's bed was empty. Sam would have asked too many questions and he didn't have any answers to give. Painfully slow he made his way out the door and down the hall the wall holding him upright. The garden beckoned and he went, unable to take his eyes off the tiny creature he held so carefully in his hand.

Limping across the lawn he stood beside the old oak tree his heart pounding in his chest. Despair washed over him. He felt helpless. Somehow he knew her bright light would soon be extinguished. He didn't want that to happen, desperately he searched his mind for some way to save her.

Resting against the trunk of the old oak he slid to the ground misery and desperation clutched at his heart. He prayed, sending up a silent plea for help. "Please," he shouted silently into the heavens. "Please don't let her die."


In the quiet kitchen Sam stood leaning against the counter a cup of fresh coffee in his hand. At the table a few feet away Melisandra sat nibbling on one of Aunt B's cinnamon roll. At the stove aunt B was having a hard time holding back the tears. Her usual jovial manner was gone replace by sadness. In the doorway Stephen stood helpless in the face of their sorrow.

They all jumped when they heard the back door snap shut. Sam spun to face the window. His breath caught in his throat when he saw Dean limping across the grass. A sob escaped him when he saw his brother slide to the ground, his body hunched over in despair.

"Oh that poor boy," Aunt B's voice cut through the thick silence, her murmured words filled with tears.

It was hard to watch. Dean was the strong one, always in control. To see him like this now was almost more than Sam could bear. Turning away he rushed for the door only to come to an abrupt halt as Melisandra shot to her feet blocking his flight.

"Leave him Sam. He has to find a way to deal with this on his own."

His gaze flickered from brother to sheriff. The dejected figure in the garden called out to him. Dean needed him, but the Sheriff's words stopped him. Slowly he turned and stood at the window when the time was right he would be there.

In the garden a tiny gnome stepped out from beneath the tree holding a yellow flower loving in his hand. Wrapped up in his grief Dean didn't see the little gnome until a hand reached up to touch his knee.

Slowly Dean raised his head to look at T'Nath his face pale, his eyes hopeless.

Holding out the little flower T'Nath waited beside him without saying a word.

Dean sighed and lifted his hand gently taking the buttercup. "Thank you," he whispered hoarsely. Raising it to his lips he smelled the sweet scent before laying it in his hand beside Buttercup's broken wing. He wouldn't cry he vowed silently.

The little gnome sat in the grass beside him. The little pixie had touched many these past few days. Her sweet nature and giving heart had touched the gnome deeply. If Mother Nature called her home he would be sad to see her go.

But T'Nath knew something the hunter did not. Looking up his eyes crinkled in wonder as he watched the tiny glowing lights flickering above them in the old oak. The Fairies had gathered and he wondered if they could save the tiny creature he had come to cherish.

A tiny blue light her face sad and lonely floated down to sit on Dean's shoulder and stare at her sister forlornly. She spoke softy but her words snapped the hunter from his musing. "Fix her Dean; I know you can fix her!"

Dean choked back the tears, a sob catching in his throat as he answered. "I don't know how Periwinkle. I would if I just knew how."

"She loved you," the little blue pixie whispered hopefully.

"Why," Dean shouted anger rising. "Why me," he cried hoarsely. "She shouldn't have sacrificed her self for me, I'm not worth it."

"Don't say that, don't you ever say that," the furious pixie shouted. "You were everything to her. She was willing to die for you. You were worthy of her love, that should be enough." Periwinkle was furious now and balled her fist slamming it into Dean's cheek. "Now FIX HER!"

Dean felt the blow like a gentle kiss of the morning breeze. "I don't know how," he sobbed quietly.

The furious pixie hovered in front oh him, her hands resting on her hips. Her voice held a note of contempt as she spat the words at him. "My mother says you have more power in your little pinkie than all the pixies and fairies in the world. "NOW FIX HER!"

Dean hung his head in sorrow and shame. His heart was breaking. A single tear glittered on his cheek and slowly slid down the side of his face. Sorrow's tear fell bathing a little yellow pixie in its bright golden glow.

A tiny tremor shook her body.

Periwinkle gasped, hope flaring in her chest. Quickly she flew up to face the hunter. "Make a wish," she prodded him gently.

The hunter held his breath and stared at the tiny golden figure in his hand. Closing his eyes he did as the little blue pixie asked and made a wish. A wish of life for a tiny creature he had come to love beyond all logic and reason.

The tear exploded into golden light - his light, bathing the tiny figure in its warmth. Beyond hope, beyond reason a tiny pixie stirred to life. The teardrops magic spread quickly, a broken wing unfurling gracefully to stand whole once more. Tiny stitches popped as the ragged wound in her back faded away. In his hand the tiny pixie rose into the air. A sigh escaped her lips as she took a deep breath to fill starving lungs.

