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Michael had completed the most part of the way. Around three hours separated him from the meeting point. He needed to rest really bad 'cause last night outside of T-Bag's house hadn't slept at all. Next motel he'll stop till morning.

He felt satisfied, this time he was coming back with the money and things had gone smooth. The closer they were to their freedom in Panama, the better things were looking.

Michael felt optimistic as he hadn't felt in a long time… He even turned on the radio and pumped up the volume with pleasure.

"Miller's Beds" was read in the luminous sign. T-Bag checked out the place from his truck. The signal from his money had brought him there. Just two cars were parked outside. He was lucky, a peaceful place for him to play around.

He didn't get out of the car. He stayed in, hidden behind a straw hat, faking he was resting as he waited for the night to fall. Then, he would walk to the door of his friend. He really was excited! Knowing his money was close, and quite sure that he was gonna get it back soon, he found himself really having a good time!

When Michael got out from his motel room to get some things from his car, he didn't notice T-Bag's eyes on him, moving as he moved, checking all his body parts with a sparkle of madness.

Truth is, Michael chilled for a moment before opening the trunk, but as he wasn't worried, he paid no attention to that kind of basic instinct covering his bones. Unconcerned, he opened the zipper of some baseball team sport sack and took a pair of flip flops and a plastic bag containing some looked-like clean clothes inside. He locked the boot and went back to his room.

T-Bag followed him and got to the door with the 14th painted on it. He heard the shower inside. Great, that would give him the minutes he needed.

"Ring – ring – ring" T-Bag was pressing the dammed bell repeatedly until the clerk showed up, he wanted to hide the little noises he was making by opening the laughable security drawer and stealing the key of Mike's room.

-Yeah? – A straight-faced guy said calmly.

-Hello! I would like a room for tonight-.

-Sure… - with bored movements the clerk grabbed a key and placed it over the desk.

-30 dollars…

-Sure, here you are… and thank you – said T-Bag taking off.

He reached Mike's door and opened it hearing the shower still going. He saw Michael's car keys over the little side table and grabbed them quickly; choking back his desire of drowning into the shower… he would love to see that tattooed body again…

Theodore stepped out, and got to the car. He opened one of the windows and rolled it down. He went back inside Michael's room quickly leaving the keys in the exact same place he had found them. Before walking away of the room, he set his wacky eyes on the bag with the money. He could just take it and fly away… it would be so easy and Michael would never know what had happened but… something deep down inside was yelling him not to do it…and maybe to play some kind of game with his so cutie fellow.

A game that would make Michael sweats and plead, that would make his pretty handsome angel face to bleed and to fill with rage… He felt himself growing hard just thinking about it… Suddenly, the idea of walking in the bathroom and making Michael yield under him was so tempting... but no, things could go wrong, he should wait. Mistakes weren't allowed, at least by now. As the shower stopped, he hurried out of the room.

Michael's first stare after going out of the shower was for the money's bag pack. Then, he could lay dead tired on the bed. He took the control remote and turned on the TV. Nothing interesting on, so he turned it off and closed his eyes thinking of Sara and the moment they will be together again. A delighted smile appeared on his face.
Theodore also took a shower. He had to be cute for his little blue eyes doll. Thinking the right way to surprise him, the image of his knife blade caressing Michael's soft skin made him shudder under the warm water. He had a gun too, but he didn't plan using it against him unless it was absolutely necessary. Guns are not fun… but he would scare the hell out of his cutie with it.

Was there anything more beautiful than these handsome boy frightened face?

Yes… but anyways, he would have his last homo party with him… What a good way to say goodbye to that part of his life before starting another one with Ms. Hollander!. He smacked his lips… He couldn't wait anymore.

Lincoln was standing by the front window smoking a cigar and a puff of smoke steamed up the crystals. He threw away the cigarette butt and put both hands into his navy jeans' pockets. It was almost midnight and Michael is supposed to be back next morning.

He was pretty concerned about his little brother; if it would have been his choice the fucking money could go to hell!

The government's own benefits had dragged them into the damned conspiracy and he had always thought the more important thing was to get away from all that business but Michael seemed to have something really different in mind.

T-Bag was a hard nut to crack and Michael could be in jeopardy. Lincoln wished to join him when he left but he had another task… bringing LJ back. Things got worse with Bellick's came out. He risked his own life to save LJ and Sara's.

Her name brought a lot of memories…he couldn't get Sara's words out of his mind.

" Don't talk about what you don't really now…"

What did she actually mean with that? It would seem that she liked him.

Lincoln shook his head, trying to cast out those ideas. What the hell was he thinking about? Sara loved Michael, and even more significant… Michael loved Sara. He would never play such a dirty trick on him.

He gazed out of the window.

- Michael…please, come back!- he begged aloud.

- Dad… what's wrong?- LJ asked as he walked in.

