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Wendy glanced at the door to the right of her. Provost Higgins had been in a meeting for the last 20 minutes, prior to that he had been given her a run down of the school, the basics. Things like what classes she would be taking, reaffirming the fact that she would have a room to her self, thank God, the stupid things that Wendy knew through her previous experiences at her last school but was to polite to point out. So Wendy listed to Provost drone on until there was a knock at the office door. With a curt "Come in." His secretary popped in, informing them both of a urgent phone call he simply must take.

Wendy figured it was about his golf game.

Regardless, here she was, sitting in a over done office attempting not to go insane from boredom. Pursing her lips and shifting her weight, Wendy mentally pictured where she was this time last week. It was 10ish so she'd be sitting in History, listening to Mrs Thomas drone on about the Black Plague, she actually had a t-shirt advertising the Black Plague tour, got it on one of those random websites. To bad it wasn't allowed with the schools 'required' uniform. Nikki was sitting next to Wendy, on the right, giggling over Devon who was asleep and falling out of his seat.

It's amazing how quickly a week can change everything.

Sighing and trying her damnedest not to fall asleep in the uncomfortable chair, because first impressions were everything, Wendy was startled out of her reverie but Provosts door bursting open. "I apologize for keeping you waiting Miss Conolley, but it seems that there is a problem that requires my immediate attention." he explained quickly straightening his tie. Wendy blinked.

"Oh, well...um...then I should I head on back to my dorm or...?" she let the question hang. As far as Wendy was concerned, there was no or. She just wanted to go hole up in her room and read some bad fan fiction in a last ditch effort to distract herself. Provost Higgins didn't respond to her question, instead directing his attention towards his secretary.

"Evelyn, have a summons sent for Mr. Danvers, I believe he is in Ms. Reeve's class right now. When he arrives please explain to him that he will be showing Miss Conolley around in my stead."

"Right away Provost." Evelyn intoned not looking away from her computer screen. Wendy looked between the two in an attempt to assess the situation.

"Um, really, it its to much of a hassle I can just return to my dorm and come back when it's more convenient for everyone." She offered hopefully.

"No it's quiet alright. I'm sure Mr Danvers wouldn't mind showing a lovely lady such as yourself around." The Provost grinned at her as he said his last sentence and Wendy couldn't fight the scowl that spread across her face. Yes she was attractive, good genetics had seen to it. But what did that have to do with her tour? Wendy chose her next words slowly, in a attempt to not offend the Provost and his supposed Golden Student.

"Actually Provost," she said slowly, "I'd really prefer it if I could just go back to my dorm for the time being and have you show me around later in the day." Rather than a hormone driven hot shot, Wendy mentally finished. Provost sent her a impatient glare and she smiled back as innocently as possible.

"Miss Conolley, I'm not sure how things are done at Ravensmere, but here at Spenser we pride ourselves on getting things done in a timely matter." She pursed her lips, but opted not to respond. Things got done right at Ravensmere, they didn't need to rush through things. "Now if that is the last your requests, Mr Danvers will be along momentarily." With a cordial nod towards his head, Higgins was gone, leaving Wendy alone with the type of Evelyn providing background noise,

"Positively ducky..." Wendy mumbled resuming her spot in the uncomfortable chair. Laying her head back against the wall, Wendy was about to close her eyes and take a quick nap when the day door to the office opened. Straightening up to study the new entry. Wendy raised an eyebrow of appreciation.

Apparently Mr. Danvers was really the finest of the finest here at Spenser. Oh the irony killed her. Swallowing a snicker, she observed the way Evelyn preened under Mr. Danvers attention, a conversation passed between the two, Mr. Danvers smiled and then turned his attention over to her.

"Hi." Wendy offered wearily with a wave of her hand. He eyed her for a moment, and Wendy mused over the fact that he was probably used to girls fangirling over him. She stood still and allow his assessment of her, when his eyes finally reached hers, Wendy faltered for a moment then smiled wryly. Mr. Danvers studied her for another moment before grinning at her.

"Hey, Wendy right?" She nodded. "Welcome to Spenser, ready for your tour?"

"Sure." Wendy sighed standing up. "So are you going to show the long extensive see every inch of Spenser tour or the heres some highlights, nice meeting you, tour?" She asked as they moved out of the office. Mr. Danvers stumbled for a moment before looking back at her. He ran a hair through his hair.

"Um, the first one probably, Provost wants you to be familiar as possible with the school. Considering how large the school is and that your classes start tomorrow..." he trailed off meaningfully and Wendy nodded.

"Well then, lead on Mr. Danvers."

"What?" he eyed her oddly.

"Mr. Danvers, it's your name right? I mean, you never told me your first name so I figured I'd just continue calling you Mr. Danvers," she explained glancing around the hallway.

