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Chapter One

Maximillion Pegasus called Seto and asked "if he could do him a favor?"

"What do you need?" Seto asked him.

"Easter is coming up and I was wondering if this year you would let us have out Easter Party at your place? We are having the grounds here redone and they won't be ready in time of our Easter Egg Hunt." Pegasus told him.

"When and what do you need me to do?" Seto wanted to know.

"It will be Easter Sunday and all I need is the use of your huge back yard to hide the eggs so that the children can find them, then we have a bar-be-cue and then some cake and ice cream." He told Seto.

"Sounds like fun, can our sons join the party?" Seto asked him.

"That would be really great" Pegasus said.

"Alright just call and let me know all the things you will need and I'll make sure that the yard is ready for your party." Seto said.

"Thanks" Pegasus said and hung up.

"Who was that?" Joey asked.

"Pegasus and he wants to use the back yard for their Easter Egg Hunt and Party and I told him that he could. Oh, he said to bring William and Jeffery" Seto said.

"They'll love that and I love you for doing it for the children" Joey said as he kissed Seto.

"When Maximillion hung up the phone he was almost walking on air he was that happy. Guess What?" He asked Croquet.

"What?" Croquet said.

" Kaiba is letting is us the big back yard at the Estate for our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Party." He told him.

"That is great news" Croquet as they danced around the Office.

So now they had to start planning what was needed to have the Party and get all the things they would need.

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