Summery: A 20 Year old Sakura Haruno Still Waits For Deidara To Come For Her But When He Comes For A Visit That Lasts Longer Then It Should Will She Leave With Him Again?

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For Future Refrence Beggining The Mission

Sakura woke up in her lonley apartment. Sha slid her feet over the edge of her bed and sighed.

'Its been 4 weeks since he visited last' She thought sadly 'Will i ever see him again?' She thought again standing up and sliding her pajama's off her slender body.She looked upat herceiling as she put her ninja gear on. She walked out slowly shutting her bedroom door. She walked into her kitchen and toke out a breakfest bar and ate it as she slid her kunochi sandles on her feet. She ran out screaming...

"I'M GOING TO BE LATE!" As she ran toward the Hokage tower. When she got there she saw Sasuke and Naruto already there.

"About time you get here Sakura-Kun" Sasuke hissed.

"Shut up!" Sakura yelled. A vein popped on Tsunade's head as she spoke.

"You have a mission to retrieve a scroll from a temple in Suna and we belive that Akatsuki are after it too! NOW GO!" She yelled/Spoke.

'HAI!"They yelled running out of the tower. The ran soo fast it felt like hours and really they were only half of half of the way there.

"SOME ONE TALK!" Sakura yelled.

"I LIKE RAMAN!" Naruto yelled as Sasuke hit him on the head.

"HEY!' He yelled again

"Stop yelling Naruto."Sasuke said.

'Fine!"Naruto spoke.

'There will be Akatsuki there!? What if its him?' Sakura thought looking down at the ground.

..With The Akatsuki..

"DEIDARA OPEN THE DOOR NOW!"Sasori yelled. The door opened and Deidara was all dressed and staring at the ceiling.

'Ready for the mission?" He asked dumbly.

"What mission un?" Deidara asked.

"The mission to take the scrolll before the Kohana ninja's" Sasori informed.

"Oh that mission.un." Deidara said getting up and brushing past Sasori and out the doors leading to outside. Sasori followed straight after him.

'Kohana ninja what if its her?'Deidara thought sadly.

..4 hours later...

A kunai whizzed past Deidara's face and Sasuke and Naruto walked out followed by a shaking Sakura.

"Akatsuki..."Sasuke said with venom.

"GET OUT OF HER NOW!"Naruto yelled as he got hit by Sasuke. Sakura stepped forward and fell to her knees and spoke. "Dei-Dei- Deidara?"She asked shaky.

"Sak-Sak-Sakura un?"DeiDei asked.

"Deidara we have to fight her. Them I mean we don't have a choice. Leader would kill us if we failed."Sasori spoke sadly as he got his puppets ready. Sasuke drew his sword as Naruto made 15 shadow clones. Sakura stoode there as she struggled to get her gloves on.

'The fight is on B" Sasuke mumbled.

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