"I didn't...shit. I mean, shoot." Wendy smirked in amusement, but didn't say anything. "Sorry bout that, long week, two swim meets and...yea. Sorry, I'm Caleb Danvers, Caleb is fine"

"Noted Caleb." She paused. "Did you say swim meet? As in people in speedos?" she questioned incredulously. Caleb let out a bark of laughter as they moved pass a group of girls. All of whom turned and watched him with hopeful dreamy stares.

"As in me in a speedo, but yea. Spenser is a swimming school, to prestigious for football or some stupid sh...stuff like that."

"Hm, Ravensmere is a soccer school," Wendy commented idly, she bit her lip turning to glance at him for a moment, "You can curse in front of me."

"What?" Caleb asked glancing around distractedly.

"You always seem to stop yourself from cursing, if its out of politeness or whatever, don't worry about it. I'm from New York and have 3 older brothers, cursing doesn't phase me." Wendy explained. Caleb blinked for a moment and she wondered if he was used to people being so blunt with him. Wendy didn't think so and had to admit it was mildly amusing seeing him off balance.

"Right. Yea its mostly out of manners...but if you don't mind."

"Go the fuck ahead." Caleb grinned but didn't respond to her quirk.

"So this is where the Latin classroom is..."

"Did you say Latin?" Wendy questioned. Oh, she was screwed.

"Yea, we're required to take it at least once before we graduate. Most of us took it in the younger years as well. You don't speak any Latin?"

"The extent of my Latin has been learned from the Boondock Saints." Caleb laughed again and Wendy followed him down the halls.

"Damn snobby prep school..." she mumbled.


Wendy fumbled with the key to her dorm for a moment before getting it. She shuffled in to her room, grateful for the fact that she had a single and no over enthusiastic room mate meeting her and rambling about how they should have a girls night or something random like that.

Wendy didn't need some complete stranger try to bond with her over Ben and Jerrys.

Falling on to the bed, she allowed her mind to turn the day over. Caleb was a good tour guide, and it seemed like everyone knew him. Although, she was sure he thought her a little odd. Which was okay, Wendy was pretty sure he wasn't as perfect as everyone thought. It wasn't possible, and if he was that perfect, he was probably gay.

Spenser was impossibly big, and while Caleb offered to help her find her classes tomorrow, Wendy refused, she had gotten herself into this mess, she would work her way through it. If working her way through it involved her getting lost a few times while there, then so be it.

Wendy rolled over and buried her head in her pillow. She was so stupid, losing a bet to her parents and getting sent to boarding school. She could actually hear the other students laughter as she tried to explain why she was there, "I bet my mum and dad that they couldn't convince my Grandmother that going to boarding school was better than me attending her Alma Matter, and guess what? I lost." Stupid.

Groaning and thinking about tomorrow and the warm welcoming she wasn't expecting. Wendy sighed, she wasn't stupid or naive, and had seen the curious looks from the guys and the heated looks from the girls while Caleb was showing her around. Girls were funny when it came to guys, and by funny she meant possessive, particularly over good looking boys and Wendy wasn't looking to step on any toes.

"Stupid high school politics." she mumbled. Getting up and grabbing her shower tote along with some pajamas and her towel, Wendy headed towards the showers in an effort to distract herself from her impending doom.

Moving down the hallway and ducking the curious stares, Wendy slipped into the shower room. Glad to see it mostly empty and ignoring the skeeviness she felt towards communal showers, Wendy stripped and stepped under the streaming hot water.

Wendy was half way unconscious when the sound of giggling broke her peace. The giggling was followed by the sound of someone sushing, then silence. Wendy listened for a moment longer, before closing her eyes again and dismissing the disturbance. There was another moment or two of silence and Wendy had just begun to zone out again when a muffled moan broke the silence. Wendys eyes popped opened and she leaned out of the shower.

It looked like the showers were abandoned.

Leaving the water running, Wendy narrowed her eyes and grabbed her towel. Padding silently towards where the benches, she glanced down an aisle and was greeted with the site of two very unclothed figures going at it.

"What the hell?" The two people, a lean guy with lightly curly hair and a girl with some thick thighs and a curly mess of hair stopped their movements. The guy turned to eye her for a moment and Wendy was pretty sure in another situation she might of found him attractive.

Might of.

There was a beat of silence, save for the uneven breathing of the two, then the guy spoke.

"Care to join us?"

"Excuse me?" Wendy bit out taking a step back. The guy eyed her lewdly before thrusting his hips forward. Oh dear Lord...

"Aaron," the girl rasped out, moving her hips towards his. Wendy wished she could turn away, she was fixated on staring at the two and waiting for the guys response.

"You're pretty hot, and I'm good for another round." He continued moving over the girl, her moans getting louder. Wendy finally closed her eyes and turned away from the two.

"Where you going sweetness?" the guy called after her. Wendy heard the girl give a particularly loud moan and the guy growled out an "Oh yea."

Reaching her stall and turning off the water while grabbing her tote, Wendy secured her towel around her body and headed to towards the door. Without turning back, she responded to his question.

"To scour these images from my mind."