Lincoln was glad to see him.

- Nothin', LJ… by the way… why are you still up? It's late, you know…- he alleged getting away from the window.

- Dad… I'm fifteen and…- he looked at his watch- … it's just midnight!!-.

- I guess you're right, son- Lincoln replied scratching his head.

LJ folded his arms and stared at him.

-Come on, sit down with me!- Lincoln suggested tapping on the armchair.

- You are worried about uncle Michael, right?-.

Lincoln nodded.

- Dad… may I ask you somethin'?-

- Go ahead!-

-But first you should promise you won't get angry!- he said half-closing his blue eyes.

Lincoln pursed his lips faking concern.

- I give you my word-.

- What happens between Sara and you?-.

Lincoln cleared his throat. LJ question caught him unawares.

- Listen, LJ… I don't know what you're thinking about but…-.

LJ interrupted him.

- Dad, I noticed the way you looked at each other- he was greatly amused by his old man reaction.

Lincoln rubbed his hands together, he was a nervous wreck.

- Son… you must know that Sara is Michael's girl…-.

- I know it, dad, but I think you don't… and Sara either-.

LJ was a pretty clever boy, no doubt about it. He had been able to see what he hadn't.

- LJ… listen… I know you're growing fast… but there are some matters you wouldn't understand…- Lincoln was trying to get out of a crack.

He looked down and started smiling.

- Well, dad… you see… there are certain " matters" I've already gone thru…-.

Lincoln raised his eyebrows. What he was talking about?

- Do you remember that French teacher mom took on?- he asked.

- Yeah… the ginger-haired one, right?-.

LJ folded both arms and bended his back on the armchair.

- Well… she taught me more than " bon jour", dad-.

Lincoln leaned forward and stared at his son.

- But… how old was she?-.

- Nineteen- he answered without turning a hair.

- Jesus! You didn't waste your time, did you? - Lincoln said tapping on his son's chin. He liked the kind of chat they were having, after being conspicuous by his absence for so long, he could feel LJ really close.

LJ smirked and both, father and son clasped each other in a moving embrace.

- Well… I think I'm goin' off to bed now- LJ said getting up.

- It's the best you can do, son-.

- You don't join me?-.

Lincoln lay back on the armchair.

- Nop… I prefer to stay here for a while…-

-… And think about the Doc, right?-.

Lincoln grabbed one of the pillows and threw it at him. LJ was able to dodge the hit and took off roaring with laughter.

It was very early in the morning when Michael put everything back in his car and left. He wanted to stop and have a good breakfast before meet them. As he drove, he kept thinking about Sara, he couldn't get her out of his mind since last nite. He couldn't wait to kiss her... to hold her between his arms… This time he wouldn't deny his desires.

Lost as he was in his thoughts, he didn't even realize T-Bag was hiding in the floor of the car right behind his seat. He didn't glimpse the knife Theodore was holding. He didn't saw it moving towards his throat…

Michael felt the cold metal on his gullet and two lukewarm blood drops started sliding down his neck. He moved his head to see what it was, but all he got was the edge of the knife sinking painfully down on his flesh.

He believed it was a fucking nightmare when he saw T-Bag pervert smile thru his rear view mirror. Michael lost the control of the car for a moment. It shacked violently both sides of the road before he could get control of it again. Droplets of sweat mixed up with his own blood.

-Hello cutie!... I didn't know I had such effect on you-.

Mike's eyes were panic-stricken.

"Could exist anything more thrilling than that?" Theodore thought.

Michael pulled the car over.

-No, no, no… - whispered Theodore into his ear.

Scofield had to abandon the idea of fighting him back as he saw T-Bag pointing a gun right to his face.

-Now, seat at the co-driver seat, I'll be the one driving from now-.

Michael took a glance at the Theodore's artificial hand as he changed of seat.

-Make a wrong move and I'll shoot you! - he stared at him steadily- Now, sit!

Michael did what T-Bag demanded.

-Put your hands back!

Feeling the metal of the gun against the back of his head, he obeyed. He couldn't think clearly of what to do. T-Bag tied his hands first then was the turn of his body and lastly his feet to the seat of the car. The whole situation was pretty unworkable to him.

-Now that you are all tied up – Bagwell said placing himself between the two front seats – I can hide the gun for a while and go back to the knife.

Michael saw appear the shiny knife under his chin. He suffered Teddy's heavy breath on his face. He also smelt with disgust a mix of beer and black liquorice coming from T-Bag mouth. He could almost feel his greasy skin on his own.

-Did the cat eat your tongue? – Teddy asked him with a child voice. Mike just gaze at him.

-You are so scared, hum? – T-Bag started licking Michael's blood drops with the tip of his wet tongue.

-STOP! – Michael demanded moving his neck away from him and cutting himself seriously with the knife that bastard was holding against his throat.

