A/N: This is my first chapter fic...(so far only tried a few one-shots)...To be considered AU since it doesn't follow HBP...rated M for later chapters...DM may be OOC because he's matured in this story...first few chapters are told through BZ POV, but story is about DM/HG

Disclaimer: Just borrowin' from JKR...

Blaise Zabini ran into his room, and slammed to door closed. He leaned heavily against it, trying to catch his breath. More exactly he was trying to clear his head. He sat on his bed, his memory of the past hour ran through his head.

Blaise was eating dinner in the Great Hall alone. Draco wasn't there, but that wasn't unusual in and of itself because he was often occupied with Head Boy duties. What grabbed his attention, however, was the fact that Pansy wasn't at dinner either. Pansy might have been a skinny girl, but her appetite was legendary! She never missed meals.

He stood and walked to the place where Crabbe and Goyle were sitting, looking lost as always without Draco there to boss them around. "Hey guys. Either of you seen Draco or Pansy?"

They merely shook their heads. Deciding he'd better go and check on his friends, Blaise walked out.

He'd not gotten very far when he heard voices down a side hallway. It was the Golden Trio and Blaise had to admit that his curiosity was captured by how they kept nervously looking around and were whispering.

"Are you sure this is a good idea, Harry?"

It was that mudblood girl, Granger. The tone of her voice indicated that she was upset. Potter shrugged. "Don't see why not. I doubt anyone will notice."

Blaise moved closer so he could see what they were talking about and to his surprise Harry threw the cloak he'd been holding over a statue that was standing there, hiding it completely. Holy shit! Potter had an invisibility cloak!

Weasley smiled. "Oh, come off it, 'Mione. Do you really think anyone here will pay attention to the fact that the statue is missing. It's only for a few minutes, anyway. Just long enough for us to eat, then Harry's going to come right back and get it. Right mate?"

Harry nodded. "Of course. Tonight I'm going to-"

"Hold it!" Granger screeched. "Don't tell me what you're going to do, Harry! If I knew, then I'd be honor bound to stop you, or at least report you. This way, I won't know unless you get caught!"

"Fair enough." Both boys grinned at her.

Weasley actually laughed. "Can we go now? I'm starving!"

As soon as they were out of sight, Blaise did what any good Slytherin would do and he grabbed the cloak. This will be too cool, he thought to himself. Not only will this screw with Potter, but now I can use it for my own advantage. He headed off to Draco's private room, anxious to show-off his new prize.

Upon arriving to Draco's door, Blaise could clearly hear voices raised in agitation. One was Draco's, of course, and the other belonged to Pansy. Ah, so that explained why she wasn't at dinner!

Pansy was approaching the door, and Blaise quickly threw the cloak over himself. He didn't want to be spotted just yet.

The door opened and out stalked a half dressed, very upset and irate Pansy Parkinson. She was screaming as she walked. "I can't believe you, Draco Malfoy! How could you? I mean, it's insulting enough that you were thinking of someone else, but for you to call me by her name! And Granger of all people! How could-"

She stopped abruptly because by this time Draco had come out the door with his wand in hand and shouted "Obliviate!"

He glanced around to make sure no one had seen or heard the girl, before he spoke again. "Pansy, I'm surprised at you, walking around the hallways half dressed. You better get back to your room quick, before I decide to take points!" Then he slammed his door closed, leaving the poor, confused girl standing there, staring at herself in wonder.

Blaise watched her walk off, muttering to herself. He smothered a laugh. Poor Pansy! She wasn't the brightest of girls, and no doubt she'd never figure out what had happened.

Then he thought. Wait a minute, did she say 'Granger'? No way! Draco despised all Gryffindors. A few moments passed and now Blaise was clearly able to hear Draco's voice, and he was moaning Hermione's name.

Obviously Draco was busy, so Blaise decided to go to his own rooms. Showing off the stolen cloak could wait!

Now that he'd had time to sit and re-think the whole thing, Blaise decided it was actually kind of funny. So, Draco desired the little mudblood, did he? Oh, he could just picture everyone's faces if they knew. Draco would never hear the end of it!

Then, suddenly, his Slytherin nature showed itself. Yes, it would be funny to blab to everyone what he'd seen and heard. But it might prove more useful to wait and see if any blackmail opportunities would present themselves. After all, it wasn't everyday you had something on Draco Malfoy!