----Takes place about two weeks after "The Party's Over." Everything up to that point occurred as in the show but nothing (or at least very little) will resemble the show after the start of the story.----- This story is entirely AU, somewhat dark (at times), and the characters, and I mean ALL the characters, are OOC - not all of the time but they are.


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It had been two weeks since the party at her grandparents and Rory was bored. She had spent the remainder of that weekend moping at her mothers in Stars Hollow and since then she had spent most of her free time thinking over the entire situation. She was still moping some, but had come to the decision that it really was best that she and Dean were truly over. She realized that she didn't love him anymore, if she really had the last time. They had both just wanted security and now, Rory knew that being safe and careful wasn't always all it was cracked up to be. Spending time with people like Logan, his friends and the LDB had taught her that. The more she thought about things with Dean and the way they ended, the more time she would end up thinking about Logan and the LDB.

It was after nine when she got back to campus from Friday night dinner. Her mother hadn't come again that night because she and Luke had decided to get away for the weekend and so Rory was alone for the duration. She walked into Branford and turned to her door, but stopped before going inside. She'd spent two weeks staring at the 4 walls of her room and she was tired of doing nothing. She turned around and headed out of the building and towards the pub.

She leaned against the bar and chatted with the bartender and a girl who was in her creative writing class. She had one coffee while talking with them and then order a second coffee to go because she wanted to get to the library before it closed at 11pm. As she turned to leave she bumped into someone. She looked up to apologize to the girl and smiled when she recognized who it was.

"Sorry about that, I get a little tipsy sometimes." The girl said giggling.

"So I've noticed." Rory answered jokingly.

The girl looked at Rory quizzically for a moment before she remembered how she knew her. "Rory, hi!"

"Hi." She said to the girl. "How've you been Gorilla girl?"

"I've been good, how about you?" Stephanie asked her.

"I've been better, but I'm okay." Rory answered her.

Realization crossed Stephanie's face as she remembered the events of the party that the boys had told her. "Oh god, Rory I forgot. The boys told me about what happened with that guy. If you ask me it was his loss."

"Thanks Steph. Anyways I was actually just leaving…" Rory started. She hadn't even considered that the boys would tell Steph but now that she thought about it, it wasn't that surprising.

"No—why don't you stay with us for awhile?" Steph asked as she pointed at a table in the corner where Rory could see Finn, Logan, Colin and a couple girls were sitting.

"Um, thanks but I'm just going to go. It's been a long day and I just had dinner with my grandparents and I just want to sit on the couch, watch a movie and vegg for the rest of the weekend." Rory wouldn't have minded spending some time with the Fab 4 but didn't want to be with them and their entourage.

"Oh, alright. I guess I'll see you around sometime." Stephanie told her.

"Thanks for the offer though. Bye." Rory said as she turned again and headed for the door.

Rory walked out of the pub and went in the direction of the library. She walked quickly because it was a bit chilly and she only had a light jacket on. She took a sip of her hot coffee and was happy to have the drink. Inwardly she was making a list of the books she needed to grab at the library and didn't notice when someone fell into step close behind her.

When she reached the center of a courtyard between two dorms, a set of arms wrapped around her. One hand clamped over her mouth to silence her and the other arm pulled her tightly against a warm body. The words she heard made her blood run cold.

"You are going to do exactly as I tell you and I won't hurt you. But I'm warning you, fight me and you'll regret it."


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