-Oh! Look what you've done yourself…

A thin trickle of blood spilled down Michael's gullet because of the move he had made.

-Don't worry, Teddy will clean you up. –

It was said and done. T-Bag's sticky tongue was fervently taking all the blood.

Michael wanted to puke at the smell of Theodore's spit above him.

-Relax, sweetie…you were the one who wanted to play with me, remember? – Teddy murmured while he bitted Mike's ear lobe.

-Don't touch me… you bastard! – Michael exclaimed really pissed off.

Theodore grinned from ear to ear as he buried his nose on the back of Michael's ear and licked him full, taking his time to savour him. Mike couldn't take it anymore, so he forgot about everything and punched T-Bag with the head.

-Don't make me laugh, cutie… my head is much stronger than yours… - he hid in Michael's neck once more.

-Don't you dare! – Scofield said as he hit T-Bag's head again with pain.

-Shh…shh… – Bagwell said pressing his knife against the corner of Mike's eye – I could pop up you eye if you move, so please… darling… Stay steady for Teddy.

Michael moved his eyes to him and saw T-Bag's mouth so closed that he backed off enough to feel the point of the knife going under the skin surrounding his eye. Another drop of blood reached his lips and as it was a reflex action Michael swallowed it.

-Oh boy! Don't do that unless you want me to capture your playful tongue with my teethhhh - he left his tongue between his teeth for a moment and then moved it around moistening his lips.

If looks could kill T-Bag would be death by now. Michael spat on Bagwell's mouth. Teddy stabbed Michael harder, blood tumbling in a thread… As soon as entered in Michael's lips Bagwell smiled depravedly. With one of his fingers, he spread Mike gob of spit over his lips and got closer to his voluptuous mouth. Scofield moved away and the knife went down a little more into his flesh. He could almost feel the blade touching his eyeball. Blood tears filled his blue eye to overflowing. He stopped moving and T-Bag kissed him hard on the mouth.

Of course, Michael shielded his mouth. He felt the serial killer lips sucking on his and pulling them with his teeth. Bagwell's tongue thrashed around in the corner of his mouth and swept away all the blood up to his eye.

-That's it. Good boy! – Teddy said right into Michael's look of despair.

-Now that you are listening, I'll tell you what we are gonna do apart from kissing – he teased.

Michael stayed muted.

-First.. . You're gonna lead me to the place where Ms. Hollander is. No games in the way, cutie… - he stroked Michael chin with his fingers.-Second… once there, the bag with the money stays with me and third… You get to live, if you make me cum before we arrive to the house.

At this point Michael lost all control.

- You've got to be kiddin' me!! – he screamed with rage.

-Oh, come on Mikey… A fuck for your life!... It ain't that bad trust me.

Michael's brains started working faster than ever; he had to get a way out of T-Bag sickness fantasy.

Should he lead him to the house and wait for a chance to escape? Or should he lead him to the meeting point where he was gonna meet Lincoln? Bad thing was that LJ and Sara would be there too…

-Take that road- Michael said very seriously.

Strange noises coming from the kitchen woke him up. Lincoln rubbed his eyes and pricked up both ears. Then he got up slowly and walked to the kitchen. The door was half-open and when he reached it, he could make out Sara's silhouette by the fridge.

She was wearing just a white T-shirt and her shapely legs were revealed. Lincoln stood stock steel gazing at the breathtaking scene she was offering without being aware.

Suddenly, she turned around and saw him. She was holding an apple with the right hand, her brown eyes fixed him with a confusing look.

Lincoln walked in and tried to get her tempting legs out of his sight.

- So… sorry… I didn't mean to wake you up- she just could say.

He smiled as he sat on the edge of the table, the one nearest Sara.

- Never mind- he answered.

Sara put the apple back on the worktop, she has lost her appetite.

- I'd better go back to bed- she said without looking at him.

When she came by him, Lincoln stopped her.

- Wait… it seems like you always want to flee from me…- Lincoln's hand was grabbing her arm.

She looked down; her own skin was burning with that touch.

They exchanged glances of desire and Sara knew she wouldn't run away that time. She didn't even want to.

- That T-shirt really looks good on you- Lincoln said without letting her go.

- I've found it among Michael's stuff…- she muttered, her heartbeats were getting faster and faster and a hot sharp lowed thru her belly.

- Well… maybe you should know that it's not Michael's but mine-

Sara opened her eyes astounded.

- You're kiddin' me, right?-.

Lincoln shook his head with a smile of pleasure on his face.

- I'm afraid I'm not-

Sara smiled as well. She should imagine it, that shirt was the kind Lincoln would wear.

- I love when you smile- Lincoln said suddenly.

- Linc… we… we shouldn't…- he didn't let her to finish, he only grabbed Sara by her waist and drew her toward him.

- We are bound to lose, Sara- he whispered near her ear.

To be continued... :-)