Tiny bells echoed in the tree above him. They came rushing from their hiding place to circle around his head, adding their magic to his. A kaleidoscope of colors dipped and twirled creating a rainbow in the early morning mist. From the depths of the flower garden they came in all shapes and sized. Pixies, fairies and gnomes sang a song of love. Bells of hope chimed around him filling his heart and mind with a joy that nearly overwhelmed him.

He looked up across the garden to find his brother's beloved face staring at him in the window, the hand touching that window touched his soul. Sammy was here. The tears finally came sliding in great waves down his cheeks. Each drop fell to the ground sprouting a tiny golden flower in its wake.

The magic grew by leaps and bounds gathering the hunter and fairy creatures into its depths. The golden mist gathered him close bringing man and pixie into the warm swirling midst. With a tinkling of bells rising to a fever pitch the magic exploded sweeping across the garden.

The hunter felt the heat flow through his body, wiping away the pain. It spread quickly the bright golden light touching and healing everything in its path.

In the kitchen four faces were pressed against the window in amazement. They jumped back as rings of magic exploded through the air touching and healing each of them. Four faces were wreathed in smiles, awed and amazed by the feeling of contentment that flowed through and around them. Wounds healed, headaches fled hearts were mended beneath the onslaught.

In the garden the magic slowly faded away. Buttercup sat in his hand her eyes smiling up at him.

The hunter stared at her in amazement. "Buttercup," he whispered through the tears.

The little Pixie smiled her face glowing with love. Dean's magic had changed her, as her love had changed him. Yellow wings and hair were now tipped with golden lights. Her skin had taken on a golden glow that shone in her bright amber eyes. The little pixie was different somehow. She had hovered close to death and had grown by the experience. There would always be games and adventures, but loving a human this human had changed her forever.

Periwinkle swooped in breaking the spell, "Don't you ever scare me like that again," she warned her sister.

A wide smile spread across the golden pixie's pert lips. "Silly sister," was all Buttercup replied.

Dean's eyes widened at the sight of Periwinkle now hugging her sister tight. Golden highlight now adorned the blue pixie's wings. Had the magic touched her as well? he looked around at the hundreds of pixies and fairies circling the old oak, each was now sporting a tinge of gold in their hair and on their wings. His magic had changed them all.

From the top of the old oak a tiny silvery light floated downward to hover beside her daughter. A Monarch butterfly followed closely beside her, the pixie king astride its back.

"Mother," the little golden pixie yelped in surprise. "I'm sorry," she whispered tearfully knowing she had broken her mothers' rules and how much she had hurt her.

A silvery hand, now glowing with golden lights reached out to caress her daughter's cheek. "No sweet daughter, it is I who should be sorry. It seems your human was worthy of your love after all."

Buttercup smiled and hugged her mother tight.

Pulling back slightly Ali'anna sighed, "You must say goodbye Buttercup its time to go home."

Whispering a question into her mother's ears she smiled waited for a reply not surprised by the eyebrow her mother lifted in mock horror. Ali'anna sighed, "Very well daughter if that is what you wish, but only for a moment," the fairy queen huffed.

Silver fairy dust flew around the golden pixie. Bells of happiness sang through the trees as the golden pixie grew in size. Moments later she stood a woman grown in front of the hunter.

Dean's eyes grew round at the sight of the beautiful pixie standing in front of him. Reaching up his thumb caressed her cheek. His hand encircled her neck drawing her forward. Pulling her close he lowered his head his lips caressing hers. Hunger and passion blazed in his eyes, and he deepened the kiss, giving her more of himself than he'd ever given anyone except Sam.

Sighing happily they broke apart moments before the magic dissipated.

Sam raced across the grass and stood at his brother's side watching as the pixies disappear through the trees.

Seconds later a little blue streak came racing toward them making Sam laugh. "Periwinkle," he chuckled.

Barely slowing her breakneck speed the little blue pixie smacked a light kiss across his lips. "Bye Sammy," she shouted as she raced away.

The hunter's laughter followed. Her tinkling bells whispered her happiness on the breeze.

Resting his hand lightly on his brother's shoulder Sam sighed.

"You Ok," Sam asked slowly.

"I'm not sure," came the halting reply. Dean stared up at his brother the love he felt shining brightly in his eyes. For the moment he didn't give a damn about chick flick moments or showing his emotions. Turning Dean pulled him close and hugged his little brother tight.

"Glad to hear it," Sam laughed.