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Chapter Seven

Today the that the five men were being brought to Court to answer the charges of embezzling money from the Domino Orphanage to better themselves. Seto and Pegasus was there also to make damn sure that each and every man was charged and made to pay for what they did.

The Judge listened to every charge and then he read all the things that each man had done and he was appalled to think that they would do that to innocent children. It didn't take the Judge very long to come up with a verdict, he said that each man was guilty and they would have to sell their multimillion dollar homes, their fancy cars and anything else that the money bought them and that money would be returned to the Orphanage immediately.

One man whose charges were lesson because he cooperated with the Courts was Williams. One thing that neither Kaiba nor Pegasus could do was to leave any of the families out in the cold, so they made arrangements for all of the men with families were given a nice home and car and the ones that were single well they got a nice apartment and took the bus. They also lost their fancy Offices and had to go to the Unemployment Offices to find other jobs. Also, each man served at least six months in prison for the crimes that they committed.

So that made only two men on the Board of Directors for the Orphanage, and that was Seto Kaiba and Maximillion Pegasus and until they found suitable people to take the posts that they other men had vacated it stayed with only two. Now that all of that was behind them, they could concentrate on bettering the Orphanage and making sure that this would never happen again.

On day Mrs. Hudson got a call from Seto and he was asking about Jasmine and he wondered if anyone had come forth to say that they were her family? Mrs. Hudson told him no and that's when he asked if he and Joey could adopt her? You will have to come in a fill out the necessary paperwork but if I know the person in charge as I do, you will be going home with you new daughter. Seto nearly jumped off his chair and yelled yeah. They did adopt Jasmine and soon the Orphanage was running like it should be and as for Pegasus, well he is there everyday from dawn to dust making sure that all the children laughed and had fun like any child should do. Oh, yeah Croquet is there and he loves it. Because of all the press that the trial caused, there has been more people coming to the Orphanage looking for children to adopt and they are investigated but then they are asked "why" and if they give the right answer, then the paperwork is processed and they leave with their son or daughter.

Every Christmas, Easter, Halloween and especially every child's Birthday, Pegasus will dress up for the part. Croquet is right there beside him and he will always help if it means seeing a child's eyes lit up. Seto and Joey are there helping out because they want to see what costumes Pegasus will be wearing. So from a horrible beginning to now this Orphanage has turned into a thriving hive of laughter and especially with love.


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